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  1. First of all sorry for that miscalculation. September would be 9 months from FS!, about as long as what it takes for KSP2 to get from EA to the first major update. I'd say I hope colonies come out in or before summer, that's to say, about June or July. Of course since I don't like building bases that much having that update or not but it MIGHT MATTER A LOT TO KSP2 "HATERS" since their attempt to spread hate in the Kerbal community has been largely stopped by the release of FS! I go to Reddit once in a while, and when I did so a day ago I found several people saying bad stuff about KSP2 eg. moderators deleting negative posts, updates too slow etc., all of them repeated for dozens of not hundreds of times in the past. If the game upsets those types of people them I'd say we would see a lot of hate.
  2. Wait a minute, what did you include in the album? A STAR TREK BRIDGE? I suppose it's *slightly* bigger than the standard MK3 form factor?
  3. Anyone else having a guess at when 0.3.0 releases? I'm suspecting it's 2 patch plus a hotfix from now so it looks like July-August for me.
  4. Great, can you show me which video or post this image comes from?
  5. Well do we have any plans for ring shadows? Would be really fun and interesting to have in the game.
  6. Hmm, no more discussions in a while. Is the mod still under development or is it considered to be finished? (Just asking)
  7. And I'm currently loading up my F18 with...photon torpedos. https://imgur.com/a/TcORasu Here you go!
  8. Can you release it today? (Maybe tomorrow for you)
  9. https://imgur.com/a/WrSA8dR Currently experimenting and having fun.
  10. I'd like you to include some non-american aircrafts, maybe just because I want more fractions to play around with.
  11. Where did you get those cool KK stuff?
  12. Great. I mean can’t handle because it will be under 60 FPS, but if 24 or 30 then I’d say fine. It would also be great if someone can make a waterfall config for the planes.
  13. Maybe me but my computer can't really handle Scatterer along with KK so maybe I'll tune down the graphics a bit, but otherwise I'm fine.
  14. When I used I noticed the IVA models being scaled up 1.6x which is probably for RO support, so yes it would be wonky for FreeIVA to have that effect. Still hoping for intergration, though.
  15. Have you added FreeIVA support for KIU yet? I didn't see it on the list but I assume you're working on it.
  16. They have said orbital colonies will function just like really huge crafts. You actually can’t tell clearly whether something’s a station or a large spaceship, because the boundaries are pretty much unclear. I guess the developers will make orbital colonies and stations movable, as again they are supposed to be just really large ships.
  17. I'm most impressed by the creative uses of the aquatic ball. The KSP community always finds fun to do with balls, from Stayputnik to the sphere MH pods. Yeah it's really sad he stopped uploading videos after this one... Hopefully with the addition of science and new updates we'll see more creative ones in the near future, but so far this has been my second favorite KSP2 content besides the original cinematic trailer.
  18. I might be a little late, but happy to see the game continuing to get better! Reentry plasma is sure much better, but I still hope for more motion-ish ones and some particle effects intergrated.
  19. FAR means ferram aerospace research and is a mod that adds realistic aerodynamic principles to the game. If every single of your control surfaces can be deployed as an aerobrake and your wings have something called structural integrity then you should be using it, otherwise likely not.
  20. Finally! do we get a scientifically mesklin mesbin in the game. It would be very cool if you can get the atmosphere done right too, I just can't wait play my mission of gravity soon. PS,Is this picture before or after the update?
  21. Good in general, though I am dissapointed seeing control surface issue *12 is still work-in-progress. Re-entry fixes are good because stuff in nowdays KSP2 just heat up too quickly: I have a blackbird which flies well in 0.1.5 but it would just explode at max speed after FS.
  22. Wow! I missed it by a few days but it seems the UI is finally being tken care of!
  23. Hey! Would start your “KCP equivalent campaign” soon? I have always been a great fan of your channel so it would be great if you deliver more content to your fans. Talking about re-entry, they are of course geting harder. However, just like in RSS, you can always have a shallower trajectory and use more body-lift. That’s how I deal with reentrys on Earth. 再次催更
  24. I don’t want it to have drm protection. Stuff like that would probably lead to some shenanigans, which is one thing I particularly don’t want to see happening to KSP2. I want it to remain that type of “silly, kerbal” game instead of an actual game dedicated to make more money.
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