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  1. 7 hours ago, kingofhell213 said:

    Just curious to know if anyone is working on a KSP2 version of the Crowd Sourced Science mod that made science reports much more interesting. I don't know how difficult it'd be to make one for KSP2 itself.

    Yes, it’s a great idea, I’ve already seen someone on another subforum mention this idea. If it’s not already in the developers’ minds, maybe initially have “premium” parts that unlock if we do certain scientific experiments in specific places like discoverables ?I think it’s a feasible thing!

    In a second time, are you thinking more about science like we can do with the Orbital Survey mod ? Parts that add gameplay ? So for example, atmospheric experiments that unlock a better SAS etc ? That would be really nice and it would add depth to this gameplay, that’s for sure!

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