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  1. In reviews! We're just very busy in life (well don't know about the others but for me that's the case), so sorry about the long delay. No need to report it again, it's there! (And as well as quite a few bug report of other people as well) I will try to do some this weekend. In general if a post is not of quality (not enough information, more than one bug into a report, ...) we try to contact the author (apart if he's anonymous) to help with that. So do not worry if you don't see your bugs for days (even if not ideal), it's just that we're busy or we try to find the source of the bug so it can take time. (I can see soandos, BechMeister, mattihase, you and some anonymous bug reports that are waiting) And if you don't see it for more than a week, you can contact us and we'll try to tell why it's taking so long (or if we didn't approve it).
  2. I have no moderating power outside of the bug reporting forum.
  3. The "patient gamer" philosophy that I’m talking about is waiting at least a year AFTER the release (see reddit link). To see reviews and improvements along the way. Besides (very off topic), watch dogs was not that bad, it was infamous for it’s graphics downgrade, the game was okay. For watch dogs 2, the story was trash but the gameplay was quite good. And both games did quite well, like the first one, watch dogs 2 sold more than 10 millions copies. And the property wasn’t dropped from there, we got watch dogs legion that released (didn’t play this one but the concept seemed okay-ish).
  4. People should join the patient gamers movement. I waited 2 years to play cyberpunk (even if still hyped) and currently enjoying the dlc nearly 4 years after release. Same thing for NMS, I waited 2 years. For Horizon zero dawn Pc port I waited 1 year…You get the idea. Really a win win situation, you just don’t really keep up with the game, play other stuff and at last you get the proper experience. Even more true for an early access game. I hope it will be the case for you, so see you in 1-2 years!
  5. Well then "AAA price" is a nonsensical term that doesn’t mean anything because that mean $3 is AAA priced.
  6. 3 years of development for making the whole thing with what? ~20 people? Yeah, I don’t know which management was this but they were definitely delusional. They quickly realized how much more complex a ksp game was compared to your average shooter game.
  7. No that’s a fact, AAA games are not $50. I don’t care that millions are buying indies, or during sales, that doesn’t mean AAA are not priced at best at $60 and at worst at god know how much.
  8. Oh I’m not disagreeing, it’s currently not worth this amount of money. That’s why I didn’t put a review (good or bad) yet despite having 400 hours into the game. But it’s just not "AAA priced" nor "full price".
  9. Totally off topic but it's funny to me that everyone keeps saying that. Have you seen AAA price lately? They are at $70 (and now $80 on console) and it's not even talking about all the absurdity next to it, like with the ultimate edition that can crank the price up to $120 to have the full game. There are some that still sell for $60 (still not ksp2 price tho) fortunately, but it's getting rarer.
  10. Like Minecraft Mob Vote? I don’t think that’s a good idea. It ends up to be very controversial.
  11. Don't want to be the party pooper but there is a whole subforum for this: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/120-ksp2-suggestions-and-development-discussion/
  12. Don't want to burst your bubble, but those branches are updated basically every weeks, regardless of a patch incoming. Also, what Nate Simpson said: Source: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/topic/215852-324-discord-ama-answers/ The only interesting one that was close to a patch each time was the candidate branch, only this one. The longest time between a candidate branch update and the next update was 2 weeks. At least for now, it could change for this one because it has already been 2 weeks since the first post- candidate branch update.
  13. I think the conversation has spiraled enough and I think it would be more productive to upvote the associated bug report which is not very high (to be honest there is probably other ones but that’s the main bug I can think about):
  14. Wobble is fixed, kraken attack are not (like the disassemble on launch people are talking about)
  15. Your topic is pretty great at that already (minus some very few past launch info):
  16. @AgaBe_, nevermind, I found your screenshots on the discord and replaced them by imgur link. yea, I checked this bug report and seen that the images were down, no coincidence.
  17. @mattihase, moved your report to the appropriate section.
  18. @AgaBe_, could you edit your report by putting your old images (with imgur for instance), because discord link are temporary so don’t stay with time.
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