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  1. I've been tossing bombs from down town with no success but it's been great fun.
  2. Ralan Bros got them overpowered manuvers. rofl.
  3. I wasn't going to comment earlier but looking at the recent ones they didn't try to figure out what was wrong. I think the radial tanks when connected and touching each other causes the crazy wobble disconnect. More testing needs to be done to figure out whats going on exactly. Interesting as I never use the engine specific coupler.
  4. The current version of the game can handle 4 giant independant moving objects AND an airplane on the runway at 12 fps, without crashing! Its getting better.
  5. I find payloads to work exactly how they look. Put a decoupler on the inside, followed by your control probe. Pay attention to which way it decouples. As for the decoupler on docking port, you can use the specific size decoupler for the connecting docking port and it would appear asthetic again. You are probably better off putting the docking port in a fairing at the top of a craft.
  6. I hope to conquer jeb and val Edit: Jeb! I go faster lol
  7. Time to put some extra was on the paddle boat.
  8. @ralanboyleI have 1 mini Jet fuel tank with 1 nose cone in front of it hidden in the air intake. I've loaded the plane to KSP Builds if you would like to disect it! Under 'Harbor Crane v1' The only difference here is I've added air brakes and a single chute. But I can upload this specific build if needed! Take it apart and you'll see the mini tank with the nose cone. No nose cone makes the everything like 200 m/s slower. https://kspbuilds.com/build/Harbor-Crane-v1
  9. We playing leapfrog @ralanboyle 1:54
  10. @ralanboyle the unicycle is really impressive.
  11. Yes, I'll take either as I can't figure out how he did the vertical spin so smooth, I was/am struggling.
  12. I've entered the challenge with one air breather. I claim 1:58. will also accept 1:59 lol. Great fun.
  13. I think we can officially call it the OG Copter. I want him to share it on KSP builds.
  14. It functions because the jets produce thrust off of objects. The Red Paddles are for show. The real treat is that @Madishmike has IMPROVED on my methods. I'm currently trying to utilize his ideas. Him and OG.
  15. Hey Mr. Kerbart, I hope you don't dislike me too much from my previous comments but I mean no disrespect. I just disagree with w/e steam player count says as I firmly believe its a nonissue. But I love this comment about the batteries, as I noticed just the other day that color scheme does over write what batteries used to look like. AND the little led doesn't blink. I'm sure we have plenty common ground.
  16. I am trying to understand, we can use the previous patch's joint connection via setting?
  17. I love all the pictures. I call this the party paddle boat. I've uploaded this to KSP builds. The game is great fun.
  18. It just seems you're angry at my neighbor now that he doesn't play KSP 2 in his free time.
  19. By the time we get to intersteller, I assume the player has learned a bit more about the game. Yeah, a bigger RCS engine to handle those balls of Monopropellant would be nice.
  20. I assume big intersteller ships you'll just put an engine on the side instead of rcs thruster. Then just enable disable it as needed.
  21. I don't care when or if my neighbor plays a single player steam game. I never understand these posts. There are millions of video games.
  22. I appreciate the chart as I have no clue what 10 m/s feels like. All the roads in my area are in miles per hour.
  23. Um... ... If used for launching Kerbals right? Do you like Catapults?
  24. First Annual Jet Boat Race to the Island
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