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  1. My space program doesnt give a s**t about safety and just wants to send people to space And the best solution to a problem is more boosters
  2. I would support that I need this Its an animation I agree and we could drop st references in it Im thinking some other names i could throw in here are judi dench, pierce brosnan, maybe tom hiddlestone and im trying to come up with a good actor for val. Any ideas? On second thought Im not sure about clooney because ive seen batman and robin and the oceans trilogy but i dont think hed be a good jeb.
  3. Who can guess what my username is a referance to
  4. U can use heat shields and radiators and any stock parts or dlc (mh and bg) parts that protect you from heat Very nice. 599995 is a new record. No but you can use the alt f12 menu to get into kerbolar orbit
  5. Ewoks dont talk english and yet in sw: ewoks they talk english because otherwise no one would watch it. Its the same logic as that. Its also the same reason english people dont watch films in french or german because they dont understand it.
  6. Yes i although i dont remember how close Yes u start from kerbin No mods No minimum time
  7. The idea is simple. How close can you get to the kerbol sun without blowing up. You also need to be able to perform some sort of science experiment at the same time.
  8. Ive seen mods for docking port alignment indicators but i think we need a built in one for the game. It would be huge help. Maaybe this could be a future ksp2 feature but i would really like it to be in ksp1 too
  9. I think we need a mod that allows you to create exploded diagrams of your rocket and then screenshot them and send them to friends. That way i could also easily port rockets from one platform to another. If someone makes this please make it for ksp version 1.12.5 and put it on curseforge
  10. Lol that could be genius Im thinking ryan reynolds or tom cruise as jeb
  11. Yea george clooney voicing jeb. Thatdbe cool
  12. Or maybe an episode where they use a modified dynawing to fight the kraken
  13. They could maybe do an episode at some point where they install a timewarp machine into a spacecraft and it all goes wrong
  14. I think they should make a ksp tv series. It starts out as jeb training for the first ksp flight and then at the end of season one he finally does his flight. Im imagining jeb as being a maverick/ james bond kind of character. He is a really charismatic and humorous character and he likes fast stuff and he drives a fast car and goes through different girlfriends very quickly. Then in season 2 they introduce bill kerman and they do ksp versions of gemini flights and other stuff. Then in season 3 its about the ksp bersion of apollo and they are preparing to do a moon mission. They also introduce val and jeb immediately develops a crush on her. Meanwhile val also secretly feels the same way about jeb and occasionally hints this then season 4 is focused around a ksp version of apollo 13 and jeb and val start dating afterwards. Then season 5 is like other apollo missions and space shuttles and skylab and stuff.
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