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  1. trolled people with a "uwu" account becuase i was bored it was pretty funny ngl (on discord)
  2. i built a really really bad ssto (it didnt work) and i went to the island airway and found out you can go in the watch out tower
  3. i have a silly idea for your mod, you dont have to do it but my idea is to have a partical eccelerater ring part like the hydron collider, i dont think its realistic and it would be to big but it would be cool
  4. its not modded?, and fine kraken drives are allowed as it dosent go agaisnt the orginal rules
  5. Espero que la pases bien aquí
  6. its pretty good here, hope you have a nice time! : )
  7. 26. bigger RTG's i dont want to put like 10 small RTG's on a ship its to laggy
  8. darn i dont know how to rendevue, guess its time to go threw the scott manly archive
  9. darn i only really do giant 1 stage stations on monster rockets and usually with those spinning rings
  10. bigger engines, im trying to get a 100 ton payload into a far off location and i need like 5 mammoths and 6 clydstales to even get it off the ground so ya bigger more powerful engines even by just a bit
  11. nice art and cool ships
  12. telescopes, man i hope there will be telescopes that can take images and do science
  13. some_failure


    hope you have a good time here
  14. been trying to get a <100t base to the mun, then i realised how will i get the thrust to weight ratio right, still trying to figure it out and when i do i will upload it on YT B)
  15. send a base that is at least 100 tons to any body with a surface in the kerboler system exept kerbin, im doing this myself with the mun and also stock only includes DLC
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