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  1. I'm also having problems with ships (seemingly) not generating power after leaving to the space center or tracking station. This is even when the power generation is perpetual, with nothing turned on but an antenna, with plenty of solar panels and battery to last the night. Why is this?
  2. It's simple to calculate the dV needed for a rescaled system, so you don't need a dV map. The formula for this is new_scale_dv = sqrt(new_scale / old_scale) * old_scale_dv So, for JNSQ rescaled to 10x from 2.7x, the dV for, say, launching to LKO, is sqrt(10/2.7)*4500, which is about 8660 m/s. In most cases it's scaling from stock scale which is 1x, which essentially drops it from the equation. In your case though, you'd need to find the ratio between the new scale and the old scale (compared to stock) to get roughly the correct m/s of dV.
  3. I'd like this as well; I use Woomerang exclusively as a high-inclination launch site, and I'd like to simulate launches from there.
  4. I'm trying to run a SCANSAT AltLoRes scanner, but for some reason the scan keeps stopping because of not enough data storage space. I have a Communotron 16 on the vessel. Is there a way to see the amount of data the scanner is generating? How can I make sure the scans are being transmitted? This is the error message it's spitting out: EDIT: It seems to be working fine after turning on the scan, then leaving to the KSC//Tracking Station. Though, I'm getting "Not enough EC" warnings even though I left it pointing at the sun.
  5. For some reason, Rhode is transparent (or the scatters of other planets are rendering on top): Anyone know of a fix? Modlist: https://gist.github.com/bigyihsuan/5bcdf3432db7b4565618f9a6020bcc58 KSP.log: https://file.io/0rqNrCjiZDa4
  6. I got the infinite loading thing too, uninstalling Parallax from CKAN and manually installing it without the StockScatters and StockTextures fixed it.
  7. The telescope already on its side with an Apollo already docked on top is absolutely cursed lmao
  8. Booster catch attempt this year... I really really hope (and I hope they hope) they get it right the first time, otherwise mayhem's gonna ensue when Superheavy smacks into the chopsticks too fast, and the launch stand, and the deluge system... Fingers crossed.
  9. A turbine in the engine exhaust seems absolutely wacky! How is it gonna be cooled when it's constantly blasted by rocket exhaust for minutes at a time?
  10. I would unironically use this for that real Apollo-era feel
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