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  1. You literally added what I feel the devs should have included with the For Science update! Then again I don't know the internal process. Personally I would like to see a little tally-up of the points in that Flight Report. But I like the direction you're taking it.
  2. Definitely the right way to look at science. It's less satisfying than my 180 rows monstrosity of a google sheet (that technically is still not finished) when it eventually is all green and dark blue and has a definite 100% at the top. But your mod is already a far better game experience than having no idea where you already been on your scientific journey. This mod was bound to pop up. I wonder when the devs will add their own system, if even. The wish has been forwarded at least already. This image may contain SOFT SPOILERS for some normal region names that can be found either by Missions or just in-game discovery! However, all discoverable names are renamed.
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