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  1. 7 hours ago, klgraham1013 said:

    I'm not sure your fix got merged into the release.  After adding it myself, I noticed this shading issue with the Booms.


    I assume it's the obvious polygon edges? This is actually a problem for structures like these when it's shortened like this, as far as I remember. I at least tried what I can do about this and found no fix back when I was looking at it. I'm self taught on blender so I may be missing something but to my knowledge, this is a known issue and I can't fix it so far.

  2. On 12/12/2019 at 8:34 PM, klgraham1013 said:


    Missing textures  :  Short Tail Connector A , Short Tail Connector B , Small Nose Cone B , Small Nose Cone Stubby

    Hmmm, is missing textures a result of the new DXT5 requirement?

    20 hours ago, CaptainPyke said:

    I'm still seeing this almost 3 years late, so I'm assuming there is still no fix for this.  Part clipping is off, so this isn't a killer or anything, but if a solution can be found, I am all for it.

    I do remember tending to this way back when but that's if my memory serves me right. So all the payload parts for you gets drag when it's closed?

  3. On 12/8/2019 at 4:49 AM, siklidkid said:

    i think there is a glitch with the KT6C engine, Whenever i use i on a plane, The plane forcefully rolls right. Is there any way to fix this?

    Hmmm, is it not the engines having different thrusts? I feel like KSP sometimes have problems with the mirroring mechanism and the thrusts are opposite on each side. It's been a while since it came up on my tests though, but then again I don't use the engine unless Im changing something on it or Im using it on career mode.


    Also, I've updated to proper 1.8.1 I used both github and patch that was uploaded here detailed in the changelog:

    DDS conversion of some of the files to DXT5 ( @klgraham1013 )
    Fixes on modulecargobay and bulkheadprofiles for payload parts* ( @Jognt )

    *Mk1 Passenger Door
    *Mk1 Nose Trunk CRG-NT
    *Mk1 Junior Cargo Bay CRG-50-0

    I left it uploading earlier while I was away so Im only able to update a few hours after I have uploaded. But there's the fixes! Don't forget to post here if there are more, or contribute on github if you want, the license is changed now too so it's more lenient.

  4. On 11/29/2019 at 10:39 PM, Jognt said:

    I've sent in a few pull requests for fixes/tweaks to a few part cfgs. Mainly to do with ModuleCargoBay functionality. I think I did the PR properly, let me know if there's a problem.

    Oops, I just realized I may or may not have made a boo-boo. Am I supposed to close them? I have no idea what to do after I've checked them. ;.; Please inform me of what I should do if I made a mistake. Thanks for the changes regardless by the way. If I did it wrong, I'll confirm it on your next pull request.

  5. To be honest I thought initially that mbm -> dds conversion was already DXT5 but I guess I was wrong. I haven't updated it yet, I was recovering my github first of all before this because I had my compromised email address used for my username. I've now recovered my github and I uploaded AirplanePlus. I hope everything's in there. If anything needs change that I can do on github, tell me as I'm new and have absolutely no idea. I know a little bit now after reading around.

    Here is the github link, I also updated the OP for now with this:

    I will find the time to test everything

    On 11/24/2019 at 9:24 PM, klgraham1013 said:

    DDS Fix for KSP 1.8.x.  Let me know if there's any problems.

    Would you mind if I used this as a patch for the main? I'll give you credit on the change log of course.

    One more thing, I've switched the license to CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, which is reflected in the OP.

  6. I was out of country for an entire week so I had no chance to check at all. I figured I'm indeed getting quite busy and there seem to have a lot of minor changes needed. I'm going to have to take time to learn github for everybody's convenience now especially with the scale of the mods compared to before. I'm sorry if I wasn't too up to date especially since had to organize stuff when I returned too so it took some time. That said,

    On 11/23/2019 at 10:04 AM, klgraham1013 said:

    @blackheart612 I may have them all converted by the end of the night.  If you'd like them, let me know.

    edit: Got the prop engines done.  I think it may just be the placeholder art for the Tail Connectors and Nosecones that's left to do.

    I allow patches like these here just upload them for everybody for now while I figure out stuff on github since I have no idea currently. I'll get to it as soon as I can. There's still a back log of post I couldn't read it seems.

  7. 6 minutes ago, Salvator said:

    This doesn't seem to be the case, I see no correlation between speed and thrust. Or better to say there is a correlation, but a different one than you're speaking about. For example the Kitty: the thrust grows during takeoff up to the max kN, but as soon asi the speed reaches cca 170 m/s the thrust drops so that i can't fly faster than that. But if i start to pitch up from the level flight the thrust grows as if the engine tried to maintain the same speed in vertical flight. Such behaviour doesn't really make sense and it doesn't seem to match the behaviout you're describing, does it?

    KSP doesn't simulate each blade as a wing that propels the aircraft forward, unless you're using robotic parts with no sounds. "Simulate" is key, in reality, like neistridlar said, it's just Mach Speed * Thrust Multiplier, aside from Atmospheric Pressure * Thrust Multiplier.

    KSP Jet Engines have spool time so they can delay this effect but they behave the same way. The props of course have basically no spool time needed for reasons already obvious, this just means that when your speed slows down, the engine immediately adjusts the thrust multiplier that "keep your speed".

    When the mechanic is supposed to be normal power thrust at lower speeds such as take off, and weaker as the speed is less efficient for the blades, this also means slowing down while going up gives you higher power in that same curve. If the engines are powerful enough, it will keep the speed. This can't be done on earlier era engines. If you use KAX you'll know its engines are simulating it better because it's not powerful enough to "keep your speed" when at high angles of attack.

  8. 22 hours ago, StevieC said:

    @blackheart612I've noticed that the leading edge slats don't line up quite right in mirror symmetry.


    The Krueger flaps line up just fine, but the leading-edge slats do this when I try to mirror them. If I adjust the one that's offset, to properly line up, then the centre-of-lift doesn't line up with the centre-of-mass.

    Ill check this out. I can't like you guys' post to affirm or thank you but thanks for answering the more common questions as usual :) 

  9. On 9/18/2019 at 2:34 PM, Blaster84x said:

    @blackheart612 Can I add this mod to the CKAN? I need it for my meta/modpack... (Also, its netkan file links to SpaceDock so no maintenance required.) It's already in the repos but frozen, name is either Grounded.netkan or Grounded.frozen.

    Do you need to change anything in the files? If not, you can just do as you wish no problem. I'm actually not that familiar with CKAN so I don't know what you need to do.

  10. 8 hours ago, subyng said:

    Update: tried on a unmodded install...things work as expected BUT

    1. If Reaction wheels are on SAS on, steering does not work properly. 

    2. If you turn reaction torque down to zero, steering does not work properly. 

    Basically it seems that means the rotor parts NEED reaction wheels to be controlled and they cannot steer a craft by themselves. 

    That's really unfortunate as I play with Mandatory RCS, a mod which basically heavily nerfs reaction wheels. :(


    That's really unfortunate to hear :( Usually these cases are from other mods yes. And it is indeed heavily reliant on SAS. I can't do much about it considering the nature of the situation and KSP.

  11. On 9/11/2019 at 12:55 PM, subyng said:

    The yaw keys do not make the vessel yaw. Actually holding them causes the craft to pitch up and flip other (either holding A/D will cause this). Pitch and roll is fine though (actually pitch is reversed, holding W makes nose pitch up instead of down). 

    Kindly make sure the navball is oriented right. If you're using my own cockpits, back then there were issues where if you revert flight to launch it could change the cockpit's actual orientation. I'm currently not sure if there are cockpits with that issue but as for my last tests, there are none.

  12. On 9/1/2019 at 1:49 AM, N3N said:


    I'm getting this Errors in my logs:

    Are they a problem?


    My Logs: https://www.tancredi.nl/downloads/logs.zip

    Do you need more information?

    It's normal, but not intended. I still haven't fixed it. It's an mu problem and been asked here before for a long long while now. If you need info it's basically the placeholder I used for the flag decal on cockpits which I unintentionally exported, resulting in the game trying to find them. But they aren't really needed.

    On 9/3/2019 at 2:43 PM, bobisback said:

    Does this support MAS or RPM?



    Nope. But there were patches which are outdated now. I'm not quite sure if people have patches somewhere for it. Try asking in their respective threads perhaps?

  13. 9 hours ago, [email protected] said:

    Sorry to say this but i love your mods!


    That said am i missing something or is the mini tanker tank missing? Mosly asking because i can pop kernals into a tanker and refuel an existing jet for fly to X missions, but rocket tanks are slightly distracting.

    You mean fuel tank? Like in the OP screenshot? That's from stock still. Grounded doesn't add its own tanks, unfortunately. I thought it'd be redundant.

  14. On 8/29/2019 at 12:51 AM, Lo Var Lachland said:

    I'm not saying use the plugin, I'm saying learn from it. They have nice flash, double flash, etc that would be good for emergency lights. 

    The options are only possible through plug-ins. Assuming that the implementation I have in mind succeeds, there's only one way the lights will flash. Otherwise, if it's rotor powered, it'll just spin depending on the rpm.

  15. 23 hours ago, Lo Var Lachland said:

    Same color is fine, in my county police cars only use solid blue, while fire trucks use red. No red/blue combination. 

    I just realized another problem that the rotators will be two. I don't think they won't be rotors anymore (I don't think it's possible to have two or it will not be intuitive if ever). Of course, if I do succeed, they'll still have color sliders. I'm not working on it right now but I was thinking of implementations in my mind. I think I have a workaround if I get to it. Im hopeful.

  16. On 8/26/2019 at 1:52 AM, Lo Var Lachland said:

    This may be a very random request and obviously it's pretty mundane but it's just an aesthetic thing for me personally. 

    Is there any way that we could get either a light-bar on the Police car or have it interchangeable? I just like the slickness of a bar over a "gumball" and it would go better with the era that I build in.
    Once again, this is obviously a weird request and is just a personal preference kinda thing, the mod is amazing and I love everything about it.  

    Yes but the lights will be same color or separated left and right. I feel like I wanted to have a separate color bar lights and opted for a no deal instead during development, plus with that problem in mind, a single light is now even more practical and easy to make. If you think that having same color is fine, I'll reconsider my life choices.

  17. 7 hours ago, BlinAndVodka238 said:

    The change shape thing doesn't appear for me, only the change texture.
    I use 1.7.3 and the latest version of this mod. 
    Please ask for any details you'd like.
    Is this a known bug?

    Well, I'd assume it's the firespitter, make sure it's the latest version. The versions move too fast and I can't be bothered to update because really, it's just a plug-in related updated. You update firspitter, everything works just fine. Usually it's not even needed.

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