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  1. I see, good point. It works fine by the way. I need a little more time to get used to the size, but I\'ll manage. Making a smaller version would be great, if more people are intrested.
  2. Looks very good and detailed. Although it seems to be a bit oversized compared to the current lander mods, half the height would have been enought. Nevermind, gonna try it anyway.
  3. When you start descending switch your speed indicator from orbit to surface. There is a green circle with an X on the nav ball. Match your ship\'s direction with it and fire your booster. As you slow down, the circle will move on the navball, so you have to always correct your direction to match witch it. The trick is, that your speed musn\'t be greater than 7 m/s when you reach the surface. If you don\'t use lander legs, try to bring your speed between 1 and 4 m/s. The safest method is that you never let your speed to be greater than 250m/s during descending. Make sure that when you are at 2000 meters from the surface your speed is around 100m/s. Then you will have enough time to slow down even if you don\'t have a strong engine.
  4. Could you reupload the file, please? The link doesn\'t seem to work.
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