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  1. Orbit Kerbin the lowest altitude possible before the end of the year lol, the winner wins.
  2. Reported Version: v0.1.3.2 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 11 | CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600XT 6-core processor | GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Super | RAM: 31.92 If I open the graphics settings I get this: (the picture below), but it makes no sense at all. The max resolution I have is 1680x1050.
  3. Jeje Most committed mod makers of ksp2: #1: cvusmo
  4. I have a far future idea for cvusmo RECREATE THE KSP2 ANNOUNCEMENT CINEMATIC TRAILER IN KSP2! Post ksp2 1.0 idea. This might seem impossible now but imagine a future that the RTX 3090 will be the same level of the GTX 1660 super.
  5. Reported Version: v0.1.3.2 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 11 | CPU: Amd Ryzen 5 3600 6-core | GPU: Nvidia geforce GTX 1650 super | RAM: 32 gigabytes All of the Center off’s are in the floor before showing them in the vessel.
  6. I like the way of informing/working. It’s very good.
  7. Nate Simpson be like OMG: we can’t make everything stronger even do we live in 2023.
  8. Are there anymore Kerbal animations for the science update?
  9. I ment add the cables… a few updates later make it procedural.
  10. The parachute system in KSP 2 is kinda bad, so I have a solution: procedural parachutes! About the current situation; the parachutes have no cable within the parachutes are directly put on to the box! If we could make the cable shorter and longer in the VAB that would be awesome!
  11. At the tech tree of the original ksp the planes were not at the beginning just after the beginning please don’t do this.
  12. Oooooh i was so confused I thought people ment with intercept games was the direct download version, thanks!
  13. No, even do Kerbals can have very long time without snacks they still need it so I guess just for farming.
  14. It’s on steam and I don’t have one of the standard resolutions.
  15. What if we would make Kerbals in microgravity weaker but Kerbals in artificial gravity are still as fit like Kerbals on Kerbin.
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