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  1. so i bought this game waayyy back in alpha. around .13 i think but i cant seem to login to my account on the website only on here. just wondering what is going with that
  2. my copy of KSP on steam is constantly wanting to update and i cant play it. i tried forcing it to update. i dont want to delete and reinstall but if there is no fix then i guess i'll have to i have tried verified intregrity
  3. this may or may not have been suggested all ready but an app for android or IOS for building rockets on the go. like what if you came up with an idea for a rocket at work or something and you don't have ksp on you to build it. you might forget it by the time you get back home.
  4. i have installed the mod properly and all but it still doesn't work and yes i have pressed alt+H please help
  5. well i was talking to some class mates and i saw the mun and i was like i have been there Edit* sorry was meant to be moon
  6. Is this for .19 or .19.1 because it doesnt seem to be working for .19.1
  7. Ok not sure if anyone has reported this but the tab on the right isnt coming up on launch which is annoying because that is how you use mechjeb i have tried the new version it didn't work and the old and it doesn't work and now together and it still doesn't work this is on the latest version edit i really love this mod and i need it to do docking and stuff and explore planets so can you fix this i have done everything installed it properly and stuff with no success
  8. there are alot of good ones infact they are all great especially the daniel jackson from star gate
  9. The user above me is a was a seal army admiral before the forum Apocalypse
  10. Kerbal space program is not something you can do a funny commentary on and there are no vocals so pewdiepie just couldn't do it
  11. like most replica's pf ships they are just for show
  12. there we go i posted the pictures for some reason i cant see them but you should be able to
  13. This is the shuttle launcher i saw on discovery channel and i though i might make it in kerbal space program. Unfortunately i don't know how to post pictures and i cant get the shuttle right so i will work on that.
  14. can you please finnish making that battleship im realy eager to try something bigger than the nostromo spacecraft
  15. do you think that you could start a new one without mods?
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