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  1. I suspect that the atmospheric height has also been multiplied by a factor of 2.5 giving space - atmosphere boundary of 173KM. Is 85KM definitely a vacuum, i.e there is no drag slowing and object or is it just thin atmosphere?
  2. I suspect the atmospheric height has also been multiplied by 2.5x which would put the atmospheric boundary at around 173,000 metres, which seems too high for this scale.
  3. Kerbalism was, and still is the gold standard of how to do science in Kerbal Space Program right, it's the persistent having to remain on station that makes it better.
  4. Anyone working on a mod to add flags to rockets in a similar manner KSP1. I used to be a huge fan of adding a big of flavour to rockets, kinda akin to how something like Atlas V launches with the mission emblem, ULA, NASA, and so on decals. Also, along the same line I'd love to see a method of adding different patterns to fuel tanks and such, rather than just the same generic look. The recolour tool would be much better with that, where one can cycle through a list of different patterns and colour them accordingly. I would have the faintest idea how to go about doing that though!
  5. Just to clarify, there *isn't* a fix being implemented regarding the parachute issue? The reason I ask is because someone named "KerbalAdNetwork" (Whom is a KSP Community Manager) stated on a Reddit thread about the issue the following: "Got it, thank you. We’ve identified the issue and it will be resolved in the next patch." This was the day after For Science! dropped so I assumed it meant the parachute bug present in 0.2.0. Was there a previous bug with chutes?
  6. "Our team is open to collaboration, idea-sharing, and learning from the success and challenges faced by the "Realism Overhaul" developers and the broader KSP modding community." I would assume based on this statement that no, it's not the RO/RSS team but instead a new team aiming to create a similar experience in KSP2.
  7. I'd be a fantastic addition to the game IMO, especially with those obvious landing sites at the KSC and it make me have to launch a drone ship from the KSC dock for landings.
  8. One of the engines from this mod is really good, Condor I believe it's called.
  9. Simple mod but really quite useful. The sorta thing that wouldn't be out of place as an integral feature of the game.
  10. What's this like? I'm a big lover of 2.5 - 3.7x scale for KSP, think it's the perfect sweet spot of challenge vs. casual.
  11. As per the title, anyone working on anything like FMRS for KSP2. @linuxgurugamer made the original I believe and it is one of those mods that is never mentioned but is incredibly useful. Edit: @SIT89 was the original maker.
  12. Awesome little mod, shall have to download next time I'm on. Keep up the good fight!
  13. I have the same issue as Apollo 13. I am going to do a complete fresh install of the game, will report back.
  14. Are there any planets with an axial tilt in the stock game?
  15. Any clues as to the cause of the parachute bug and any potential fixes in the works? I had that bug last night and reverting to launch didn't help.
  16. By 'modify existing planets' does that include orbital parameters or *just* the attributes of the planet in question. For example, can give Kerbin a tilt? Can I put the Mün on an inclined orbit? Can I make Minmus have a highly eccentric orbit?
  17. Does this allow for editing of orbital parameters or just the parameters of the bodies themselves?
  18. There's a lot of this stuff should be stock to be honest, this, life support, alarm clock. I honestly don't get why it isn't, given how prevalent mods are for the first game.
  19. ...and once again, modders step up-to the plate to add features that *should* be in the game. This will be hugely appreciated by the community sir.
  20. For the record I found and tried the mod in question and even though it's from March (I believe) it still works fine.
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