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  1. Looking to get into this over the coming months as it is really impressive and I think will allow me to leverage some what automated flights so I can capture better video for my YT channel (gotta get the clean no HUD experience). I have just a couple of questions: In this vain of making better KSP 2 videos, is there any plans to implement a data streaming API for use outside of the game, say via a controller display or other application to visualize/report the data? Think being able to remove the HUD and recreate it either on a physical piece of hardware or a window outside of the main game one. I'm not a great programmer, so is there currently any tutorials on coding for this TO2 language? Sub note, is there a good starting point for this language for those just getting started assuming there are no walk through tutorials? Is the slow down in KSP 2 patch releases going to help in the KS2 development or hinder it? What are some hot development items coming soon to the next couple of releases? Thanks for all that you are doing @Untoldwind
  2. So not sure if this attempt counts as I ended up using the SORRY mod to get the gridfins in here, but I posted a OFT like video to my channel here: and I will be posting (editing this post with updates) some additional videos completing the rest of the challenge with an all stock model that isn't quite so buggy. In general would be really cool to have flaps that would enable belly flops to exist within the games physics. I know it's a stretch, but a Kerbal can dream right?
  3. An alternative workaround to closing the game outright seems to be a quick save and a quick load, though it doesn't always seem to work if you have multiple probes in the same area of influence and you may have to quick save and reload each time you switch to another one.
  4. I also have this issue and seems others in the community are bumping into it as well and what is most frustrating is it's inconsistent. I was working on a RTLS rocket that just had a probe core and found out it had not control via action groups until a full reboot of my system. KSP 2 Version - Operating System - Windows 11 CPU - i5 12400F and GPU - Titan X Pascal Description of the bug. Probe Core Should be able to control Action groups just like a kerbal commanded craft Probe Core only craft have no interaction with action groups and acts like there is nothing mapped to custom groups Wonder if this is related to the random cut outs of commnet as well? Steps to Replicate Create a simple Craft with just a probe core and a custom 1-10 action group action and it just doesn't work Fixes / Workarounds (if known..) Have to use Kerbals to control custom action groups as a backup should the probe core fail to work correctly A list of ALL mods. If the list is long, please consider using a spoiler window. None
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