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  1. Hopefully the LV-T15 receives an Isp upgrade (to ~320s vac) to convert it into a sustainer engine, which was what I originally suspected it to be. The LV-T30's lack of gimbal also bothers me a bit because it detracts from its usefulness as a 1.25m stack engine.
  2. Are you using flaps? They should lower your stall speed by a bit. Reducing the amount of fuel you're carrying and/or engine would help too. One Wheesley's is probably enough if you're using FAR. I'm playing career mode (with stock parts and FAR) and most of the contracts are observational ones which do not require more than one landing, so the drogue chute solution works fine for me.
  3. How fast are you touching down? I've found that touching down at high speeds (>100m/s) tends to cause the plane to bounce. My method of working around this is to fly very close to the ground and then deploying a drogue chute to quickly slow the aircraft down. It's a bit tricky but it actually works quite well.
  4. Farewell @HarvesteR! Thanks this incredible game!
  5. I've built tiny Space Shuttles as well! They're quite fun to build. Here are a few from older versions of KSP: Would like to go back to my Pico Space Program, but, unfortunately the small engines have taken a bit of a nerf in 1.0 and rendering many of my crafts obsolete.
  6. Mainsails are twice as heavy, only slightly more efficient in the lower atmosphere, and much more expensive than Skippers. Looking at his setup, the Skippers and SRBs should work just fine.
  7. Are there any new tweakables for fairings (eg. number panels and ejection force)? Are any StockPlus features in 1.1? They really improve the gameplay. Speaking of fairings, can their weight be tweaked down a bit? Smaller rockets are significantly impacted by the mass of fairings, which are much lighter IRL. Also would love for a retexture to remove the ugly yellow rings, but I presume that is already planned for 1.2.
  8. I haven't had a chance to check out the craft ingame but I think I understand how it works. Since parts that are part of the same vessel can't interact with itself (except for landing legs), the "traditional" way of moving and locking a part would require engines/landing struts and docking ports-- which can't undock via action groups. Your ingenious solution to this is to have a second, structural vessel that allows the main spacecraft to interact with itself by giving it something to push on while in turn the "shell" interacts with the engine assembly that's attached to the hinge, causing the entire assembly to move. Absolutely brilliant! BTW the Z-50 (now the Z-51) is still available here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/36708-zepto-eagleworks-z-51-cobra-vstol/#comment-505173
  9. Can these antennae also transmit science?
  10. Added the "Future Projects" section to the front page. One (actually two) of the things I've been working on are variable-geometry oblique wing aircraft. One is landing strut powered and doesn't have much rotation while the other has a rocket-powered hinge to rotate the wing 90 degrees. The first aircraft with wings perpendicular to the fuselage: And angled: The second aircraft is much sleeker and is designed for supersonic flight. The hinge is also much more unreliable: Takeoff/Landing/low-speed configuration: Supersonic configuration: Not sure if there is any benefit of rotating the wings but at least they look cool.
  11. Fitted the Z-51 with variable-sweep wings as an experiment: Less swept: More swept: There's only LV-1R per hinge in this case, making them stiffer than the those on the ZF-31 and ZF-32 (which had 3 per hinge IIRC). Doesn't do much performance-wise other than shift the CoL. Here's a heavily-modified version with a similar variable-sweep wing setup and a Whiplash engine: I like the look of this one more but it's not as agile as the original Z-51due to the fact that it's quite heavy at 14t fueled and the Whiplash only has 2 degrees of gimbal. Nevertheless, I might release this version as the Z-60.
  12. I'll try to post the updated download today, if I have time. Still have to tweak some things but the new version works quite well. EDIT: Updated the Z-50 to the Z-51.
  13. Nice to see one of my creations here, but the Hurricane rockets are by Temstar, not me.
  14. Updated the Z-50 with new parts to make it compatible with 1.0.5. Works great but it's not ready for release yet. 3000th post!
  15. Windows 10 messed up my computer and KSP doesn't run very well anymore.
  16. [center] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/qciQA.png[/IMG] [SIZE=1]Logo design by [url=http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/members/14097-segaprophet]segaprophet[/url][/SIZE] ------------------------------------------------------------------- [size=5][u][b]Concept Aircraft[/b][/u][/size] [SIZE=4][u]Z-50 "Cobra"[/u][/SIZE] Stock Swivel-Jet and F-35B lookalike. [post=2177649][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/NBbQRDF.png[/IMG][/post] [post=2177649][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/WycZ1Wq.png[/IMG][/post] ^Hint: Click the picture! [B][U][SIZE=3]ZL Z2000 [COLOR="#cccccc"](Zepto Labs 2nd Anniversary Edition)[/COLOR][/SIZE][/U][/B] The new standard in luxury jets! With the Z2000, you can enjoy a drink in its extra-wide cabin while the pilot performs 6G loops! Seriously though, this plane flies like a dream.[/CENTER] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/A62NKor.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/wFrGL7M.png[/IMG] [U][SIZE=3]Action groups:[/SIZE][/U] [B]1[/B]: Toggle jet engines [B]2[/B]: Toggle nacelle intakes (press before launch) [B]0[/B]: Toggle Ladder [B]Backspace[/B]: Abort chute [CENTER][B][SIZE=3]Download: [url=http://www./download/e926rd2q9cd2ad0/ZL+Z2000.craft]ZL Z2000[/url][/SIZE][/B] [CENTER][U][B][SIZE=3]R-2 SSTO[/SIZE][/B][/U] An [post=994346][B][COLOR="#FF8C00"]award-winning[/COLOR][/B][/post] SSTO for beginners. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/elh0n9L.png[/IMG] [/CENTER] [LEFT] [table="width: 1300, align: center"] [tr] [td][B][SIZE=3]Features:[/SIZE][/B] [LIST][*] RAPIERs - for simplicity [*] Reaction wheels [*] Probe core [*] Docking port [*] Docking light [*] RTG [*] 64 parts [*] Minimal part clipping (no cheats, some things can be attached if they are placed in the correct order. :wink:) [B][*] Flies great![/B] [/LIST] [/td] [td][B]Craft Description:[/B] [QUOTE]SSTO? ... Check. Lots of fuel? ... Check. Oxygen? ... Check. Snacks? ... Uh-oh... SSTOs should be big, right? :) [U][SIZE=3]How to fly:[/SIZE][/U] [B]1[/B]. Takeoff and point at 45 degrees. [B]2[/B]. At 10km, pitch down to 25 degrees. [B]3[/B]. At 20km, pitch down to 15 degrees and don't correct it as it slowly raises. [B]4[/B]. Once the intake air is less than 0.08, lower throttle to 2/3. [B]5[/B]. Once the rockets activate, move to 25 degrees and keep burning until the apoapsis is 10km above the desired altitude. [B]6[/B]. Circularize orbit [U][SIZE=3]Action groups:[/SIZE][/U] [B]1[/B]: Toggle RAPIERs [B]2[/B]: Manual mode switch [B]3[/B]: Toggle solar panels [B]4[/B]: Toggle docking shield [B]0[/B]: Deploy chute [/QUOTE][/td] [/tr] [/table] [/LEFT] [CENTER][B][SIZE=3]Download: [url=http://www./download/9d4srk344v67cnu/R-2.craft][COLOR="#40E0D0"]R-2 SSTO[/url][/COLOR][/SIZE][/B] [U][B][SIZE=3]Damselfly[/SIZE][/B][/U] The [post=951081][B][COLOR="#FF8C00"]award-winning[/COLOR][/B][/post] rocket- and jet-powered VTOL trainer. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/RAAu54O.png[/IMG] [/CENTER] [table="width: 2200, align: left"] [tr] [td][left][B][SIZE=3]Features:[/SIZE][/B] - Jet engine - for efficiency - Rocket engines - for precision control - Landing gear - very strong and allows the craft to land safety with forward momentum - Reaction wheels - Probe core - Top facing docking port - Abort system - RTG - 45 parts -[B] No part clipping[/B][/left] [/td] [td][B]Craft Description:[/B] [left][QUOTE]Due to the mysterious lack of rotating parts for a concept spinning-wing aircraft, engineers were forced to come up with a different way to take-off and land vertically. Thus, the Damselfly was born. Built with instructions from that of model car, rocket, and plane kits, the Damselfly is a training platform for rocket- and jet-powered VTOLs. It is equipped with a top facing docking port for a vertical control point and a probe core. It is not necessary to kill all of the forward velocity as the craft has wheels. [U][SIZE=3]Landing modes:[/SIZE][/U] [B]Rocket-only:[/B] Point retrograde (using "control from here" on the docking port) and land like you would land a Mun lander. [B]Jet and rocket:[/B] Set throttle at 2/3 and slowly throttle down until 1/2. Fire the rocket engines in bursts by toggling them on and off by tapping 2. Use the rockets to control the descent. [B]Jet-only:[/B] Slowly throttle up or down to control the descent. [U][SIZE=3]Action groups:[/SIZE][/U] [B]1[/B]: Toggle jet engine [B]2[/B]: Toggle rocket engines [B]3[/B]: Toggle ladder [B]0[/B]: Deploy chute [B]Backspace[/B]: Abort[/QUOTE][/left] [/td] [td] [left][B][SIZE=3]Bonus modes:[/SIZE][/B] [B]Flying car:[/B] Throttle to 1/2, jet on. once the jet produces more than 60 kN of thrust, you may move up and down by firing the rocket engines in short bursts by toggling them on and off by tapping 2. The craft should float as if it is on the Mun. When not hopping, keeping the craft level allows for safer travel. Decrease the throttle slightly as fuel decreases. To stop, press 1 to cutoff the jet engine. [B]Hovercraft:[/B] Jet on, throttle to 1/3. Tilt forward to move forward and back to move back. Use yaw and roll simultaneously for corning faster than 5 m/s. Do not pitch forward past 20 degrees and drive at the speed limit posted! [/td] [/tr] [/table][/left] [CENTER][B][SIZE=3]Download: [url=http://www./download/f557nl516qd9i58/Damselfly.craft][COLOR="#FF8C00"]Damselfly[/url][/COLOR][/SIZE][/B][/CENTER] [SIZE=4][u]C-7B[/u][/SIZE] The [post=663316][B][COLOR="#FF8C00"]award winning[/COLOR][/B][/post] C-7B is a hypersonic jet with forward swept wings and StaboJetâ„¢ technology. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/INCsZGp.png[/IMG] [left]Action groups: 1: Toggle jet engines 0: Toggle Ladder Download: [url]http://www./download/rwm81tusm5yyrue/C-7B.craft[/url][/left] [SIZE=4][u]C-9[/u][/SIZE] The C-9 is a concept for a long range hypersonic jet. It's main feature is the unusual position of the engine pods. It also incorporates StaboJetâ„¢ technology. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/lvafC0y.jpg[/IMG] [left]Action groups: 1: Toggle jet engines 0: Toggle Ladder Download: [url]http://www./download/lan2k6d6fyym6rk/C-9.craft[/url][/left] [Hr][/hr] [size=5][u][b]Spacestuff[/b][/u][/size] [SIZE=4][u]Odysseus STS[/u][/SIZE] It's a Stock Space Shuttle. What more should I say? [post=862576][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/QzMjEHD.png[/IMG][/post] ^Hint: Click on the picture! [SIZE=4][u]Kerbal G[/u][/SIZE] The [post=776944][B][COLOR="#A9A9A9"](almost) award winning[/COLOR][/B][/post] Kerbal G is designed to be the spiritual successor to the Kerbal X. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/511pVLC.png[/IMG] [left] A LES is included just in case a certain Kerbalnaut is piloting the rocket. It is advised to jettison the escape tower right after jettisoning the boosters. The Kerbal G is capable of achieving orbit around the Mun and with its very optimistic parachutes in case you what to bring the Kerbals home! In one piece! It even comes with a docking port and a bit of RCS for those want to wa... I mean spend more time in space. Action Groups: Backspace- Abort (only during booster burn) 1- Toggle anntena 2- Toggle SCIENCE! 3- Toggle Solar-collecting -thingies 9- Deploy parachute 0- Jettison LES Warranty void if: - Used to land on the Mun - Thrusty-things are pointing the wrong way - ...you run out of snacks [/left] [B][SIZE=3]Download it here: [url=http://www./download/hhw6z7cpr53nuha/Kerbal+G.craft][COLOR=Blue]Kerbal G[/url][/SIZE][/B][/COLOR] [Hr][/hr] [size=5][u][b]Real Aircraft[/b][/u][/size] [SIZE=4][u]XF-108[/u][/SIZE] It's fast and was never built. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/oaBIU6N.jpg[/IMG] [left]Action groups: 1: Toggle jet engines 2: Toggle Afterburners 3: Toggle ladders 6: Find out yourself. :wink: 0: Toggle Communotron Download: [url]http://www./download/bkw45hnwcqusoqu/XF-108_Rapier.craft[/url][/left] [SIZE=4][u]T-50[/u][/SIZE] The next-generation Russian stealth fighter. Equipped with Afterburnering Turbojets. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/5e8KeQE.jpg[/IMG] [left]Action groups: 1: Toggle jet engines 2: Toggle Afterburners [b]Not EVA capable.[/b] Download: [url]http://www./download/wj7j6cyykayfrrl/T-50.craft[/url][/left] [SIZE=4][u]T-50 IRW[/u][/SIZE] A variant of the T-50 with Inline Reaction Wheels to increase its maneuverability. Equipped with Afterburnering Turbojets. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/GNNDED7.jpg[/IMG] [left]During takeoff and landing, keep the aircraft below 15 degrees to avoid potential tailstrikes. Action groups: 1: Toggle jet engines 2: Toggle Afterburners 9: Deactivate IRWs 0: Activate IRWs [b]Not EVA capable[/b] Download: [url]http://www./download/4afgo4fb6ax6d0l/T-50_IRW.craft[/url][/left] [/center]
  17. [quote name='sjwt']At the moment guys we are asking that people go to their own threads, edit and copy relevant details to bring across and start a new thread that complies with the no RP rules, so we don't have to browse through and read all the comments, edit out bits etcs.. I hope you understand.[/QUOTE] There is no RP in my thread it's just a place to.show off my crafts. There are too many posts in the thread that I want to keep and I can't copy all of it into a new thread. Plus, it was originally part of the spacecraft exchange and I requested to move to RB because it was at the time a showcase subforum.
  18. Hi, can my spacecraft thread be moved to the spacecraft exchange? [url]http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/17752-STOCK-Zepto-Labs[/url]
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