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  1. Just in case any from the dev team are browsing this as you search for new gigs: Thanks for all the work on trying to bring this game to life. Best of luck on the road ahead!
  2. Oh, wow! That looks fantastic, @cfloutier! Can't wait to give it a spin!
  3. @kspkat Might be useful to share your craft and K2 Lift settings. As a general rule, you'll want something with a good bit of TWR (nothing lower than 1.5 ATM and 2.0 or higher for vac) for launching and getting to orbit. You'll need ~3500 dV to get there.
  4. @kspkat That UI is from Micro Engineer, and while it's not reasonable to expect a mod author to work with ALL other mods, I wonder if @Falki would be able to offer any advice on how one might be able to use community standards to increase compatibility.
  5. Yeah, I encountered that as well, but after I got my 3 kerbs onto a rover. Saving and reloading fixed the issue once, but when it occurred again shortly after I ended up disabling the setting to hide portraits and restarting the game. The button on the app bar is pretty inconsistent with when it shows up, but I can't seem to find any sort of pattern for when it does or doesn't appear.
  6. That's a great start! While this makes sense to me that it would avoid interference in a real-world setting, what's the advantage to using different bands in game? Does the range vary based on band? I thought I recalled you saying number of antennae doesn't increase range, so I'm curious what else might.
  7. This is awesome, but like... is there a guide or something that explains how to work at this level of complexity? Or maybe how the ComNet stuff even works in the vanilla game?
  8. I love that K2-D2 saves settings between loads and reverts, and even that it does so between launches. I'm guessing this is because the settings are being serialized to disk or something. It does confuse things when I accidentally set the max throttle lower during flight, and then the next time I launch I don't see that the throttle is still limited (because max throttle isn't available pre-launch). Maybe max-throttle could be exposed prior to launching? Even better, maybe we could have a default settings we can set and then that settings profile would be loaded with the ship on the landing pad?
  9. Oh wow, I saw this appear on CKAN and just installed it without thinking. Discovered the planetary occlusion but had no idea about the report functionality, which looks fantastic! Great job with this, and thanks for sharing it!
  10. Yeah, I noticed no difference after disabling K2. I've had the "vessel randomly spinning when switching to" issue previously, but doing what you said (or flicking time warp on briefly) has resolved it. When I try controlling a station from anything other than its anchor assembly, it seems, even having SAS lock on seems to start triggering an accelerating spin and no amount of input will reign it in.
  11. I'm having this now, too, which is making docking impossible. On top of that, right-clicking parts in Flight view no longer brings up the Part Manager (nor are they highlighted) and I can't target other vessels. F5/F9 makes most of the issues go away for a moment, but as soon as I start trying to control from docking ports or anything it starts back up again. I've got a whole pile of mods installed, but I suspect K2-D2 is heavily involved as it's the only thing I have that really tries to assume control of the vehicle. Gonna try running with that disabled and see what happens.
  12. Are you using CKAN? I was confused where to start, but once I had CKAN up everything was simple. https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN/releases
  13. Oh yeah, I forgot the overlay applies in map mode, too! I'll give it a try. Thanks!
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