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  1. Got a question on how MTBF's work. I have near future mods installed and use the reactors heavily. Some of them are rather expensive and for longer interplanetary trips, it isn't feasible to recover them on Kerbin. Without kerbalism, I would be confident that I could just refuel it and go on another trip. But with failures and such I am concerned about sending it on another multi year trip. But then I got to wondering, Kerbals can service these part, but I don't know if that is preventative maint. or if it'll just fix a issue already in place. So the question is, if I have a MTBF of 5 years and I'm at 5 years, is there some way to try and extend that outside of replacing the part? Some things are just not feasible to replace in place, like a reactor. I've tried using EVA repair kits to repair some items and it doesn't seem to work. Edit: I should add, I always bring two reactors for redundancy so if one failed I should be able to proceed at half power. I also always have a lot of extra life support just in case...
  2. Ever looked into Kerbalism? Has part failure, redoes science and has life support. Quite configurable for what you want as well.
  3. Kerbalism doesn't really require anything else, so it's really up to you and what you want to do. I've always been a fan of Scansat and it works good with Kerbalism. I also quite like Nertea's series of mods, like Near Future Spacecraft, or Stockalike Station Expansion. Long felt that Kerbal Construction Time is mandatory for any playthrough that has life support. Basically makes time a resource to manage as well.
  4. Thank you. Ran into that bug from time to time and it seemed to have no rhyme or reason to it.
  5. After a entire day of frustration I finally figured out a way to make it work I have 2.5m asparagus stages fuel tanks around a 3.75m tank with a Kerbal Atomics Aerospike engine. I put 3.75m heatshields on the bottom of all the 2.5m tanks. That seemed to work really well for heat, but the drag was too much. I put tail fins on the other end to try and control it better but it would inevitably flip. I finally figured out it was the drag so I but a 10m inflatable shield on the top, it changed the drag enough that it now doesn't flip. Relatively simple solution I suppose though it messes up my docking a little bit. I don't think I'll be going back to the surface of Eve after this. ha..
  6. So how do you deal with the extra heating JNSQ has on reentry? Particularly to someplace like EVE? What I run into is I put a 2.5m heatshield on a 2.5m fuel tank and well, the fuel tank explodes. I think it's conductive heating or something. Can't recall the terminology. So then I always end up having to upside the heatshields. Is this the correct thing to do? ~Edit: Aaand, if I manage to make it far enough, then I have issues with the ship flipping. Tried a bunch of stuff but haven't found a good option to stop that.
  7. Just curious if you found your craft files. I've been designing a eve mission and it's been difficult to get proper planes that can deorbit and get back to orbit, so I'm moving onto doing a lander.
  8. You can safely use both mods, however many parts in this aren't configured correctly. I've been making patches here and there as I use the parts, but things like the greenhouses aren't configured by default. For instance, I made this little patch to allow the command parts to actually have some science capacity.. @PART[Benjee10_MMSEV_baseHDU,Benjee10_MMSEV_baseLander,Benjee10_MMSEV_chassis,Benjee10_MMSEV]:NEEDS[Benjee10_MMSEV,Kerbalism]:FOR[zCustom] { @MODULE[HardDrive] { @title = Command Module Storage @dataCapacity = 8.5 @sampleCapacity = 12 UPGRADES { UPGRADE { name__ = HDD-Upgrade1 techRequired__ = electrics dataCapacity = 17 } UPGRADE { name__ = SampleCapacity-Upgrade1 techRequired__ = miniaturization sampleCapacity = 36 } UPGRADE { name__ = SampleCapacity-Upgrade2 techRequired__ = advExploration sampleCapacity = 72 } UPGRADE { name__ = SampleCapacity-Upgrade3 techRequired__ = fieldScience sampleCapacity = 144 } } } }
  9. So just to confirm... You pretty much need some sort of FTL if you add this to another planet pack like JNSQ right? I transfer window tested and it was like 15k years to go from Kerbin to this system.
  10. Same as 15George15. Thank you much for this mod. Probably one of my most used mods. The Time Control window is almost always open..
  11. oh.. Well I guess I read the OP too quickly. haha. But yeah super easy to do that in MM. Might as well turn infinite propellent on though as electricity is darn near free.
  12. Maybe, but the stock game has fuel cells in it already and many other mods provide fuel cells too. When this game out there wasn't anything like it in stock. Now though, it's just unnecessary.
  13. Um, this is 9 years later... That's over 3000 days. I highly doubt jogostar is working on this. Hasn't even visited the forum since 2015..
  14. So I'm curious... How do you get a plane to land on Eve? If possible.. I'm using Opt plane parts and the 2700k heat limit isn't enough, which I figured would be the case. So I decided to try the 10m inflatable heatshield in the front. It doesn't quite cover the wings, but I made the wings real small, since ya know, Eve. That works for a bit, but then the plane flips around, so I put one on the back too. It mostly works but decoupling them while streaking through the air is uh rather difficult and they aren't exactly aerodynamic...
  15. Has anyone made kerbalism configs for this. I've been working on some here and there but haven't gotten very far. There are some minor configs, but many things don't work right. Sickbay doesn't have a RDU, greenhouse isn't configured etc... Also, not sure if this is just my install but the longer cargo bay shows 0 mass when it should be 0.5. I've been looking at the config and cannot figure out how it is so off.
  16. Would this work to bring supplies from a Mun/Minmus base into orbit? Or a extraplanetary launchpad?
  17. I just returned from a partially failed Duna Mission. I should have KRASH tested my plane's flight a bit more. Was darn near impossible to land the thing and then I waste some fuel and barely made it home so no Ike stop. Good fun! RO/RP-1 is hardcore. I setup a separate install for it and will give it a real go at some point. But it's scary.
  18. Not sure if you are still around working on this.. But great stuff! I've been playing JNSQ with Kerbalism as well (probably slightly easier settings than you) and these have been fun to watch. I love your ship designs! Very creative. I'm curious if you'd be willing to share any of your craft files? I'm trying to get some ideas for a few interplanetary designs and a few parts you use, I'm sure I have the mod, but I can't figure out what ones they are.
  19. Thank you for this info! I had some kerbals get 50% radiation and I couldn't figure out why. This has to be it..
  20. haha, well uh, maybe I don't stage them... SSTO is tough in JNSQ.. That's how I knew the ARI engine needed work. Stuck 6 of them on a plane and within minutes I was in space with hardly any fuel used. Ah nice. I have all the mods so I can't always tell who does what. Stock has added a lot of nice QOL features in the last couple years, so sadly I think mods do a lot of them better.
  21. It's not that many extra parts and you already have them in their own category assuming, uh CCK is installed. I think that's the one. Could even make another sub category with just the LH2 ones. I also play exclusively on JNSQ so yeah on stock I highly doubt drop tanks are useful, but I like the idea of being able to shed some weight on a SSTO and it's difficult to do otherwise with OPT parts.
  22. Another idea if you don't mind a little part bloat... Have your default Methane engines and give people the option of a duplicated LH2 one. Removes all the headache on your end but still gives the options. I like being able to compare different options. I don't currently use TweakScale so I have no way to size those drop engines, but having more size of those would be handy. The existing ones are probably fine for MK1/2 and maybe Mk3 to some extent, but on nearly all OPT parts I feel they just don't hold enough. I have always liked integrated decouplers on parts like that. Looks nicer and less parts to use. Radiator on the cargo bays is nice and makes sense IMO, but yeah anything else not so much. One irksome thing.. The antimatter confinement defaults to enabled and on so everytime I launch something I have to turn it off on each part and also get a AM pop up. Do you know if there is a way to make it off by default?
  23. @TwoCalories If you plan to travel out of Kerbin orbit, you basically have to do 1 of 4 things (or mostly likely a combo). Add shielding to crewable parts orient the habitable areas away from the radiation source (not sure how effective this is, but it seems to help) Have a RDU to treat radiation (essential for longer interplanetary missions and things like gas giants) Use active shielding parts. They can largely negate passive radiation Edit - I read this early on and it was helpful - https://github.com/Kerbalism/Kerbalism/wiki/PlayGuide-~-Environment
  24. Yeah given the spaceplane and reentry of OPT I think the dry masses make a lot of sense. H2 just really sucks in that regard and needs really thin walled stuff to work well. Liquid Methane seems to be a nice inbetween. As far as fuel switching, I'm assuming you mean switching on the engine. I was looking at configs, can a multimodeengine have 3 options or is it limited to 2? If it can have 3 you could do what NF does and have a LF option with lower ISP if Cryotanks is installed. If you can't have 3 options, you could consider just making it a optional patch either in CKAN or maybe using patch manager. Personally I would think anyone that has Cryotanks installed would want to use the Liquid Methane option anyway. The fuel mass savings are very real... This may be outside the scope of what you want to do, but I really like the drop tanks and they could provide a possible solution for reasonable H2. If there could be a Cryofuel version that has a lower temp limit, but also a much lower dry mass. Something not able to do reentry but should be able to make it to orbit intact. Unfortunately the existing tanks are a bit small compared to some of the fuselages.
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