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  1. Try time warping then trying to retract it. Then get out of time warp and try again.
  2. I think colony will be used to describe an assembly that has population-dependant mechanics
  3. Not to mention, rocket science itself is a meme, kerbals are a meme...
  4. Please elaborate what you mean. Where do you see anything about purposefully spacing out releases?
  5. One issue I encountered with the button running everything at once is that it can really suck down ec especially doing the orbital survey and radiation samples together.
  6. Unless this vessel is a single particle, I doubt near light speed vessels shouldn't be too much of an issue
  7. I've been taking a class on C. After learning about low level programming languages I can see how this kind of thing would help. I imagine at the assembly level it gets even messier. A botched call to an unassigned variable, or trying to call a value outside the range of an array can lead to some very unwieldily behavior. I imagine that the game is storing data in a bunch of locations and isn't optimally clearing the data when it's no longer useful.
  8. Thank you for elaborating. I see your point much clearer now
  9. Because KERB is a place for bug reports, not discussion on changing mechanics that are working as intended.
  10. When discussing a topic, semantics are often very important. It is vital for any discussion to ensure that both sides are actually discussing the same thing, and discussing the semantics is a good way to make sure both parties are on the same page. For example there was quite a bit of discussion in the one year anniversary thread about the accuracy of maneuver nodes. Sure there was some dismissive responses to Herbal's concerns, and I presented some skepticism to his initial comments, but after some back and forth I was able to see his point and agree that there could be ways to improve them. Perhaps there needs to be a KERB for gameplay mechanics that work "as intended" but could be altered to improve gameplay or QOL.
  11. What game breaking bugs are you referencing?
  12. You can also achieve a similar result to the ksp1 method by (in addition to moving the node back) pointing radially in as well to get a maneuver tangential to periapsis.
  13. It appears they are overlapping slightly
  14. I think making the science parts more animated when they run experiments might make the button seem more engaging. A couple parts do have nice animations but for the most part it's hard to tell them when your experiments are actually running unless you are looking at the pam. A touch of scifi aesthetic could go a long way in drawing the eye towards active experiments.
  15. They showed some pics of possible asteroids during a Dev update when they talked about CBT terrain
  16. The workaround is to focus said craft, then zoom in and set your target to the CB
  17. What's are you even talking about?
  18. If one is going to be bored unlocking lower tiers, just use the cheat menu to award the required science points. Even after over 1k hours in ksp1 I still don't get bored launching rockets from the KSC. There are still chances that my rockets aren't quite as flight-worthy as I thought they were and I'll have to tweak them. In a similar vein, there's still the teleport option in the cheat menu. It's only cheating if you are cheating yourself. There's no right or wrong way to play KSP. Minecraft, for example has changed the "allow cheats" option to "allow commands" for a similar reason.
  19. Essentially what you need are: 1. The ability to create a position vector and to increase it's magnitude instead of adding different x,y,z components. 2. The ability to plan multiple burns at once. If they can give you this you will have the best of both systems.
  20. Iirc, this is something they hope to be able to implement with the CBT system. It's been a while since I've read that Dev log however so I may be wrong.
  21. And here you exclude a subset of players who enjoyed science and yet... Bound their instruments to an action group to maximize the efficiency of collecting science. Actually I don't believe there has been shown any correlation between disliking science and utilizing the action groups to do the collection. Personally when I think of rewarding gameplay, I envision some kind of challenge and the triumph of overcoming it. I never found finding my experiments very challenging in ksp1 even though I only started binding them to action groups in the last hundred or so hours of gameplay. The reports in ksp1 were cheeky, but did they really provide any useful information? Besides the orbital scanner and IR telescope I would say not. Ksp2 will be able to utilize science collection in future updates to possibly provide all kinds of useful information related to colony construction and resource acquisition. At least this is how I imagine science will tie into other facets of the game. Perhaps then the solution to your current woes will be to include a toggle for the "gather science" button. That, and replacing the obvious placeholder text with something actually useful or at the least something entertaining.
  22. Another option is to have a vehicle use parachutes. But I agree maybe it would be best to have them biome specific but not situation specific.
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