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  1. Just start a new game and try it out, it's so easily to reproduce if you have a problem, at least test it a little bit by hiring 10-20. Chances are not dependent on each other, you hiring now the 6th Kerbal was another 50% chance, so will be the next. It doesnt mean anything.
  2. (First off i'm extremely impressed by this mod and what it achieved so please treat the following criticism as a token of appreciation) To anyone it might concern, here's my frustrating Experience with USI - MKS so far (I got 190 Hours in KSP otherwise) when it comes to the Wiki or how to get started: 1. Tutorial / Wiki: - Location of the Tutorial Links, please think of new people getting into this, have a Tutorial link for very basic explanation (HOW to do things, not WHAT) on the very top of the page (including the FAQ of the wiki) not like this, it's neither sorted alphabetical i tried to read it in chronological order but gave up after 10 minutes as i didnt understand half of the terminology or what the parts actually do despite their explanation (which is dated to Version 0.50.0) as a noob i can't distinguish relevant and updated info: - https://github.com/UmbraSpaceIndustries/MKS/wiki/Outdated-Tutorials-Archive , Anchor Links kick you back to the Wiki's Homepage, Info is outdated, can't find equally named parts in KSP, i suggest to completely remove it, it didn't help me as a new player at all, was very frustrating to sift what's relevant and what not, or needs rework. I would do it if i understud it, but unfortunately i dont. - Crabman's Tutorial - Outdated - Konstruction Vehicle Examples - Fantastic, short, on point concise examples. Love it, dont have a specific use for them yet but once i will this page i'll be coming back to. - Example Stations and Bases - Not sure if they are up to date and would still work, they look great, atm a bit afraid that similar designs dont work or are outdated. 2. FAQ Getting really started the FAQ tells me to visit the Example Bases https://github.com/UmbraSpaceIndustries/MKS/wiki/Example-Stations-and-Bases but it doesnt tell me how they are being connected for instance, do i need docking ports ? Do they attach automatically ? Do they snap ? Where am i supposed to BUILD the base ? Does it matter ? I feel like when i started to play KSP at the very start where i tried to achieve an Orbit and someone explained me Delta-V in great detail while i just wanted to know how i could fix my orbit. I just dont know where to start. As a new player it's very hard to sift through relevant information, it's easy to point to the wiki when there is no real way to navigate through the information for someone who doesnt have a clue. 3. Ingame Help Lacks a one pager of how to get started (drop Module X on the Mun, then connect Y to it through blabla), other parts documentation is very well done. I found a one pager about mining (which could very well be the starting point) which was very good until it stopped =) but it explained some stuff i definitely remember, thumbs up for that one, thats how the whole mod should give a basic introduction to it's concepts, that's how you start, the help page is buried in the mining section though. After that i'm still a bit lost of what i should do (in general i plan to have a colony on the mun or on kerbin but i just dont know how to go about it i dropped a couple Modules but i dont know where to go from there). 4. Youtube Tutorials Noones fault really but there are no good Tutorials that i felt helped me, there's an outdated one that gives you some information but thats about it. I understand the concept of UKS, there's alot of videos and pages that explain me what the mod does but none of them are really good at telling me HOW (to get started with a hands on), ingame documentation is great once you are started though i presume. 5. Hint on the Starting page of this thread I did that, but i'm confused in what kind of supplies. What kind of Agroponics ? How do i transfer anything (for instance the fertilizer) ? 6. Google This is what i get when i search for something to how to get started, threads that are 3 years old, outdated youtube videos and something for modding that doesnt make sense to me. I would like to help if there is demand for an easier entry into the mod but unfortunately i'm still lost myself and frankly a bit frustrated on where to get my info, often i simply dont know what to search for (yes i know about the search function).
  3. We have all these nice Ressource Mods but essentially nothing really to do with it except to build Rockets on EX-Launchpads, or convert them into fuel. I love the idea of progression in the new 0.90 but what this game now is lacking is an actual need to mine certain stuff aside from making a refuel station. What if you could only unlock certain research if you bring certain rare materials back to kerbin ? Say some higher class Engines require rare materials that can only be found on the mun, or on other external planets ? Or even further you can only build certain rocket elements (like atomic motors) if you have a stock of materials or you have to buy them from external sources (see below) There's a market for certain minerals with fluctuating prices and if you bring them back you can fund your space exploration with that as an alternative to missions... Could be an offline Multiplayer variant as well where multiple players access the same "market" with the ability to buy materials off of other players, only works of course if you have research costs tied to harvested materials in any way. Is there anything similar out there already, it bugs me every time that the harvested materials we can get kinda serve no purpose (aside from refuelling) ?
  4. Why this is not a sticky is beyond me, the most useful thing... whenever i play KSP this is the first thing i download. Thank you so much
  5. What versions of the Server are you running ? Git-version.txt
  6. Thats not true if he still has the deleted files his token is saved in a .txt inside /universe/players he can just use that to overwrite the one he has now.
  7. Had the privilege to test this for the past days, very very cool and for me the most amazing feature is how simple the server is structured, allows for GREAT editing of players, science points if something goes wrong. Rock on man! We replaced KMP with this and never looked back. (sorry kmp) Source: Roughly 3 days of Servertime, 4-5 regular players. ARound 150 different vessels, interplanetary.
  8. Not sure if that helps you but i usually use alot of Solid Fuel Boosters paired with Normal Engines in the middle that control the Thrust towards the optimal speed i want to achieve in every given atmosphere (say kerbin for examplessake). I usually end up with a lifting TWR of 1.8 (at least!. going up to 2.2 even), that includes SFB's and the Engines in the Middle, the reason is once i dispose of the SFB's i want to have a considerable TWR still on my engines so i have some leeway. While terminal velocity is optimal i still want to have control with the thrust. It sounds stupid maybe from a point of efficiency but since i do all my starts and orbits manually and i have LOTS of different designs and payloads i put above my heavy lifter i want to have manual control. And while you do that stuff manually it seems to me that it's easier optimizing your fuel usage to start tilting at the right moment for instance rather than squeezing every little bit of fuel out by going out of the rules of thumbs. For instance if i know i dont use all the Delta V i just Thrust up fully so i save some time, when it comes to efficiency i obviously take thrust back and stay within the optimal velocity (which i use the rule of thumb that most people do) to maximize delta V (interplanetary travel with returns mostly). I never needed to tweak this more, my designs so far had enough Delta V for whatever i wanted to do. So short answer would be, i usually over engineer more than what's optimal to allow for mistakes and increased control.
  9. Which version is the most stable one for the purpose of just playing together with 2 people ? We tried the DevBuild but after 2 hours the orbit was full of spacecraft that didn't disappear (non selectable through the center) and the Science Points were heavily bugged as in, first time worked fine but everytime we returned from another mission we kept getting the points from the previous mission and the current points from the mission were lost.
  10. Reporting the same problem with the 40k bubble, also sometimes when i go to the Orbitmap my game speeds up, that for OTHER clients as well and we all crash. It's like warp speed is forced really fast. The Server is broken in its current state.
  11. Just wanted to drop a thank you, this shows alot of potential. I love the idea with the time shift. Great GREAT stuff.
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