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  1. I may or may not be available when it's up, but if there's any preview I can check out once you guys do, I'd be stoked to see it. Not like a progress report or anything, I just can't wait to see it. Also, there seems to be a lot of background work here, I don't understand some of it, I think I got tagged for some github stuff I caught glimpse of while busy a couple of days ago. If there's anything I can do, let me know, I will on my free time. If it really was the case, I hope you could be as detailed if it's on github as it is foreign to me.
  2. I unfortunately made no github for it as I'm new to github and was pretty much figuring it out in APP. I'm pretty sure I just clicked stuff on the license and slapped it in there for the licensing requirement. I changed it to same as APP now if APP one's allow you, I thought it'd be an easy change.
  3. Not that I've been "monitoring" before, but I can't keep my back turned for a really long time. I'm so glad it's possible. I know this is Airplane Plus post but I hope it's possible to save Grounded, too. Edit: I was very much a starter when I made the parts, I'm sure you people could do better. Seeing as some people made additional parts. My models had lots of mistakes I recognized as I went by, I still remember.
  4. Alright, I shared this personal story on my twitter where I work so I'll just share it here as well so everybody knows why I was away for so long (and probably will be in the future). Basically my mom got diagnosed with cancer and I had to work for her treatment, which worked. She just recently told me the doc told her that it should be gone, as she's done with chemo. It's not the end yet as there are more stuff, but I will of course work hard especially now that the seemingly greatest threat is gone. I was planning to return after her radiation which will be done in a month, which is why I was trying to share here hoping to do so. Like I said, it's not the end, unfortunately, but it's not a big threat. Regardless, I've barely had time to play games in the first place (still do). Nor have I felt the motivation to most of the time. But the feeling isn't the same for modding because it's art for me, but the time consuming process and consequence of having to test it in the game until it works seems to make it impossible. Ever since I've had to turn my back "for a while" on this, I've had this and grounded pinned on my chrome tab hoping to return in the future as I still had visions but since the unfortunate reformat of the laptop as well, I haven't had the time to find a possible back up of my unity files, added to what I just stated in the paragraph before. I'm uh, not sure if it's possible to continue this mod without source files as I stated. I know you contacted me way back @linuxgurugamer, I believe you've taken over quite some of mods under your wing. You've messaged me before offering to help but if it's possible to hand over this mod just so it's kept alive, I would. Even though it was stagnant for a long time, I don't know how much people still use it and grounded but if it's possible to keep it alive, I'd bet on it. I'm sorry all for such a long wait as it kept going in real life, so many times things looked clear and suddenly new issue arose. But now there's a breather for me and I can think a bit clearer and come back to forums to post and not let these mods die if it's of any possibility...
  5. I can't even read back much but at least I found the time to reply. I've expressed my desire to fix the wheels after testing them but to put things simply, things haven't been ideal! I've said this before probably but basically been working (it's an art commission thing so it takes all my time) well, because I need to. I'm hoping things go well in life and I can at least have some time off and actually do other things like getting back at this. I'm not giving up hope but it'll take months which I hope it'll go well by then, and even then I'm not sure what might hinder me from somehow simply updating this mod yet again, aside from my lack of the original files still that is. I know things aren't going well and there's no guarantee for the future. But at the very least, I think all except the landing gears should work without much problems based on the last time I played. I won't press on my regret that I still can't update this mod, I want to make this just an update post more or less. I guess the fact that I keep updating without doing anything says as much, but the fact that I can't update this mod still doesn't help me sleep well at night. By the way, I've always packed a part listing and I think the folders are kind of arranged, so while the landing gears are actually unplayable during my testing, I think it's best to save your load times by deleting the gears, I'm willing to bet they wouldn't break anything.
  6. Back then, it would be because of the changing versions. Nowadays it wouldn't be, but I'll try to use the KSP standard modules for tradition's sake if I can
  7. It's definitely a problem, I had the time to check. The new update broke the already semi-broken undocumented awesome wheel modules of ksp. Most of my updates on what I'm up to recently have been on APP but I will include this when I get the time.
  8. Great, same as I said before, I'll see what I can do when I can spare my time.
  9. I've tested the wheels and oof, they are broken indeed. That's gonna be a bummer. I tested the new lines with that test and that's the result. I'm not quite sure yet how to investigate the models in the future. But this is the last version of KSP right? More or less? Might be worth fixing at the very least if there's no more future versions to break it again
  10. I was wondering how they went about diagonal gears at least. Since modules are still half of it. I hope they fixed diagonal gears!
  11. Sweet. Though, is this actually everything? Way back they didn't actually like diagonal gears so it bounced off a whole lot. I wonder if that's changed now.
  12. Did they really make an updated wheel module on 1.12... not like this... I don't have the files anymore. But I want to update it and I'm quite busy. Don't hold your breath on it but, I will do my best to make time and take a look. I don't know yet how I will modify or understand the wheels but I'll check the game files when I get the time. Again - don't hold your breath on it but I've been on bad terms with the old model they have and this has been a long time coming.
  13. It has been complete from the beginning, I had some ideas but those are like just things I want to added and some I added later on. But the idea was there from the very beginning. And for the mod update, I purposely built this without plug-ins so it should perpetually be up-to-date unless something changed, then I'll have to fix it. But if something fundamental were to change on wheels... that's gonna be the end of me because I don't have the access to the original files anymore so far
  14. I'll still keep checking if anybody has problems with APP so no worries. Since I still get to play from time to time
  15. Tested and uploaded the file. There's a file structure change on github too which is an old change I didn't know existed. I merged the files with the main branch for now. I'm not too good with github... But anyway, should be good now. If any issue arises, please let me know, I will make sure things are fixed within my capabilities when I have the time. I didn't, but I if you've just read my post, I'm basically stopped now due to the recent reformat. I have a new laptop now but it can't run KSP, I use it for work, which is basically more or less full time 2D art commissions. As others would say, modding is something modders do outside of other stuff in their life. As it happens, I'm very interested in creative work. And I've made KSP mods for a while and I've had various ideas for Airplane Plus that I'm too happy to see function in the game. I still have a lot of vision for APP despite my inexperience. I'm probably the saddest to see that I'm still really enthusiastic about the game, playing it, making custom things for it, but not having the time anymore to make them. Back to creative work, it's very time consuming. So 2D art commissions took majority of my time at some point and it became my main source of income. APP dev slowed down since I can't spare the time/too tired (and I'd lose money for bills!). I had some ideas but I also kind of developed Grounded with it despite my limited time. Then it got to the point where my laptop got reformatted recently and we're here now.
  16. Thanks, I'll still have to check it out in-game when I get the time before adding it
  17. It's a necessary mechanic for mirroring parts. Unless something changed, this is exactly how mirrored parts on KSP behave as well. Ah yes... this is a unity problem. Regarding this, in my time of developing this mod and playing KSP, Ive always done it in a rundown old laptop (nowadays I use a friend's PC to play games at all). It always overheated and is basically dying. Said laptop contained a HUGE unity project folder both released and unreleased, along with a ton of models and textures. Problem was, I had to reformat it. And at that time of needing to reformat it, there was no storage I had in possession capable of storing such amount of files so I couldn't back it up. I'm positive I have an old External Hard Drive with a rollback backup of that project but currently unsure and am trying to find if I do have the back up and I'm busy with 2D commissions. So I'm really really sorry, but I couldn't fix unity things outside of pure config editing due to my circumstances...
  18. It could be very responsive without SAS but it should be fine if it has SAS. You also shouldn't oversteer or overcompensate. Just gentle tilts will move you towards the general direction. Oversteering will make it difficult to recover. Most of these just apply to VTOLs in general to be honest. It's just a matter of difference in thrust, weight and maybe other things.
  19. Because its natural partner is actually a hollow part of it of the same length in terms of general use. I usually like making more versatile parts. In which case, this very specific very small length hollow part could be done this way already, which regardless of it, if I add another part would be of limited use.
  20. Of course, I recall it's the Structural Fuselage Offset. It should be the smallest fuselage part I made which tilts the fuselage when you place it. I basically alternate with another one of it to tilt it back down so it's just adding a really small part on the fuselage and I repeat it until it's no longer obstructed. This'll make your craft extremely weak so I recommend having advanced settings on so you can turn on autostrutting from the game. As for the reason why I didn't just make the passenger door of this length when it wouldn't function alone... it's because of the set cuts the stock game has. So it's just half of the regular fuselage and Im sticking to that theme.
  21. It's not just you, actually. I've always attributed to it that the minimum exit space should be a little more than half of the standard smallest Aircraft 1.25m Fuselage in KSP. I don't perfectly recall but the colliders don't really clip. There's no basis to it and I don't exactly know how it works but I think the Kerbals require a certain amount of space to exit, even if it's part the same craft. That's why my sample crafts actually never have the passenger door alone:
  22. The spacedock version is out of date now, github version is the latest but needs manual installation, especially FS Weight is most likely a problem. I made sure you can't pull much weight on early engines. A problem even for me on career, but it sets the pre-modern engines apart from early engines. Realistically you won't have much fuel and you won't be too fast, but at least it's early flight, right? You mean the way I did the 90 degree turn? It's quite simple, really. I took the airbreak modules (ModuleAeroSurface) which flips the flaps and basically put it on an engine, so now it flips an engine. I needed some big brain strats to make things work with stock modules so cut me some slack.
  23. True enough, it should work theoretically so I changed the title. If anybody encounters a problem, tell me so I'll know
  24. Is this from the github version? - Also, open cockpit has its own plug-in back when I saw it. Otherwise, you can't view it in first person or use it as a primary cockpit back then. I think it's doable now but no "IVA" view
  25. That's a pretty long thing to quote, but I already told the same answer before. It's not often asked, but you pretty much got everything exactly as it is. The explanation is spot on, and the rest is just game mechanics. Some of the engines have superchargers so you also get a big boost on certain altitudes. I've looked around what's the best modules to use at the time I made most of the engines, and concluded that the ones I used were the best I could use. The performance are pretty much to my liking, and I reduced the likeliness of the engine flaming out when diving because of high speed (because no power = flame out for KSP), even when the blades should just be spinning really fast. As for the wheels.... yeah. I've not touched them a looong time, a lot of it is pretty much guess work. Back then, I was one of the few to expand and look on how landing gears worked on non-modded modules, I'm not sure if much more discovery has been had now, but basically a lot of it is a lot of tweaking on unity. It was functioning pretty much alright but then they had some sneaky changes which kind of changed something. I tried to fix it which is what it is now, but I never really figured out how it was all properly done as I did when I initially made it.
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