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  1. Small part count, "close enough" accuracy. Straight up kerbalized SpaceshipOne.

    It's a suborbital spaceplane but you know it anyway.

    Actually named "Albatross 4" in my save and I added a docking port and rcs. You can remove it.

    It can achieve 100k orbit.

    Take off as soon as possible but gently or lose a tail.

    Since you are a falling brick in the sky in default ksp, good luck landing the thing without fuel. But you can achieve 100k with extra little bit of fuel so if you do it right, you might land.

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    Poor mothership can't be controlled because ksp.

  2. ZbxTf3Q.jpg

    In association with Kerbal Space Program

    Ongoing list of my Career Ship/s

    Just researched a few so I will post the Official Rockets

    Our Kerbals once believed that Kerbin is a flat pancake and were scared to jump farther than they could so we developed rockets to discover the more about our Home Planet and our Universe.

    Crusader Rocket Family


    Crusader 1-1

    Used to jump across Kerbin (but not too far because they thought they would reach the end of the pancake) until we got further research to discover more.



    Kerbonaut - Henlong Kerman

    Suborbit - 49km

    Crusader 1A

    Because Kerbals were scared to fall off the pancake's edge, we decided to send a probe out to see the real shape of our Home Planet.

    Thus, developing Crusader 1. (click on the image to see the probe inside the fairing)



    Orbit - 100km

    Crusader 1B

    After successful orbiting of Stayputnik Space Probe, they discovered that Kerbin wasn't a pancake, driving the Kerbonauts crazy to go to space.

    Scientists developed the Standard Research Module and loaded it in this rocket.



    Kerbonaut - Gilsby Kerman

    Sub-orbit - 101km

    (Orbit capable but due to research mission, just made it to sub-orbit)

    Crusader 1 Heavy

    Jebediah, who really didn't believe the pancake theory ever since it was made. He knew from the start that Kerbin was round. He was praised for his knowledge. After the successful Launches, he decided he would request a Munar Flyby Capable Vessel. This was the result.



    Kerbonaut - Jebediah Kerman

    Orbit - 100km

    Munar Flyby - 15km

    One Highly Eccentric Orbit

    Another Highly Eccentric Orbit due to forgetting to de-orbit on apoapsis. ~6,000km Ap, ~400km Pe

    This caused lack of oxygen which almost got Jebediah killed but thanks to the O2 Candle, he survived.

    This shows how long this ship can sustain life in space.

    This is ongoing and I will update/add more in the future once I progress in tech tree and actually make vessels.

    Feedback is welcome.

    Mods Used (Right now and will be seen in future ships):

    Ferram Aerospace Research

    KW Rocketry

    Space Shuttle Engines

    AIES Aerospace (Only utilities and added them to tech tree)


    Bobcat's Soviet Engines

    Sunjumper's Science Solutions

    EVA Parachute

    KSP Interstellar


    Kerbal Joint Reinforcement

    Near Future Propulsion Pack

    Deadly Reentry


    RLA Stockalike, MMRTG


    Inflatable Hab Module

    Urrghhh... Enough.... I will update if it is not complete -_-

  3. The Tiangong-1 and Shenzou 8 launched by China.

    Made this because I am planning to make their planned space station as seen in the movie "GRAVITY" yodawg

    *I am not sure about this because I am busy playing modded.

    And recently I have been deep into clipping parts more (might be redundant here)

    And I am half-Chinese.... so... makes sense, maybe? Anyway. here it is.

    I made these simple because having more parts clipped will just.... take your fps away.

    Tiangong-1 Service Module works. RCS have quite inverted controls... (I know, I think the service module has the wrong count of engines :'(

    -snip- UPDATE

    I made a new Tiangong-1 (And has a lame CZ 2F rocket) but I'll just show you the (Newmade) Tiangong-1 itself


    Shenzou 8 Service Module and RCS Works. Has habitable "Habitation Module". The descent module is... not actually there it's just aesthetically there. lol




    Shenzhou 8 remodel with working (but derping descent module) and all. Take a look:

    Javascript is disabled. View full album

    Docking with not-so-chinese Jebediah (using the old shenzhou)



    The decouplers are just shrouds there, they will never ever be removed (unless you crash it) and they can be used as the decouplers to your payload launcher for them.

    Might rework for better looks (they... just don't feel like they should, maybe?). Might. I am a lazy lad.

    Semi-stock KSS

    This. is. a massive. computer. lagger.

    (Mechjeb here is used for truss segments that I don't want extra command modules/computers, AESTHETICS :D AND when I REALLY can't handle the lag for docking)

    but who would believe me?

    Javascript is disabled. View full album

    All modules (10+) were launched one by one and docked manually/mechjebally/jebediahly and no saves of each module were ever made.

  4. Blackheart's Lame Replicas


    We strive to make a replica of what we have and what we can think of.

    Although we continually produce lame designs, they look good on pictures anyway.

    Warning: A LOT of images

    Mods Used

    B9 Aerospace Pack (With Extreme Texture Reduction [but doesn't matter anyway])

    Taverio's Pizza and Aerospace

    Ferram Aerospace Research* (This makes them fly awesome... or maybe makes them really fly. Vanilla derps at this)

    Eeeh... BOSS for screenshots but it's just for the pics.


    Procedural Wings/PWing

    Kerb paint... just in case you ask why there are colors.

    Aircraft list

    And link for download

    F-22 Raptor (NoPwing) - Works both vanilla and FAR.

    F-22 Raptor (With PWing) - It looks cool, flies cool. Flip all you want, it's easy to control. Even without FAR.

    B-2 Spirit (NoPWing) - Just FAR... It's un-fly-able in vanilla. lol

    B-2 Spirit (With PWing) - With FAR and With No FAR. Added more control surfaces. It's hard to take off and control. Good luck.

    B-52 Stratofortress - Works without FAR. Struggle for take off, worse maneuverability

    Those with PWings have considerably better performance than displayed.


    (Click on Image link for higher resolution, you can save it)

    F-22 Raptor

    With two engines packing 396kN thrust and efficiently burning 440 amount of Jet fuel, you are sure to get anywhere!

    No Pwing:



    With Pwing:

    Javascript is disabled. View full album

    Highest Achievable Altitude: ~45,000m+

    We aren't responsible for stalls, accidents and unnecessary explosions

    Highest Recorded Speed: ~3000km/h+

    Max Accel: 46.11m/s2

    Max Thrust: 396 kN

    Mass: 8.59t

    Surface TWR: 4.70

    Crew Capacity: 1


    (No PWing)

    B-2 Spirit

    Two engines carrying a big flat house. Now that's a fast big flat house.

    No PWing:



    With Pwing:



    Highest Achievable Altitude: ~21,000m+

    Highest Recorded Speed: ~2,000km/h+

    Yep, supersonic.

    Max Accel: 35.27m/s2

    Max Thrust: 396 kN

    Mass: 11.23t

    Surface TWR: 3.60

    Crew Capacity: 2


    *No yaw

    (No Pwing)

    B-52 Stratofortress

    This one really looks like a passenger plane. It has shorter body and wing than the real one.

    But that's why we have lame works, right?



    Highest Achievable Altitude: ~22,000m+

    Highest Recorded Speed: ~1,400km/h+

    Max Accel: 25.69m/s2

    Max Thrust: 776 kN

    Mass: 30.20t

    Surface TWR: 2.62

    Crew Capacity: 2


    Disclaimer: Numbers may not be accurate due to Jeb manually turning the meters

    --It's my first time posting stuff, hope you like it


    You think I should post these on fan art?

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