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  1. It satisfy the B option mentioned here: But not A. This is what I am certain about with A: So far I can consistently break the Inline port by doing the steps mentioned here: dock a craft with a clamp-o-tron to a clamp-o-tron shielded/inline Quick Save and then Quick Load Right click on the Clamp-O-Tron Shielded. If it does not show the option to Undock the bug is in effect. Right click on the regular clamp-o-tron and undock Now the clamp-o-tron shielded should be broken. However - It can be fixed by following these steps: Make an costume action group for the clamp-o-tron shielded with undock on hotkey 1 Press Hotkey 1 Now the Clamp-O-Tron Shielded is no longer broken I have also discovered that the part connected with a bugged Clamp-O-Tron Shielded/Inline will drift away from the craft under time warp, and occasionally move independently from the rest of the craft when doing Pitch/Jaw/Roll maneuvers. You can replicate that with these steps: Dock a craft with a clamp-o-tron to a clamp-o-tron shielded/inline Quick Save and then Quick Load Right click on the Clamp-O-Tron Shielded. If it does not show the option to Undock the bug is in effect. If you activate SAS and Pitch/Jaw/Roll You may see the part connected with the Clamp-O-Tron Shielded/Inline start doing maneuvers on its own while "tethered" to the craft it is docked to. (clipping into the other craft) If you Time Warp, The part of the craft with the Clamp-O-Tron Shielded/Inline Will drift off the main craft but still respond to SAS of the part with the regular Clamp-O-Tron on But why and how the regular clamp-o-tron on drone - as shown in the video - broke i can only speculate. It was fixable with the same method used to fix the shielded one This is my speculations: I have a theory though, that I have yet to test. you have a Clamp-O-Tron docked to a Clamp-O-Tron shielded with the the bug active. Then time warp so the two crafts drift a part. then Quick save and Quick Load The game may (this is not something i have tested yet) register the two parts as separate crafts again. But with the docking bug on both the Clamp-o-Tron Shielded and Clamp-o-Tron will be broken. (still fixable with the costume action fix) The reason I suspect this is that I experienced a few times that when i was rendezvousing with the station with a new module and once I could see the station. drones were floating by themselves even If i had not left them undocked. Before finding the station and drone in this state This would happen: - I approach the station and loaded it onto the grid while in time warp until I am close ~10km off ( giving the drone time to drift off) - Then I some times I would Quick Saved and Quick Loaded to fix the Target Velocity which also frequently bugged in v.0.1.3. and found the drone and station undocked from each other and learned the drones docking port was broken. I have not tested this yet. P.S. - I believe this: Is caused by the same bug. These are all my findings on the matter as of now. I tried to be as thorough as possible - Sorry if it became a little long of a post
  2. I am under the impression that its the same bug. As i see it the original post was a finding that there was a bug. Then through out the report the bug was narrowed down to be an issue with inline and shielded parts? I can make a new report if you want it more precise and try make a simple craft that I can replacate it with.
  3. of course not Now I just feel a bit embarrassed with how casual I wrote mine
  4. You need to quick save often, so you can revert back to a place were things were in order - thats what I do. Fx: - got burned all the fuel on stage one and stage seperated F5 - got into orbit F5 - i made my burn to the mun F5 etc. This way you will not lose to much process when ever the game bugs out. I am running into them more often now too - but its usually with an active craft. And when ever it launches without trejectory lines it blow up once it reaches space. You welcome - I tried to be as precise as possible
  5. Ugh i know that one - though for me it was medium ports. I also learned the hard way that just because you can out a micro port to a small port in the VAB - does not mean you can in space xD
  6. I decided to test it myself. I booted up the original save file from 14/07 - made an action group for both ports on the drone with undock on hotkey 1 - Pressed hotkey 1 while not docked to anything. - then proceeded to dock with the broken port = no issues - craft docked. So. I believe it has all something to do with a problem with the Inline/Shielded clamp-o-tron - The error occurs when ever you load a save with a Inline/Shielded Clamp-O-Tron docked to another Shielded/Inline Clamp-o-tron or regular Clamp-o-tron. OR! when you load a craft onto your "grid" (I dont know if grid translates - its more an eve online term I guess). - but when a rocket approaches a station and it comes close enough that it is loaded in. If you dock with a clamp-o-tron shielded/inline - move it around and then undock from it before "logging off" and loading back in they work fine. - So the error happens somewhere in the save and load process. At least that is my findings.
  7. Reported Version: v0.1.3.2 | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 11 Home | CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-9750H CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.59 GHz | GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 TI | RAM: 16,0 GB Hello. I wanted to send up 3 of these Mun Landers to dock with my Mun Station: To make sure I could put them all into the faring and them not bounding around like the head of a chicken I decided to put decouplers on them and strut them in place - the reason I use decouplers is its the only way I currently know that will break the strut so the crafts can be separated. How ever I found that the docking ports not only didn't work - the decouplers would stay with the craft and be tethered to it - If you used time warp, they would drift away. But they would still react to the SAS commands of the craft. I tried to use a fix that has worked for other broken ports - setting an action group to undock and then press it even if it isn't docked - but it didn't work. I have left two save files in this folder: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AhGsvJ5Xnc4dsSxTvfRqdU9Cp23R?e=5iMsKT PS. I forgot to crew them.. SO you will have to spacewalk between vehicles if you want to test them. Included Attachments:
  8. Certainly - I may also just have phrased it poorly. I have experienced 2 ways a port can be rendered broken: A. A craft "falls off" a Clamp-O-Tron Inline or a Clamp-O-Tron Shielded - Theory: The port is locked in a docked stage even if it has "undocked" - some times the craft that fell off the inline port will still react to the SAS of the craft said port is on. Other times it will register as its own separate craft. - why this is I have no idea. keep in mind that the craft mostly fall off in the background when you are timewarping because you control another craft that is rendezvous-ing with the station. - So I have never seen it happen "live". I've only ever arrived at the aftermath. It Can be fixed by making a costume action group with the undock set and pressing it. B. If you put a decoupler on a Clamp-O-Tron - No way to fix it. I have now given it its own bug report for you to approve. The question I was asking about was if the "patient zero" docking port mentioned here: It is a regular clamp-o-tron and not a inline or shielded, I was wondering if the "action group fix" had been tested on it and if it starts working again? - because that would indicate that the issue came to be from being docked with an Inline/shielded clamp-o-tron. I guess I could try myself. That savegame just lies pretty far back and call me lazy I'll get around to do the decoupler one asap. So they have each their thread. Doesn't it often go like that?
  9. I have experienced the same - meaning I am launching some vessels upside down, as I can connect the clamp-o-tron st to clamp-o-tron st and its a strong connection x) But then I launch the second stage upside down, and have to do a flip maneuver once launched - of course it's not a solution for all crafts
  10. @gluckezand @Anth12 the inline and shielded ports still have this issue yes. I can only recall having this issue on inlined parts except once. And that was the original drone who's port was broken. That was a regular Clamp-o-Tron. At least i trickered the "docked but not docked" bug pretty easy and resolved it by using forcing the shielded port to undock via action command. @Anth12 was it ever tested if using an action to undock on broken clamp-o-tron on the drone would fix it? That being said, i paused with on every undock, and it did not break the craft into pieces. And i have had multiple crafts around a station without them falling a part. So we may be out of the woods with that?
  11. ////////////////////MISSION UPDATE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ K.G.02 fully assembled and crewed in orbit around the Mun, overlooking Kerbin. Mission Tasks: A. Install the last 4 methalox tanks to K.G.02 - Success B. Burn K.G.02 into a 0° inclination. - Semi-Success C. Develop Escape Vehicle for K.G.02 and a new Heavy Tug Drone. - Success D. Install Escape Vehicles and crew the station. - Success Lessons Learned; Lessons Identified: A. All 8 methalox tanks installed at K.G.02 It was quite the journey to get the last 4 tanks installed. I found out that the inline ports are particularly troubled - I installed 2/4 tanks no problem and logged for the evening. When i opened the game next day the "docked but not docked" issue showed its ugly face. I found out that if you load a save where the inline/shielded ports were docked to the drone, it would register the port not as docked, but the two crafts as one. It was quite a mess... I also had an issue where the Kraken would strike when ever the drone connected the fuel tank to the methalox tank port. I solved that by aiming the tank at the port and then undock from it while coasting. making sure the drone was not docked to the troubled shielded port when the tank docked to the station. It was a bit harrowing as the fuel tanks are "dumb" so orientation, direction and speed was set once disconnected. Any way I got the 4 tanks installed. I don't know if I will be using the shielded part on vehicles anytime soon. The Issues does not seem to have been resolved in v.0.1.4 as per the blog. How ever Anth12 has asked me to check if the issue is still there. So I'll test it when I install the now missing 4 tanks to K.G.01 - and I will do some bug hunting trying to put the Escape Gliders and M.L.K.O.s on K.G.01 All bug reports has ofcourse been updated with my findings.. See detailed walkthrough of the process in spoiler section: B. Heavy Tug Drone pushing K.G.02 into a ~0° inclination to ease future rendezvous from K.G.01 This step turned out to be somewhat more difficult than first anticipated. With K.G.01 I could just set The Mun as target and it would show me where the Ascending and Descending nodes were. How ever I could not get K.G.02 to show me the ascending/descending node when targeting Kerbin. My solution was to fly the prototype of the new heavy tug drone to The Mun - together with the prototype for the Escape Vehicle to The Mun and be very careful not to stray away from the 0° inclination. This would allow me to test both See section C. while not perfect - it proved close enough. Subsequent launches with the fully developed escape vehicles show that its still some 0.2° off - but thats so little so I call it a success. K.G.02 being boosted into a 0° inclination. The station was easy to boost - the center structure stayed on point and having 8 empty hydrogen tanks rather than full meant that the structure did not experience a lot of stress. I was a bit worried that it would veer off course, as the super structure had "warped/bend" because of uncareful saves. I really wish we did not have to be so careful with saving while a craft/structure is under tension/compression!! Later i managed to somewhat straighten out the structure by making strategic quicksaves while the station was orientating towards the sun again and thus flexing... But it is a thing that creates considerable stress to me.. That I need to worry about that when ever I save. Also K.G.02 has some serious resonance issues. I dont know what happens.. but the station will start to resonate and vibrate so violently that it falls a part. So far the only way to fix this is to constantly swap between cargo and station as soon as its loaded onto the grid and use time warp to stop it vibrate out of control. C. Escape Vehicle on approach to the Mun being tested. Escape Vehicle for K.G.02: When developing the escape vehicle I initially tried to make it with 4 engines at the top - like all the cool kids. First try proved that the engines were very inefficient in that position - The craft had 1700 Δv in total, but would spend all of the Δv breaking, and landing because the engines would lose a lot of effect from thrusting into the structure of the vehicle. I think it's very cool the game punish you for not thinking about that... but it would nice if the Δv count and T/W ratio would reflect this. 2nd version I angled the engines out - It would still spend most of the Δv getting down to the surface of The Mun - now because of the inefficient thrust vectors. In the end I decided to scrap the idea of placing the thrusters on top. and put them on the bottom as shown in the image. The craft has enough Δv to break itself to a suborbital path with The Mun from 1790 km above the surface and land. It has enough Δv to get itself back into orbit. But not back to 1790 km orbit. That being said - if a rescue mission has to recover the escape vehicle - I suspect it will be a lot easier to do so in orbit. So there is that. Escape Vehicle Prototype 3 on touch down on The Mun and fully deployed. The escape vehicle has 2 big solar panels to keep it running while on the surface - waiting for rescue. It can hold 3 crew members. I have made it so that the landing legs will be stiff upon landing. but as soon as the craft has landed it can hydraulic lower itself to rest on the ground. Allowing Kerbals to go for a walk without needing latter's. The craft has a big antenna pointing up for transmitting and receiving big data packages - and a smaller VHF antenna for faster communication with LOS to possible rescue missions. Last but not least - it has 4 big spotlights for illuminating the landing zone and is painted red to be easily visible from space. I may have made one error though - the battery power could be an issue if you are forced to land on the dark side of the mun. - I dont think the battery capacity will last you 6 days So I guess you can also spend some of the Δv getting to the north or south pole... otherwise there is room for a future scandal when kerbins suffocated because the escape craft ran out of juice before the rescue... to dark? New Heavy Tug Drone (H.T.D.): New H.T.D. front and back together with M.K.L.O and Medium Tug Drone. I tried to make a full version of K.G.01 inside the VAB with the converter that allowed for 16 methalox tanks being installed. It looked pretty cool but lagged insanely much. The bigger fuel tanks did not look good. But it got me thinking that I could make a new H.T.D. with the new vacuum optimized methalox engines and see if I could lower the fuel amount to something sensible. The new drone carries 18t Methalox - meaning that it will require 2 fuel tanks to refuel instead of 4. With 8 fuel tanks it means it should be able to move the 4 hydrogen tanks without having to refuel K.G.01 in the meantime. Thus synergy has been restored. I liked the 4 engine look of the labradoodle engine and decided to go for 4 LV-1000 "Cornet"s - it turned out that the mass reduction from using 4 engines also meant I had more Δv - if the game can be trusted. I did a bunch of rocket equations to get the most Δv as possible - but I can't remember what engine config gave the best result (LV-1000 vs LV-3000) I tried to make the "4 finger" methalox mount to make sense on the H.T.D. But it was just impossible to get the right amount of Δv squished into the design if it had to move 36t fuel rather than the 20t fuel with the hydrogen tanks, and making a "3 finger" 27t fuel tank configuration was impossible to make "pretty". So I have decided to reduce it to a "2 finger" setup - meaning 18t fuel, which is only 2t shy of the 20t hydrogen tank. Looking like this: H.T.D. with "2 finger" fuel mount and next to a standard 20t hydrogen tank The most important is that the craft is compatible with the M.L.K.O.s and the fuel tanks, and it has synergy with K.G.01 and 02. D. H.T.D.v2 enroute to K.G.02 with an Escape Vehicle. The last step for K.G.02 was to install the newly developed Escape Vehicles and crew it. The journey went without incidents. K.G.02 fully operational and crewed. Here with the 4 escape vehicles installed. I installed the 4 escape vehicles on the lower docking ring as I imagine them only being used in emergency - So you dont want to walk passed them all the time on the "comercial flights" - the upper docking ring will be for M.K.L.O.s and future crew crafts. Since the M.K.L.O.s are only capable of surviving re-entry on Kerbin, and not a landing on The Mun. I decided to install 4 Escape Vehicles - as the M.K.L.O. can't double as a escape craft for interplanetary ship crews, as it can on K.G.01 Moving Forward: I suspect my next post to be the last post on this epic journey. K.G.01 needs to have the 4 new methalox tanks launched to it, to replace the 4 tanks I just installed on K.G.02. Then all tanks that need to be in circulation are in orbit. I will also be installing the Escape Gliders and M.K.L.O.s on K.G.01 to see if the inline/shielded clamp-o-tron bugs persist after v.0.1.4 Stay tuned for more! K.G.02 fully assembled with The Mun as a backdrop
  12. Yeah - but one is very hardcore and the other very arcady - I cant wait to play it though!
  13. Update: I have a strong theory that putting a decoupler on a docking port will break it. I have done this some times in the past to be able to strut the cargo to the faring. As the decoupler always breaks the struts. But this time the docking ports did not work - Also the decouplers were doing funky stuff were they again was docked and not docked. - It would be stuck to the docking port, but when i time warped it driftet off. It was still registered as part of the craft though... I dont know if this is a known issue or if i should make yet another bug report?
  14. just a small joke: So I was buying Starfield after seeing the first spoiler free reviews of the game, and my steam said this: I feel its like comparing games like Escape from Tarkov/Squad/Arma3 to Fortnight It made me giggle to myself at least.
  15. I have had a similar issue, but that was because the NAV ball remained with the previous stage.. but controlled the second stage.. its hard to explain. I resolved it with a quicksave quick load. In my case they always started with working, and then later didnt work. I have a theory for the issue though. It seems to me that when you load a save there is a chance that the inline docking ports "forget" they are docked. At that point you can retract and extend the docking port, and it wont show the option for undocking. If something else undock - or dock with force to the same vehicle/station - The force will "eject" the vehicles connected to the ports that have "forgotten" they are docked - These crafts will still remain part of the vehicle/station. So if you use SAS to move they will move too.. even when they are still drifting away. If you delete these drifting pieces the port will remain broken... because it is docked.. but not docked. - The fix i found is that if you make an action group with undock option and you press it - nothing will obviously happen as nothing is docked to the port. But now you can dock to it. - Its just a theory though... It seems the problem has a higher chance of happening if its inline port to inline port... and less of a chance if its inline to not inline. How ever.. I have not tested it since v0.1.4. - but ill test it some time in the weekend. I'll try bait the weird - parts lose cohesion bug and move individually - bug also. It is weird that I seem to run into these particular bugs more often than others x)
  16. Yes - I can try put the shuttles back on the station. That should prove if its fixed quick enough. I am however a bit busy this week - But I will put it on the to do list
  17. ah - as much as i would love to have an Andurino at some point.. I figured it would be well after i have gotten an actual desktop (i play on a laptop atm) I guess It is time to look into enhancing mods to give you more control. Or I guess you can just "fake it til you make it" make a few shots of the launch, few shots of the gravity turn, few shots of the staging etc. and clip it all together. As long as the whole journey is there it will give the same vibe right? Maybe that is the most feasible approach. If the hud is gone, people cant scrutinize you any way x)
  18. ////////////////////MISSION UPDATE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ - Finishing K.G.02 - Last Instillation of Methalox - Heavy Tug Drone leaving K.G.01 enroute to the Mun with 32t of Methalox. Foreword: The mission can finally continue as planned. This is the first chapter in the end of this mission. After fixing K.G.01, burning it into a 0° inclination and refueling it. I have finally gotten to the point were I could make a mission to refuel the heavy tug drone that didn't quite make it back to K.G.01, after its first mission to K.G.02. I can now finally fly it back to install the missing fuel tanks. All that is left is to instal the Methalox tanks, Burning K.G.02 into a 0° inclination, and dock escape vehicles and crew to the station. Once these small steps has been complete. The Kerbin - Mun fuel station mission will finally be over. Without further ado - let's get the last methalox load enroute to the Mun. Mission Tasks: A. Launch Methalox glider to K.G.01 and return 1st stage to KSC - Success B. Refuel glider at K.G.01 and rendezvous heavy tug drone - refuel and land at KSC. Success C. Rendezvous Heavy Tug drone with K.G.01 and load cargo - launch mission towards the mun - Success Lessons Learned; Lessons Identified: A. Glider right before stage separation and the return of Stage 1. I have been rather successful in founding a good formula for launching my methalox glider into space, without the rocket flipping and or expending to much fuel getting up into the mesosphere for the first stage to make it back to the ground again. Refueling K.G.01 - which took 3 missions - I tried to find a easy way to land the rocket in the vicinity of KSC. So far my approach is to burn back towards KSC - without getting a AP above 70km (as it can take quite a while to be able to maneuver again once you leave the exosphere). Once the rocket is enroute back towards KSC I keep it horizontal facing prograde. I will periodically burn, while in the thermosphere (~30km to 70km) gauging the rotation of Kerbin. I have found that aiming roughly here yields good results: As soon as the rocket hits the Mesospheres I follow the prograde down, and land sufficiently within KSC - I am calling it a success as long as i am landing on the flat terrain within the mountain range surrounding KSC. Now I had a bit of trouble finding out were on the map the landing pads actually are.. and so far the only fix I could think of was placing a tiny rover on one of the landing pads - I picked the middle one in the hopes that in the future, if i cant land on the middle one, maybe i can land on either ones that are adjacent to it. Speaking of rovers - can we have a talk about how janky rovers feel? My wheel base is pretty wide.. and even though it was I was still struggling keeping the vehicle on 4 wheels... and when it was time to stop at the landing pad.. the result was as follows: I thought it was kind of funny that the rover crashed into a tree, even if they are not collidable. Any way it works, Now I know were on the peninsula the landing pad actually is, which has made it a lot easier to "line" up KSC. Some times the pixelated icons dont help the game - I know it's the style they are going for.. but I think it hurts the UI more than it benefits it. Any way - the mission to K.G.01 was successful and the landing of the first stage - very succesful. See a detailed walkthrough in the spoiler section bellow: B. M.F.R.G. docked at K.G.01 and being topped op to bring as much fuel to the Heavy Tug Drone, as well as making sure it can make the journey there and back again. The journey to the heavy tug drone and back to KSC was pretty straight forward. For some reason the Δv bug - where it shows 0Δv when its a fuel line connecting the fuel to the engine plate - wasn't there after the undock from K.G.01. It meant that I could actually do maneuver nodes which immensely helped the rendezvous. The correction burn of almost 7° inclination was a bit tough for the terrier to perform - I would drift away from the intersection point before the inclination had been corrected, but the rest of the tour went easy enough. The drone was successfully refueled and the glider made it back to KSC - I even had to do a night landing. It's interesting when you only have the map, your speed and your distance to the ground to go from. I learned though that the glider can maintain speed at ÷10° - which means you can extend the glide a lot. For detailed walkthrough see spoiler section: C. Heavy Tug Drone - rendezvous with K.G.01 and being refueled before being loaded with cargo. Bugs, bugs and bugs: This part of the mission went relatively smooth too - I Identified further issues with the inline/shielded parts. Apparently they work fine as long as you don't load or quickload while docked to them. I had loaded half the methalox tanks to the heavy tug drone when i went to sleep, and the day after I found that all my saves were a Clamp-O-Tron was connected to a Clamp-O-Tron shielded they would be registered as docked, but not acting like they were docked, moving independently of each other. How ever I found a fix! The shielded/inline parts will not show the option to undock - the normal clamp-o-tron will. However I have experienced inline/shielded parts stop working if you undock with the functioning clamp-o-tron. This time I tried to make a costume undock action for the shielded port and it worked. I even tried to do the same with the clamp-o-tron shielded on top the Cockatoo on the K.G.01 habitation module, where i made an action group that forced it to undock, even if nothing was docked to it, and afterwards I was able to dock my probe to it. It made me happy to know that K.G.01 is not broken anymore! (relevant bug report has been updated) Synergy Issues: I found out that the station has another synergy issue. While the Heavy Tug Drone grew in size to be able to go to the Mun and back again, the fuel tanks did not. Right now K.G.01 has 64t methalox - How ever the heavy tug drone has 33t fuel in it. Right now K.G.01 Hydrogen capacity is 80t distributed in 4 tanks. It will take the Heavy Tug Drone 4 tours to move the 80t fuel to K.G.02 (which is half the K.G.02 capacity of 160t fuel) - and right now K.G.01 only has methalox for 2 tours. before needing to be refueled - 16 M.F.G.V launches. A part of me wants K.G.01 to have enough fuel to perform all 4 Hydrogen Launches without having to refuel - which means I have to double the Methalox capacity of K.G.01 - there are two solutions to this: Image of double docking port - and extended methalox tank. Solution A: Make double docking port adaptor for K.G.01 - This will double the fuel capacity without changing the fuel tank design. It will probably also look dope AF. But! Every adaptor is 10 parts - and every extra fuel tank is 7 parts. Which means I would be adding. 96 parts to K.G.01 - and it already has a pretty poor performance. Solution B: I make a new fuel tank with 16t instead of 8t - It will mean that K.G.01 and K.G.02 will not have the same tanks. - This could be resolved over time though. What do you guys think? Go crazy and hope for performance improvements - or be sensible and put on less parts/bigger tanks? Any way - detailed walkthrough of the mission in spoiler section bellow: Moving Forward: Now I will return to K.G.02 for the first time in a while. I hope my experience navigating the buggy waters of KSP2 will spare K.G.02 for any breaking. I will at least do my best for it not to happen. Next up will be the instillation of what ever solution I find to K.G.01 - as well as escape vehicles for K.G.02, a correction of inclination on K.G.02 and last but not least, crew. Stay tuned for more.
  19. I think some of the issues stem from the part being a docking port and not, depending on configuration. I also found that if I use the MK.2 clamp-o-tron that if you say "control from here" before the port has fully deployed - then it wont change orientation to the docking port. - but that is another topic
  20. @Anth12 i just noticed some other clues as to the Clamp-o-tron shielded and inline having issues with docking and undocking. Yesterday i was moving fuel tanks from one vehicle to the other. I moved 3 tanks no issues - quick saved and went to bed. Today when I loaded up again to continue i had the bug were the port was docked but not docked. So i loaded a previous save. But all the saves were my Clamp-o-tron was connected to a Clamp-O-Tron shielded there was a bug were it was connected and not connected. The clamp-o-tron can undock, but the clamp-o-tron shielded only offers the option to "control from here" "docking port extended" and "fuel crossfeed" How ever I have found out that I can force and undock by setting an action group to undock - I usually dont do this as I have more docking ports than i have costume action groups - so i go through the death right click every time. The interesting thing is - using action group to force an undock fixes the broken docking port. I just docked my drone to the docking port that previously didnt work.
  21. do you know if you can play on two monitors and have the hud on one screen and the rocket on the other?
  22. you must have an impressive rig x) but I was considering that you just crop the HUD out x)
  23. I will check it out! Thx - I feel like the I would love if the game could record a "mission" and you could then play it back and just film take after take x)
  24. The title is pretty self explanatory... but how do you guys make movies about things you've made without the hud? I mean I know you can remove the hud with f2.. but I dont know how I would get a rocket into orbit like that. Did people use a mod in KSP1 to record the actions and then review it later or whats the trick? Thanks in advance.
  25. Touché! Okay! So making the wings thick only adds drag and not lift? Correct. The plane has moving control surfaces on the tip of the wing too - the outer wing bit beyond the two wing engines. Right now they are limited to 15° and i have them deployed at 10° at low speed and they can only roll and pitch. I guess i kind of use them like "flaps" except the are "flapping" the wrong way for them to be flaps x) - Sorry the lingo gets very basic xD The front canards i have not tinkedred - they have all control features. The only actual "wing" on the plane is between the fuselage and the engines. That makes sense
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