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  1. Anyone know if jets will work in extrakerrestrial atmospheres? They wouldn't in real-life due to lack of oxygen, but it's possible that they will in KSP for gameplay reasons.
  2. With tiltjets and tiltrotors, thrust vectoring is needed for any sort of stability, even if the the center-of-thrust is in exactly in-line with the center-of-lift. The real-life V-22 Osprey relies on nacelle tilt for this.
  3. Oh, and while flying it in reverse is theoretically possible, you\'ll just get a fireball if you try
  4. This thing is awesome. That said, if there are mod-exclusive parts that can be removed that would reduce the number of mods required, yet not prevent the craft from functioning, removing them would be a good idea. People would rather not have to download too many mods.
  5. Thought this was worth sharing: Owl Mk-5a The Owl is a tiltjet aircraft with both vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), and short takeoff and landing (STOL) capability. It is designed to combine the functionality of a conventional helicopter with the long-range, high-speed cruise performance of a jet aircraft. Flight notes: - Engine tilt is controlled using the \'7\' and \'8\' keys. - Conventional takeoff is best done with the engines tilted at 45 degrees. - Tilting the engines upwards during flight allows for sharp, banking turns. Design notes: - There are two rotatrons in each wing; the first rotates the engine, while the second rotates the outer wing in the opposite direction. The net effect of this is that the engine rotates while the outer wing remains stationary. - The fore and aft fuel tanks feed the right and left engines respectively. This ensures that the centre of gravity does not shift as fuel is depleted. - During hovering, pitch is controlled solely by the thrust-vectoring of the engines. Additional pictures: .craft attached, enjoy! (Damned Robotics mod required)
  6. RCS or thrust-vectoring is definitely needed to keep the craft stable during vertical takeoff, plus ASAS or Mechjeb. Also, unless your center of lift is in the exact same horizontal position as your center of mass, moving upwards fast enough will cause the craft to tilt in the direction of the movement.
  7. The guide recommends that the center of mass be located behind the center of lift, instead of in front. Wouldn\'t this make the plane dynamically unstable? All of my flyable aircraft have their center of mass in front of the center of lift, and any design other than that has resulted in the craft going into an uncontrollable spin.
  8. At higher altitudes, the fins become useless as the air is too thin. You need to put an rcs tank on the craft, plus a few rcs thrusters at either end.
  9. Here\'s the speedboat I submitted for the Ocean Surface Speed Record.
  10. But it\'s icy. I don\'t like icy Also, it needs to be large enough in proportion to Kerbin to have 1/3 Kerbin gravity. Not sure if a moon that size will fit around a gas giant.
  11. Just to clarify: Will there be a mars-like planet in the Kerbol system? The game really could use one, and it is where humans will land next IRL. I don\'t think anyone would mind if it completely resembled mars, as opposed to being an icy/purplish/gaseous variation.
  12. Presenting... The Super SeaKat Bob: So, how fast does this thing go? Fifty? Seventy-five? A hundred? I heard one of the scientists guys muttering something about waterspeed being limited by-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!' .craft file attached. Note that the ASAS is the only thing saving it from fiery destruction when moving.
  13. Make your own ship that can go faster than 50 m/s, then we\'ll talk >
  14. You\'d be surprised at just how much design matters in making a boat. Before this thread, I never would have imagined a boat moving at more than 100 m/s through water without disintegrating. cfg editing is considered to be cheating > Anyway, here are some of my speedboat attempts:
  15. Use of ASAS and control surfaces to dynamically stabilize the craft as it moves through water, preventing it from pitching downwards. Brilliant!
  16. > It\'d be a hydrofoil if the fins lifted the hull using hydrodynamic lift. As it were, hydrodynamic lift isn\'t simulated yet, so they work using buoyancy. Hence, catamaran.
  17. For a normal boat built using non-cheat parts, the fastest speed possible in water is about 6 m/s. The SeaKat is the first ever working catamaran boat design. With the main hull partially elevated above the water, it can easily achieve speeds of 35 m/s or more. Required parts are C-7 Flight Pack v2.1 + Hard points, and Radial Parachutes. How to pilot your SeaKat: 1. On the launch platform, activate the engines at full throttle. Immediately pitch downwards to avoid flying into the ground. 2. Maneuver the ship towards the ocean. 3. While above the ocean, detach the wings. Ensure a positive angle of attack before detaching. Failure of ensure a positive angle of attack may result in ship destruction. 4. Shut down the engines and deploy the parachutes. Allow the ship to land in the water. 5. Ease up the throttle gradually to increase speed. Easing up the throttle suddenly may result in ship destruction. 6. The maximum safe amount of thrust is slightly below 100%. Do not thrust at 100%. Note that this is a fairly simple design, and faster catamarans are definitely possible. Feel free to experiment and improve on it. Edit: Yeah, in hindsight, this thing\'s a snail compared to the actual speedboats. Check the ocean surface speed record thread for speeds of 100+ m/s.
  18. Regarding Egar: I suspect that many players would rather it resemble real-life Mars instead of being covered in ice. Poosh already exists to serve as the Ice World.
  19. Though originally lost with the the Kerbal Space Repository, I have reposted it here for the benefit of the KSP community.
  20. The problem wasn\'t that the escape tower wasn\'t powerful enough. It was only meant to get the pod off the surface for the ascent thruster to fire. The problem was that, for some reason, the ascent thruster was ripped off in the process.
  21. I settled on a more... tried and tested design.
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