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  1. Just want to say, ksp1 has the same problem, and coincidentally the same solution to fix it (Disable the "orbital drift compensation" option to see). Probably got the same solution on ksp2 because they finally got ksp1 devs working on it lol.
  2. We just don’t know lol We are as much clueless than anyone else
  3. Not exactly the most relevant here because it wasn't on Steam but still relevant to why reglementation will be hard: Cube World The game remained in alpha for 7 years with no updates nor communication. However this is justified because the creator was suffering from depression because of the pressure of the community. And that's why making communication a rule would be practically impossible. (Same thing for limiting the EA to indies, where do you draw the line?)
  4. A proper UI/UX mod would be great (not just a reskin).
  5. Surprised there would be another bug report after the cancellation announcement.
  6. You know that the moderation is done by volunteers that are not affiliated by IG and that are not paid? And that's the forum isn't going anywhere?
  7. I will cite the reddit description to mention the philosphy of the patient gamers movement because you are all misunderstanding: This is about waiting AFTER a release, to see how the game really goes in term of enjoyments, bugs, performance and all that. The time you waited before release is irrelevant to know those things.
  8. Beside the equivalent to career mode in ksp2 being a long way out (not with cash but resources), the only thing I can think of is development time, it all comes down to that. Some want priority spent on different things. For instance, visual enhancements are for me a really important feature, for others it's useless and they shouldn't spend time on that. The only problem of having options for everything is time.
  9. I don't remember this, can you provide to where we were told that? I just remember the first cadence of weeks not months of the first two patches but we were told after those that it won't be the case anymore and no further cadence was given from what I recall.
  10. Changed the original bug report which was in French. The mission requirement being a problem isn't just a translation issue. Same thing in English.
  11. We never had an answer to if it's intentional, a bug, or just not possible to remove because of how they made planets.
  12. Agree with most of this except a few points: I much prefer the ksp2 way, it saves you from one click when you want to pick a different part (which happens a lot). I usually delete either by selecting the gap between the parts or by just hitting the "del" key, and I don't find this inconvenient comparing to the ksp1 way. Not against the idea, could be nice (depends on the implementation). Although, if you didn't know this, you can select the mode by right clicking on the button, no need to cycle through each one: I very much disagree on this, maybe a hot take idk. The only problem with this is it's riddled with bugs, but when it works, it's way better than the ksp1 way. Don't know if this could be considered a bug or not. However, this is in fact, not possible in ksp1:
  13. I don't know about how much regularly but they did say that they will add missions in the future. They even have a dedicated dev that will do those new missions.
  14. I'm a sucker for graphics improvement so I'm very happy you still look at things to improve. There was indeed a lot of people talking about the inaccuracy of engine exhaust and those seem to fit more about what we have seen from irl footage. While this will be overshadowed by the 3 pictures, keep focusing on bug fixing, it's still very important. I am very much interested on when we'll see a return for the KERB.
  15. Not the best pick of bugs, they were definitely present (or are still present) in ksp1: Vessel.situation stuck as LANDED when taking off after sliding Returning to a vessel makes it permanently display 0 delta-V in all stages if its command module's type is set as Science or Debris Structural Tube doesn't calculate DeltaV of engine inside of it Wrong fuel/delta v readings Kerbal on ladder in EVA causes orbit to degrade around the Mun That's not saying that ksp2 doesn't have more (or more severe) bugs and I'm sure there are good examples of bugs not present, or different but similar (the kerbal one is probably different). Just found it funny you choose those examples.
  16. More than covid, there was the studio change, which might have "shamble" things, and that's probably an euphemism. Only 50% of people made it through and I believe little to no engineers made the change.
  17. Playtesting is just testing by playing, to see if bugs appear while playing normally. What you describe is still QA testing, check if a specific thing result in the appropriate behavior. And they do both, either they missed that through playtest/qa testing (I didn’t even notice it until you pointed it out) or they noticed that and decided that they had no time fixing it before the update (or not important enough to push the update).
  18. You can do whatever you want, ideas cannot be copyrighted so you could remix that like you want.
  19. Disabling autosave is a really bad idea. If anything there are not enough autosaves. Especially when going from VAB to Launch, you just lose your craft file if you didn't save. All your clutter problem could be resolved with a simple filter (Only show manual autosave, only show recent autosave and manual autosave, show all...), no need to erase this feature.
  20. Not exactly, considering the CTO and CEO didn't make the transition, I think the management quite changed. (Also not talking about the massive difference on the engineer management that changed)
  21. Just intervening to correct that, only 50% of the people made the transition. And those who did not was a lot of engineers and management, the CTO and CEO of Star Theory didn’t make the switch. And SQUAD employees that are at Intercept games made the change from ksp1 to ksp2 only after Star Theory changed. So only a select few stayed all the way from Star Theory to Intercept Games today.
  22. All good! I can easily merge those, just need to find some time to sort those bugs out.
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