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  1. I did, im just wanting a mod that doesnt use N-body physics but also has axial tilt, i know its possible but it is unbelievably complicated if you want to keep stock physics, you would have to replicate it with axial tilts which ksp 1 devs didnt even think was possible. Who knows, someone might make one that works with modern KSP, not gonna be soon at all though.
  2. Or you could pull a party trick and fake the tilt so that it seems like everything is tilted, really i just want the effect of things looking tilted which seems somewhat simple, you basically just render everything as if it were tilted as the first pass so that reflecitons are consistent and go from there. From my understanding which may be (and likely is) minimal.
  3. so ive been wondering for some time, is it possible that a version of principia could be made where it only adds the axial tilts like tilt'em did but for recent KSP versions? Apologies if this has been asked before.
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