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  1. Mind explaining what you mean? I spent an hour trying to make KSP see my texture and nothing worked, even assigning a texture to the material, until I added the texture to the textures folder. I am using dae files directly from Blender.
  2. Make sure your textures are in a folder called "textures" in the part folder. That one got me.
  3. You have made my day. Is there a way to run a plugin while in the space center view, not just while a part is loaded?
  4. Is there a global vesselcluster object that is populated by the game that I am able to use?
  5. For the punchline, I would have used, "...they're exploding around me." but yours is good too.
  6. I hope it winds up being a mix between Spore (what it was meant to be), the Sims (interior decoration and livable ships), Simcity, the X series, Freelancer, and Eve. That is the game that I have always wanted to play.
  7. Bummer. I guess my plans for planetary havoc are for naught.
  8. The physics in the game work pretty realistically, much to my detriment at times. My question is, are the planets affected by physics? Say if I strapped enough rockets on Mun, could I affect its orbit or is it static in the orbit that it has?
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