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  1. I wrote a KontrolSystem2 script for a fully automated mission to the Mun and back to Kerbin. Details: Requires a rocket with enough delta V for the trip Gravity turn isn't optimal, but works pretty well for most craft Methods to circularize and adjust inclination Transfer planning within the Kerbin system Breaking for orbital capture around the Mun Landing on the Mun is at a pretty steep angle, and could be more efficient It always uses a specific landing spot that is a flat area and usually lands with < 1m accuracy Takeoff from the Mun, circularize and fairly optimal ejection burn Uses aerocapture, if necessary with multiple orbits Checks parachutes for safe opening The script uses none of the higher-level TO2 functions, it was more fun to re-implement everything myself. Coding style is a bit different from Untoldwind's. I try to be as object oriented as possible and when in doubt err on the side of readability of code, so expect code to be a lot less compact. Source code on GitHub here: https://github.com/appenz/kerbal2 Critique, Enhancement, Pull-requests or any other Feedback is highly welcome.
  2. Recently jumped back into writing code with Kontrolsystem2 and re-tested to previous bugs: The "stuck on rebooting" issue is fixed in 0.4.3. The "invalid stack" seems to have disappeared. I now have a fully automated Mun mission including the return to Kerbin with aerocapture working. Great work, thank you!
  3. 100% agreed that this is an issue. I am calculating and burning nodes with KontrolSystem 2 and for many maneuvers I have to split them into multiple burns because the precision of a single burn is just terrible. KS1 was vastly better.
  4. Have you looked at KontrolSystem 2? It's a mod that includes a type safe language that allows you to do simple scripts or write more elaborate programs to execute complex maneuvers. It's still a little buggy, but for simple things should work well.
  5. If you are an armchair astrophysicist, have a look at KontrolSystem2. With it, you can do even more math (calculate the orbital maneuvers) and it feels a lot more like real rocket science.
  6. Hi Untoldwind, First, amazing work with the plugin. It's awesome to have a programmable framework for KSP2. It's when it runs it is very stable and I have a fully automated launch to low Mun orbit working. That said, at this point I am a little stuck. My main issue is that more and more frequently KS2 gets stuck on rebooting. The "Rebooting" button is greyed out, no entry points, no errors, indicator light is green. Game works normally, but KS2 can't be used. Restarting KSP2 used to reliably fix the issue. But I now have a 50% chance to land in this frozen state when I start the game and it usually happens again after a few minutes. It's not main memory, I have about 20GB available. Is there any way to root-cause what is causing the reboot to freeze (short of a C# debugger)? My second issue is that sometimes I get very opaque compiler errors. The error message is something like "invalid stack", with no file or line number given. Any guidance on how to debug those? Codebase is on GitHub here if it helps. Current checkin (9b26c6f) will *NOT* boot successfully, but it does trigger freeze bug. https://github.com/appenz/kerbal2 And again thanks for making this great mod! Guido
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