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  1. Can this thread be locked please, as a release thread has been made:
  2. Yep, it's all relative to the root part. I raised a bug report for it about two years ago, including a fun video of the physics easing: https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/27334
  3. There's more info on how to change the settings here: https://github.com/pizzaoverhead/FreeIva/wiki/Controls
  4. Good timing: That's just changed: It's not KSP 2, but it lets us see what it would be like and improve the discussion around it, for example, how should movement work.
  5. Small progress report: using the large battery part won't limit your mobility. This has shown up some issues in Free IVA that will need to be fixed, but there will soon be two extra IVA spaces added by this mod to traverse through.
  6. In short, the IVA is going to be a 25cm long tunnel passing through it that you can remove the hatches for. It might look something like this:
  7. As Stone Blue says, colliders needing to be convex is the problem. If for example you have a cylinder shaped part that you want to turn into a collider, the collider you'd get from that mesh would be a solid cylinder (that pops you to the outside of the vessel when you try to move inside it), when what you really want is a hollow one. What you'd ideally want is the difference between the external part model and the internal one, but those two often don't match up as you'd expect. As a quick example, did you ever notice that one of the cupola's windows is shorter than the others? But only on the outside? This doesn't matter in game, and you'll probably never notice it, but it affects how you would set up colliders. There's some interpretation of what's important needed, along with checking what works, which makes it more of a manual process. ModuleFreeIva can now have CopyPartCollidersToInternalColliders = true which will search for BoxColliders in a Part and create IVA versions of them. IVAs are secretly rotated compared to everything else in the world, and are on a different layer. Here's what it looks like (visible thanks to DebugStuff): The bottom ring of yellow boxes are the part colliders for the stock structural fuselage. The one above and to the right is a set of colliders for the same part, but in IVA space. The IVA cockpit isn't shown, but it would be horizontal and pointing to the left.
  8. Free IVA 0.1.2 is now available here. As part of figuring out how other mods should integrate themselves with Free IVA, I've created a simple placeholder IVA for the stock Rockomax HubMax Multi-Point Connector (station hub) part. An improved version of this should be finished soon. Beyond this, the structural fuselage now has colliders, using a new method where the part's external colliders are used in IVA too. This part is, as far as I know, the only stock IVA-passable part that has colliders set up that are accurate for the outside and inside of the part. All IVA parts also now have floor colliders, as the first step in making the stock parts safe to traverse without falling through. If you want to keep track on what's happening on this mod, check out the roadmap, as it will be updated as things progress.
  9. Of course! If anyone wants to post configs for mods, I'll add them to the OP. The method of creating FreeIVA colliders in game using the debug UI isn't very good right now (it's much easier to do in the 3D modelling software when you're making the IVA), but I'll see if I can make it less awful to use for you. The basic process is that you click "Advanced mode", then "Show collider configuration". This screen shows you all the colliders in the part you're currently in (be careful moving around, as you can accidentally change parts), and also lets you create and edit the colliders in the part. Click the "Create new collider" button to spawn a large white cube in the centre of the part (this may be below the floor in some parts, so you might have to look around). You then shape, rotate and position the collider by editing the values for Position, Scale and Rotation. A scale of 0.1 for thickness seems to work well to stop clipping through the walls, but some parts need thinner walls. The smallest ones I've had success with are at a scale of 0.05. All edits done here are temporary. To make changes to a collider permanent, you can click the "Copy to clipboard" button and paste it into the cfg file, just below the "name = ModuleFreeIva" section.
  10. There is now a new release for this. You can get it here: https://github.com/pizzaoverhead/FreeIva/releases/
  11. New alpha release for 2021 for feedback and discussion. There's still a long way to go, but it is now usable again. This release contains some bugfixes and better setup for some stock parts. Download is available here. As always, don't use this on an important save, and don't report bugs to other developers while it's installed.
  12. hello pizzaoverhead before i crossposting tru the whole forum

    i thought it would be nice to ask you before what u want for this ingenious mod

    in the future.(without your download the recompiled dll from johnny is useless AFAIK) and big thanks for so fast updating the license.luck on all your ways 

    stay healthy


    edited:sorry overlooked that a old version is on curseforge

  13. This works in 1.11 and looks pretty cool. Stock: This mod:
  14. Download removed, new github repo (with licence) and documentation wiki added, which should be more useful for anyone wanting to build on top of this.
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