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  1. I remember parts of it. From some documentaries I've seen. Lead singer at a concert I went to in college: "Do you remember the '70s? We don't!"
  2. Let's say that there is absolutely perfect communication (whatever that means to you). There's no lack in the flow of information; you know exactly what is going on with every single bit of development; every management decision is laid bare; you know the status of every single bug and each feature; anything that you could ever possibly know is open and posted in your favorite format and location. Every message is clearly worded, with no possibility of misinterpretation. What do you get out of it? Is it going to make the game better? Is it going to make the releases faster? Does it let you influence the process? Is it going to get your $50 back? Seriously, what do you get out of it that you aren't going to get anyway?
  3. Computer, if you don't open that exit hatch pretty damn pronto, I shall go straight to your major data banks with a very large axe and give you a reprogramming you will never forget. --Zaphod Beeblebrox
  4. It's reporting the status as of 9/14 but wasn't posted until the next day because it took time to write it up, or it was written up the day before posting and no one caught it before posting?
  5. That's missing a couple steps I learned back in the '80s. 1. Get under the desk. 2. Place your head between your legs. 3. Kiss your ___ goodbye.
  6. No, we should take it as they don't intend to release any more hotfixes. They intend to release patches with updates and bugfixes as development proceeds. Intending to release more hotfixes would imply that they are also planning to release more broken patches, which is clearly absurd unless one takes the position that they are doing whatever they are doing out of malice. "I want cheese" does not in any way equate to "I expect someone is going to bring me some cheese". But anyway, the original point was the complaint that they did exactly what they said they would and now we're here spinning in circles again, so... have a nice day.
  7. Ok, read through this post: The post references the "Hotfix Summer" post. It does not refer to any of the posts from the preceding three days, three months, three years, three hour tours, whatever. It references a single post. The clarification came within half an hour, after three posts expressing a desire for more hotfixes and one question if there would be more. I'd say that's working pretty quick to handle expectations. But that's still beside the point that all of this was said months ago, well before you complained about them releasing two hotfixes when they said they were going to release hotfixes. Actually, none of those state any expectation that there will be more hotfixes, simply that they would like more, and one direct question of whether there would be more. But again, those were within the half hour before the clarification, and not almost three months later, so, kind of not really relevant to keep bringing up.
  8. Sigh. Ok, so the phrase "Hotfix Summer" was used on the 30th, which is what you referenced in your post earlier. Less than half an hour later, it was clarified that only two hotfixes were expected. Yet you still posted today that there were only two hotfixes released during "Hotfix Summer". That's what this is about. Not about anyone else's expectations prior to the use of "Hotfix Summer" and the clarification about it. That's completely irrelevant to the subject. It's about your expectation or desire for more hotfixes after being told there weren't, as well as complaints that the company isn't clearly communicating while demonstrating the exact problem of ignoring what they say and inserting your own meaning.
  9. Nate's update: 15:55 30 June 2023 Dakota's clarification: 16:21 30 June 2023 Less than half an hour. Some post complaining that they did exactly what they said they would: 21 September 2023 Almost 3 months to come to terms with it... and yet, here we are.
  10. They did 1, saying they were expecting to release 2 hotfixes. (You know, setting customer expectations.) The did 2, releasing two hotfixes. As for 3, they get complaints they did exactly what they said they were going to do. Damned if they do, damned if they don't.
  11. You're unhappy that they said they didn't expect to do more than two hotfixes, and then did two hotfixes. Because their communications are so bad that you can't believe them when they say they're doing a limited number of things. If they had accidentally messed up and released three, we'd be reading complaints that they lied about it, anyway. What's the point in complaining that they're not communicating properly, when what they communicate is all assumed to be lies (whether from incompetence, malice, or whatever) in the first place?
  12. If only they had clearly said what that meant... But then, if they said it, it wouldn't matter, because anything they say is completely and utterly suspect.
  13. Just wondering, have you ever worked fast food? To quote a previous thread: Pay as little as the law allows, and what level of giving a damn about the job do you really expect? You didn't pay him. You just paid the company, which does as much as it can to pay him as little as it can. He doesn't care. He just wants a complaining customer to shut up and go away. He'll tell you whatever he can to get you to leave and let him get on with his night. He's not going to get a bonus for helping. He's not going to get anything except yelled at by management if he doesn't do the bare minimum to keep you from calling in and complaining later. And it went right in one ear and out the other, because you're just one more customer in a long line of people that pass by. And exactly why does that matter to the lowest guy on the ladder? He shows up, does the bare minimum, gets paid the bare minimum, and that's it. Just out of curiosity, how much do you usually tip the guy at the window, and how much less did you give this time for the poor service?
  14. It could be a case of "we wanted to find a better solution by this point, but as we haven't, we're going to do what we can to make it tolerable while we continue to work on the long-term fix".
  15. First, I'm not sure why this just popped up, since it was posted a while ago. Strange. No, it was whether the posts we got were truthful and accurate. The start of this was basically accusing the company of putting out inaccurate information or backtracking on some comment posted months ago about a situation that had a high likelihood of changing. I concede that the communication style is bad. No, I'm claiming the communications are worded perfectly fine, and deliberate or accidental misreading of them are a large part of the problem around here. "When X, thenY" is pretty damn clear, really. It does not exclude anything outside of that condition. if ((release_number > previous release) && (release_number >= 1)) price_go_up(); is NOT the same as if (release_number < 1) current_price = current_price; and I can't understand what would make people think it is. Sigh. Really? Please explain in some sort of detail how that statement means anything other than what that statement states. I've never said the communications aren't bad. We just think they're bad for different reasons, I guess. That's pretty clear. The price is lower for EA than it will be for full release. That doesn't mean the price won't change or go on sale during EA. Why would you even think that's what they said? Can you provide the quotes that support that? Or they said exactly what they intended and some people misconstrued it, whether deliberately or accidentally. What point would that be?!? (part of) The community didn't throw a temper tantrum until they announced a sale! What possible reason would they have to correct (part of) the community's misrepresentation of their statement until it was clear (part of) the community misunderstood the statement? We've already established that the devs/PR folks/publisher/managers/company as a whole are incompetent buffoons that have no idea what they're doing, and now we're going to complain that they're not mind readers, either? Badly worded communications are the reason that early purchasers of KSP got free DLC. Something that the new company stood by, by the way. Why would they not be careful about what they say, because (part of) the community will take any opportunity to turn whatever they say against them? Anyway, see previous post.
  16. I agree, but the question still gets brought up on occasion.
  17. "No microtransactions" was clearly stated, but people still post their worries about it being added, so it really doesn't matter what the devs or PR folks say. People are going to read whatever they want into it anyway. Well, the entire premise of the argument discussion is based on it, so I guess there's nowhere to go from here.
  18. I completely agree about them not posting reliably in any single location. It's absolutely ridiculous. Other aspects of their communication strategy also need work. But a lot of people seem to be reading a lot more into what they say than what they actually say. "The game’s price will certainly increase when 1.0 arrives" means one thing, and only one thing. The price will increase when 1.0 is released. They didn't say it wouldn't go up or down before 1.0, or that sales would not occur; they said the price at 1.0 will be higher than the price immediately prior to 1.0.
  19. As I recall, they said the price would go up at 1.0 release. Nothing they've done or said has been contrary to that. They said "we're sticking with [the schedule] for now" three months ago. Are they never allowed to change, or do you really expect a report every two weeks until the game is released?
  20. They missed one on the 25th1, probably because they were busy getting the patch ready. I'd say the patch is more valuable and tells more about the state of bug fixing and game progress than a forum post. It's still less than two weeks since the patch was released. I'd say they're close enough to on-track. 1 And the 8th, if you're holding them to a strict schedule, but again, less than two weeks after the patch.
  21. 3.14 However, the units are unknown.
  22. Jimmy Buffett is having a Cheeseburger in Paradise. https://www.cnn.com/2023/09/02/entertainment/jimmy-buffett-death/index.html
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