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  1. Warning: There's a few old guys on there who like to demotivate people to the point of crying /jk I live there and it's fun.
  2. Ass isn't even a vulgar word. I don't see a reason to censor it.
  3. Wouldn't work. Would require a whole rewrite of the core game... at which point you might as well make a whole new game with this principle at the start. The whole idea of flat earth in a space game that uses orbital mechanics is ridiculous.
  4. Assuming this is a local account you're talking about, you can reset it with a windows 10 install disk or flash drive and a few commands. If you created the user with a Microsoft account, you'll have to reset it from the website.
  5. It's basically a copy of a new hope. Probably to appeal to the old audience and the new. Now that they've bridged the old with the new, and introduced the characters, i think (and hope) the next movies will be more... original.
  6. So you're saying you'll watch it with your friend Captain Blondbeard who has a CBS all access subscription?
  7. ZedNova


    This is a reason why i cross my 7s
  8. ZedNova


    Readable but it doesn't look pretty at all.
  9. I'd go to where the supercomputer Titan is located, install KSP on it and enjoy 20k part ships at 4k 144fps. (Yes, i know what bottlenecks and chip architecture is, and that KSP wouldn't work on it...lemme have some fun pls)
  10. Eh, it'll be hard to find a laptop that can run KSP well within that price range. I'll do some looking. But don't buy that laptop you linked, definitely needs a higher clocked processor. You could probably get by with intel HD graphics though. Also, do you need that MS office 365 subscription that comes with the laptop your post?
  11. I think in the star wars universe, they've gotten to a point where technological advancement has slowed down to the point where you don't see alot of innovation in ship design. Why change something that works?(even if it's a 100 year old design) Also, in star wars it's never really been about the advanced technology, it's always been about the characters and the story. The same story could be told within a single solar system with far less advanced tech and it would probably still be great.
  12. Wait.... you mean you were still a fan even after episode I? I'm impressed... you have some real optimism.
  13. ZedNova


    The last update to his game was in November 2014, at least according to the website and his youtube.
  14. http://www.skydaz.com/ has most of the popular mods from the MC forums, and repackages them into self-installing archives. Haven't had a bad one from there yet.
  15. Well, legally i don't think any country recognizes a marriage to a planetary body. But if you two consider yourselves a couple, we won't judge. Although, i don't think the planet is attracted to you as you are to it.
  16. I won't be able to upgrade anything till next year, by then i'll probably just build a new PC. And use whatever processor is best for my budget at the time.
  17. To be honest bro, i don't remember seeing you around here. Probably because i only hang out in the space lounge and science labs (Occasionally dabble into other subforums).
  18. A red dwarf has been spotted near us? Ima need to see some source on that.
  19. Well, i play alot of games, and i love finding new ones. They are a big part of my life. But I'm not gonna call myself a "gamer" because it's weird.
  20. Yeah i noticed this. I haven't tested it out as i don't record usually and the AMD raptr app works decently.
  21. Upload your pictures to a 3rd part site, such as Imgur, Flickr, Steam, photobucket ect. Next get the direct link for it (It should end in the file extension, something like: www.picsite/blahblahblah/picture.jpg) The click the insert image button within the post formatting tools. Paste that URL and presto, you've inserted an image into your post.
  22. You can turn on the full start screen, (goto Control panel>personalization>start then click the slider "Use full start screen") For those who want that.. It's not quite the same as the windows 8 start screen, but i always hated it on non-touch devices.
  23. Yes, and if you are having trouble getting updates downloaded through MS' servers you could turn the feature back on 'till they finish. However i personally don't like applications using my internet without asking, it's bad enough you can't actually DELAY or STOP updates from downloading without win 10 pro. So this info may be useful for those who have very limited speeds and want to minimize how much bandwidth windows takes up.
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