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  1. Probably the most intuitive use of Mk3 hulls on personal record ever... Looks so slim, I love it. Stock, too. I think I will call this general design (Mk3-Adapter-ReversedAdapter-ReversedMk3), the "gooseneck" or "flamingo". EDIT: Think of all those missiles I could fit... yes...
  2. Try this with gilly. You can be in a 10km orbit around it at only 20m/s
  3. 2/10 Probably because you joined last month, but hey
  4. I experimented with carts for landing gear before, but I see you have run into the same issue where you cannot really turn so effectively, since they each turn individually. May I suggest putting rotatrons on the bottom?
  5. That's exactly why I want to do it. I don't particularly have the creativity to plan out my deaths and epic fails - it's much more fun to have that happen on it's own anyway.
  6. I suggest just going into space and facing certain directions and try burning, and then look at the changes.
  7. (Feel free to move to OT, if needed) After trying to put together multiple lets-plays, it started getting bland. To be honest, I'm not all that exciting because I instinctively take things seriously, and I don't try to make spectacular explosions all the time to keep the audience interested. Hours of LP material down the drain. So, I would like to hold a small, and probably brief, discussion of a livestream and how it would work. Does anyone have experience? Tips? I just feel that it gives me direct connect to the audience, and their live questions and comments would put together a presentable show of sorts. Thoughts?
  8. Not true. It spawns so the lowest part is touching the ground, that is, if it's not using the supports.
  9. control + shift + alt + 'd' Also, is your signature on purpose?
  10. 8/10 You were one of the early ones - probably the first person I talked to.
  11. But realistically, you would burn on the periapsis to save fuel.
  12. May I suggest negative ratings? I could use one right now.
  13. Anything is doable with docking, even stock, so I say just stock/docking mods and it's fair game.
  14. 14, and usually only on new year's. I don't particularly like it, but it's in a acquired taste
  15. Those don't count silly! Anyway, here was my eve "landing" from two hours ago: It's not first due to technical difficulties (homework) but I got there on my first try!
  16. Generation two spacecraft? I don't think I made that. Do you mean chapter 2 spacecraft? You might be luck, because I think that was right before I switched my computer. I don't think that they are compatible anymore though.
  17. I have two screens, and when I'm playing KSP on one and doing other stuff on the other, I keep on running into a problem in fullscreen. KSP just blanks out and I go to the desktop behind it, as per usual. However, a windowed fullscreen mode (fullscreen without bar on top) would fix this issue. I think that this would be needed so I can get a proper ratio to upload videos from and also be productive. What do you guys think?
  18. Your TV just 'broke' How does a TV 'break'? Unless something hit it? Screen cracked?
  19. Does KSP count? Just kidding xD I don't really play much, but I guess Planetside 2 even though I'm in the beta. I'm just waiting for the full release so I can take it more seriously without all of these major changes. And Minecraft, I guess.
  20. I thought this was going to be a B-2 that was orbit-capable... But this is pretty cool though!
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