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  1. There\'s a MUSIC_VOLUME value in the settings.cfg, so maybe it\'s in there somewhere EDIT: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/careers.php
  2. Are you saying it\'s easier to go to Minmus than the Mun? Darnit lol
  3. The best place to change your inclination is the apoapsis. But as previously said, it\'s best to start with the needed inclination, as changing it is one of the most fuel costly operations in orbital operations
  4. Here\'s how you make a spoiler: [spoiler][img=http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/images/minilogo.png][/spoiler] Makes:
  5. Good post, but for some reason I have difficulty finding all these mods. I think I know where Novapunch is, and I have MechJeb, but I can\'t find the rest. Links would be awesome
  6. For some reason, when you take SAS off, it veers horribly to the left and everyone dies soon after.
  7. Yeah this doesn\'t work in .15 it seems
  8. +1 lol Or just the parts (and .dlls) required by them It took me about an hour to figure out what to download, and even still, some of the planes are just exploding as soon as they spawn But the ones that work are epic! 8)
  9. That\'s handy, if I go over my limit, I get charged at like £124,819,271,492 per Megabyte Anywho, we\'re rather going off topic here lol
  10. I\'m on mobile broadband, which is still quite young. Did I just see a 0.15.2 patch? lol
  11. I get 15GB a month lol
  12. My first post! I think it\'s about 40MB, I just risked my monthly quota cause I love this game so much :\'D Why do I have to enter a verification?! I\'m a member >
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