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  1. Hi OhioBob! Indeed, I tried manually and with CKAN: both won't work!
  2. Hi Kerbonauts! I've got an issue and i tried to understand why the kraken is angry : I've installed JNSQ new version with GPP and all packs with no problem. But when I've installed Kerbal Konstruct, it seems that the mod doesn't load new buildings in KSP: it caused crash of the game before opening (that's what I guess by reading the log ). I've reinstalled JNSQ and Kerbal Konstruct and the issue remain. So I play with JNSQ withoud KK with no issue but don't know why it lagged. Maybe it's JNSQ, KK or both? I don't know... Please find enclosed the log to see what's going on and fight together the Kraken! Thanks for your time
  3. Hi Kerbonauts! May I miss a topic about it but here's my question: Did Soyuz escape fairings will be planned in future? I guess my question is pretty demanding (i'm sorry...), but IMO it will be add a great feature to this mod. I put illustrations under on how it works when espace tower is ignited. Even if the escape tower is jettisoned, is still possible to escape via cutting fairing in half with the help of 4 solid rocket motors (like Soyuz MS-10 flight) → Holy Scott Manley did a video on this + animation Thanks for your answer if faisable or not and your reading!
  4. Tested the solution and work fine, thanks. However, I still wonder how it happens... Maybe a mod conflict?
  5. Good Evening Kerbonauts, Recently, I had a strange bug concerning merged parts : already made crafts are explosed while I want to put on other crafts (on the following exemple Centaur on Space Shuttle). I tried to find it myself but didn't find a clue... Could you help me please? Please find also KSP.log if necessary + mods list. Screens ↓ output_log ↓ https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FRiNlxiixATsJYm8VF-Gtp4JL5cfwP3W/view?usp=sharing KSP.log ↓ https://drive.google.com/file/d/16SK4G5uLQnGcaKZvaM6YaQ41MPuLVlhe/view?usp=sharing Thanks for help
  6. Hello everyone, I tried to make "tweakscalable " parts (payload equipements bay) from this mod but it seems to doesn't work... If someone kindly want to take a look on it, please find below what i've done. If it's not here to post that, I can delete de post. Thanks for your time and your review and maybe your help.
  7. Good evening all, Delta III 2.5m Fairing Base & Commercial Titan III 2.5m Dual Payload Adapter SAF fairings are basically Ariane IV's ones. ↓ - I made a post here for similarities between Delta III, Titan III Dual Payload Adapter & Ariane IV! I guess that 1 segment of fairing is equivalent to a Ariane IV's Type 3 Fairing. I wonder if it's possible to modify the length of the wall segment according to the reference of fairings types sizes? → http://www.capcomespace.net/dossiers/espace_europeen/ariane/ariane4/config spelda 1988.jpg I tried some modifications on my side about it : This results to place the fairing nosecone on place but not changing the wall length (nosecone is down inside the fairing walls). Maybe it's not possible but I would tried to do something about it ( Did I really like Ariane IV and Delta III? Naaaaaah ) Those two mods work perfectly together so why not add some fun? ( even if fews here could find it useful, I guess... ) Thanks in advance for replies. (if this message isn't according to the topic, feel free to remove it...)
  8. Good evening all! As a huge fan of Ariane IV launchers, I noticed something that may be interesting for this mod! Bluedog Design Bureau done 2 fairings that you can put on an Ariane IV : Delta III 2.5m Fairing Base & Commercial Titan III 2.5m Dual Payload Adapter SAF (c.f photos below). In fact, they are Ariane IV fairings which been sold to USA for some launches ( ref. : http://www.capcomespace.net/dossiers/espace_europeen/ariane/ariane4/caracteristiques.htm [in french only but online traductor can do the job ] ). For Delta III 2.5m Fairing Base, you can put it on Probe Core AR4 "Baudry" Avionics System and set adapters of your choice. For Commercial Titan III 2.5m Dual Payload Adapter SAF (also know as SPELDA [Structure Porteuse Externe de Lancement Double Ariane / Double Launch External Supporting Structure] )in French, you cannot put 2 parts on the upper attachement node Probe Core AR4 'Baudry" Avionics System (payload and fairing at the same spot). So I tried a modification that works fine at this moment : - I went to GameData\Knes\Parts\Launcher\L3S → _Knes_L3S_Avionics_250.cfg and add this text line to put an adapter and then the fairing. - Came back to KSP and edited my launcher. On Probe Core AR4 "Baudry" Avionics System, I placed an adapter and then the fairing : it seems to not create conflicts between parts, only payload height have to be considered for SPELDA. For both, number of segment must be 1 or it will be too high. http://www.capcomespace.net/dossiers/espace_europeen/ariane/ariane4/config spelda 1988.jpg Here some screenshots for demonstration ↓ https://imgur.com/gallery/i4rkhrE It may be nothing in this post but as a person who's not good to build fairing by hand, it may be helpful for someone! Thanks for reading Kerbonauts!
  9. Good evening all, I've got few questions about this great mod : - There is a tutorial for the rotating stage for Delta II? I tried to make one with no great success... If someone know how to proceed, i'll give you a warm thanks. - For Delta III dual payload fairing (a.k.a. The Holy Ariane IV's Spelda style ♥ ), where do you put the whole fairing? On the satellite, on the base and put the satellite inside? Thanks for your help folks!
  10. Working fine for me in 1.9.1 guys! Thanks me later ♥
  11. Cloud 9 - CK-81 ETV on the run.
  12. "I piloted, for me, one of the best aircraft in my life: the CRAWN-82 Flatbread. It was a concentrate of technologies and even if it looks heavy, he was so smooth to pilot... more simple than my actual car, ah-ah! I was affected to the Coast Survey 152 "Puffins" Squadron, after my military flight school. Our mission was simple : surveillance of the coasts, report all anomalies... etc. But before all, we're fighters and our specialized knowledge in naval combat has no mercy. It was ten years ago when it happened... I remember this stormy sortie over this raging sea, the wind wasn't fair with our planes. My wingman was also nervous as me due to the importance of our mission... The Bullseye Nation had impeach one of our fleet groupement (10 humanitarian cargos, 10 destroyers, 4 LHDs) to bring rescue and supplies to Blorb's citizens who suffered of the fall of an asteroid on their country. Of course, they was always counter our collaboration with Blorb for economics reasons, but it's our allies and it was our duty to help them. But we'll have to do the thing we came for: destroy our targets. But since weeks ago, the Bull' started to reinforce their war-capacities, pretending exercices again and again until this day, this blocus. I remember when my RIO told me the ships formation on his radar-screen : hexagonal, just what they needed to shoot as a medium range. So it results of 6 heavy cruisers and 6 destroyers. We were dispatched in 6 groups, each group of 2 Flatbread, all in in anti-ship configuration : the minimum to defend ourselves with 2 infrared missiles, a lot of kerosene with two fuel-tanks and our "speed-puffin". Ah-ah, it's the affective name of our anti-ship missile, made by the Hexagonians who name it "Ekxocet", as the fish flying low above the surface, it do the same. The moment arrive quickly, our radio was on the fleet frequency. A heavy quiet reigned on the waves until this guy screaming, terrified: - They shooting on us, they shooting on us, it's not a drill, commence defensive maneuvers! It was our signal: all groups dispatched on their respective points. We were affected on Delta point : 1 cruiser and 1 destroyer at each points. I choose to attack the big one, because my wingman was new in the squadron and I'll never forgive myself if I gave him the more heaviest and more protected target, leading him to death. Our radio conversation was reduced to minimum. Targets arrived fast, so fast... This is as this moment you realize one thing... You're not a Kerbal at all : you're a machine and you're part of your aircraft. All you feel it just the adrenaline, a little bit of stress but you don't think one second on what you'll do: it irreversible now... I armed my weaponry and then fire my missile... I don't know how many time past between I push the trigger and the explosion, but too short to realize... My wingman shot few seconds after me his target and on his signal, we did a 180° turn at full afterburner. We heading to RTB, due to our configuration. The return was long, so long... and suddenly, a voice appeared on radios: - MICON* to all battle group, report statut: Allied: 5 cargos damaged + 1 heavily damaged / 3 destroyers damaged + 1 sunked /1 LHD heavily damaged. Ennemies: 3 heavy cruisers damaged + 2 heavily damaged + 1 sunked / 3 destroyers sunked + 3 on the loose Communication over. After this message, nobody talked, one aircraft was damaged but we all return back to base. I still don't know if I was happy of the result or not... Our mission was a success, but... with the time passing by, I feel guilty about the fact that I may destroy lives... But I still confort myself saying that without that, more people died without our help!" "PUFFINS ALWAYS ON THE SURVEY, UH-YA!!!" O6 CAPTAIN KERMAN Lodwin, CS-152 Squadron Leader
  13. Sometimes, encounters are not friendly at all. Thanks to Bananders' Crown-81 sharing who permit to create this wallpaper! ♥
  14. We need you! Before rockets, training is needed!
  15. Well, It's working now. May I have to pay more attention for the next time (and you gave me the solution ). I didn't notice that I have to turn on/off the docking lights... etc. Many thanks. Also, I still give you my logs, maybe you could find something useful for the mod (maybe )... Log ↓ https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_fEvv93hbGjOG81QXlBeU14amc Output log ↓ https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_fEvv93hbGjNjNkU0V5T0EwVWc
  16. Hm, I can't, I haven't a button for it... I remarked that affect only mods, not stock... Maybe I did something wrong with my mods! May I reinstall the mod and give you the log?
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