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  1. Also happens with craft: Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPd8zszrUYw Like you said, you just have to unpause to fix it (or spam the pause button until it works).
  2. @EngineeringWaffle, thanks for the bug report. Is it exploding directly when physics is loaded? There was a similar bug report that was fixed some time ago:
  3. This is even worse than I thought, if you copy the bugged part again (the only one that was placed) and attach it to itself, your game crash. See the video for full reproduction: 2024-02-24 12-37-13.mp4 (The black screen at the end means that my game crashed)
  4. What a year! The orbital colony looks great! What are those? Radiators?
  5. You mean the trajectory isn’t showing? it’s a known bug, the current workaround is to use the cheat menu or to edit the save file (shown in the comments of the bug report):
  6. @Vortygont, merged your bug report. Thanks for the additional information.
  7. @boeing186, merged your bug report with this one. Your craft is stuck in the ground (thus, not the one I sent you in DMs). I doubt it's due to a docking port and that's interesting. The craft you sent is already in the ground so can't check but that will help with other report about this.
  8. huh? That's a little bit revisionist. The first dev updates were talking about bugs being addressed: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/topic/215095-patch-one-is-go/ They never changed their attitude towards the fact the game needed fix: https://twitter.com/KerbalSpaceP/status/1630976565214601216 (Less than one month after the release) Literally after the weekend release: Maybe you think communication were subpar and/or not enough fixes were made but saying "It took IG about six months to develop the humbleness to admit that there are significant issues to fix" is clearly false.
  9. Big yes, while really pretty in some situation in some other it's very subpar. I made a topic some time ago about the lightning on the terrain being weird. They addressed some of my complaints but I still think the lighting on sunset look weird. I think it's a good idea when you orient the camera down to the wheels that produce particle effects. It could disappear shortly after you pan the camera up, no big deal.
  10. @Mr.Chrysoprace, merged your bug report. @Cavtheman, decided to make this bug report as a general repository for science multiplier not working, so I changed the title.
  11. I highly believe this is because of the landed state bug (not fixable by a reload): The game think the craft is landed and that's maybe why the orbital decay fix is not applied to it. Only a theory obviously because you didn't attach the save file to your bug report. (You can resend a bug report with just the save and the link to this bug report and we'll put the save here)
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