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  1. You were a better visionary than most of us.
  2. I'm wondering how many of the Squad staff working on 0.7.3 still are employed as Squad staff. Probably none whatsoever, alas.
  3. Be prepared for a lot more of the things you've got already (DLC, more DLC and simplified versions of mods you were using already). KSP proves that new isn't always better (ever since 1.3.1)
  4. That's your conclusion, not mine. At least we agree that we disagree.
  5. We clearly have different opinions about the meaning of "dying": Your definition of "dying" is my definition of "dead". The peak number of users on steam you mentioned is hardly a justifiable argument for your opinion. The same applies to the average number of users on steam (~3000) as well. In fact, they only show that there's no growth what so ever in the usage of KSP on steam in the last six years despite all the developments of KSP etc.. No growth often is a precursor to a decline and finally ....
  6. First of all, I have no intention of offending anyone or institute dissatisfaction. I will only state my opinion and how i see things. I't sad but i must agree with Rover 6428. I have the feeling that KSP has had it's peak and is dying now. Releasing DLC which mainly provide what mod developers already have developed in the past is a sure sign of this. The prior DLC and the new DLC continue on the old KSP path and offer little improvement/enhancement or renewed enthousiasm. Judging the description, there's hardly any reason for excitement. It's just more of the same old, same old. It was completely different in the past. New anomolies were among the surprises of the new versions. Exploring other worlds (eventually in different systems) would have been a lot more interesting (to name just one new storyline).
  7. Neither did i and i had the same question as you. I guess the problems with 1.4.2 made it necessary to halt the download and sale of KSP. It might well be several days before they can repair the problems and make the new version available. Don't be surprised if the site remains down for several days.
  8. I can't blame them for not waiting any longer. Six months and no progress? Come on!
  9. It's bizarre. Your thread began as just a thread taken inventory of the oldest version members still have, at least, it was so for me. Finding and viewing the video again after almost six years has re-awakened a thrilling sensation i havent felt for a long while. I remember the suspense again while searching for the easter eggs on the Mun, the very long drive to the first (was it the second?) of the mun arches. The feeling of achievement when i finally arrived after a hazardous drive along deep craters. The monoliths never really were interesting for me, but the arches were immensely interesting. Time to go on that same journey again! Thanks for reviving the thrill!
  10. The download was from july sixth 2012. The folder dates in the KSP 0.16 archive are dated july 23 2012. The video therefor must be pre KSP 0.16 The oldest KSP version i have is 0.8.2. (November 2011).
  11. I've done some exploring and found an old KSP movie, probably from version 0.13.3. I've downloaded it six years ago from YouTube. I have no idea who has created it originally but is still is a wonderfull (and inspiring) videoclip, so i've uploaded it again to YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kswcUtWL4U For some video's of older versions, i would like to mention the video's of the White Owl. The White Owl has made a lot of video's in the early days of KSP and he remains to be one of the great examples to me. The series he made are still quite wonderful and enjoyable. He still is a member of this forum. You can find more information about the series here: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/24496-white-owls-ksp-video-series/&
  12. I still have 0.13.3 and perhaps even some versions before that.
  13. No need to be so negative. Those were the versions which were free to download for everyone. There is no real reason to hide those. Just wait if they will be made downloadable again.
  14. It wouldn't be such a problem if that would be the only reason, but it is not. At the same time you agree with that, you agree with their right to sell all your information to third parties.
  15. Frankly, EVERYBODY has the ability and the right to get the IP-adress of those who seek a connection to them.
  16. "Shut up" is a direct command with a meaning very similar to "be quiet"', but which is commonly perceived as a more forceful command to stop making noise or otherwise communicating, such as talking. The phrase is probably a shortened form of "shut up your mouth" or "shut your mouth up". Its use is generally considered rude and impolite, and may also considered a form of profanity by some. (Source: Wikipedia) My apologies, Linuxgurugamer. I'm not a Moderator and i fully understand your anger, but please keep it civil especially as the poster is a newbie with absolutely not a clue about how things really work.
  17. I doubt many people are mad, if any. Your assumption "deep down we all are mad about it" isn't based on facts. On the contrary, deep down we are all gratefull that modders spend their valuable time to update their mods. We just have to be patient.
  18. My apologies to all members of the third group which i inconsideratly overlooked and thank you for raising the $64,000 dollar question which started the heated debate.
  19. I think i've read and said enough in this thread. Everybody seems to stick to his/hers opinion. One group has a naive perspective on the EULA and says nothing personal is sent now and therefore never will be. The other group does not agrre with tis en says there's no reason to agree to sending a a lot of personal information as is stipulated in the EULA. It's as if one group can't understand what the other group is saying. The same arguments are repeated over and over. Everybody only has two options, upgrade or stick with an old version. I'm one who will stick with the old version and i wil NEVER buy any game from Take Two unless the EULA is changed. In practice this will probably mean i will stay at 1.3.1 forever because i don't believe the EULA will be changed.
  20. Both threads are intertwined. You can't disconnect the EULA from this thread as the EULA specifies what may be sent, not what is or will be sent.
  21. You still don't understand the problem, do you? The only thing you've proven is that currently no sensitive data is sent. It doesn't prove that it can't or won't be done. If the data, which is currently being sent, is sufficient, then why the $#@ do they claim the right to take whatever they like? With this EULA T2 can do whatever it wants. Who is to say the the change in EULA isn't the precursor for sending personal data in a later version? The EULA allows that without even the obligation to notify the user, they've done so with this EULA and everybody has agreed to that, so they can change whatever they like. The argument of getting the EULA in line with all their other EULAs is nonsense but let's just leave it at that.
  22. If it's a violation of the new EULA, then the EULA is unlawful. I have every right to sell my property (the license). Besides, the shop offers the possibility to transfer the license to somebody else.
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