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  1. I have never seen anything like that, but it implies something is going wrong with the loading of the craft files. The directories appear to be scanning fine as the thumbnails look plausible. Probably the best bet is to send your KSP.log when from when this happens.
  2. Sorry, my firewall has been flaky of late. It turns out there's a bad sector on the main drive and thus the drive is getting remounted read-only, which then breaks DHCP. I'll get a new drive soon (probably tonight) and sort it out as quickly as possible.
  3. They haven't been relevant since KSP 1.1. I should probably disable them (and maybe wheel colliders), but they're still useful for getting the information from ancient models.
  4. Mine is at -915.999756,227.999863, if that's any help (WindowManager, MainWindow, position)
  5. Yes, empty survey station: very close range. Non-pilot: a little range. Pilot more, increasing with experience. Edit GameData/ExtraplanetaryLaunchpads/Plugins/PluginData/Launchpad/Settings.cfg
  6. Late 2.8x series should be ok, too, but yeah, 2.79 is way too old.
  7. I do not recognize those "orbital assembly docking port"s, what mod are they from? I note they lack a "Show UI" button, indicating they do not have an ELLaunchpad module, which will be the cause of your problems. The toggle next to the dropdown controls whether the selected pad is highlighted. With no pad to select, it will have no effect.
  8. I'm glad to hear you got things working, though I'm still concerned about what broke in the first place.
  9. The resource manager has nothing to do with your build. It is for managing resources in your active vessel: ie, it makes it easy to transfer resources between modules. A module is defined by separation parts: docking port, decouplers, KAS connectors (docked or undocked). All tanks (for a resource) within a module are grouped together and appear as a single "tank". The modules can be viewed by clicking on the "circular" icon (it's a toggle button) to the left of the resource name. Mousing over the modules will highlight the parts that are in the module. You will also see a series of toggles beside the module names (which, btw, are determined from the vessel name when a docking node (port or KAS connector) is specified, or decoupler/separator otherwise), with "hold", "in", "out", and an unlabeled one. Hold/in/out are for transfer control. The unlabeled toggle is the enable/disable tank toggle you see in a part's PAW, but it indicates/controls all the tanks in that module (on if any tank is enabled, off if all are disabled). I added the resource manager because dealing with all those PAWs was a pain, and TAC Fuel Balancer, while an improvement, just wasn't enough (the resource manager was very much inspired by TAC Fuel Balancer). Also, the resource manager is always available, no need for any sort of construction pad. The build manager is quite different. Before building, the resource bars indicate the required or default amounts of the resource needed for the build, and how much of that resource is available on the mother ship. After building, any normally transferable resources will have sliders that allow you to control how much resource to transfer to the vessel when it is released. This applies only to vessels built using a regular pad (orbital dock, landing pad). The disposable/micro pad is irrelevant since the built "vessel" becomes a permanent part of the mother ship, and survey builds cannot transfer resources to the built vessel.
  10. That's only by default. I don't know the details, but there are configs in USI to either enable or disable so you cause use EL and USI together (others know).
  11. It shows patches being applied in the loading screen. If this is the case, then check that the ELConstructionSkill has been added to the Engineer experience train (look for EXPERIENCE_TRAIT in ModuleManager.ConfigCache) The workshop in particular should not have problems with productivity with 5-star engineers unless some other mod is interfering (which USI is known to do). If things remain a mystery, send me your KSP.log as it might have some clues.
  12. Is ModuleManager installed and working? That is the usual cause of productivity being 0. MM is required for adding the construction skill to kerbals (engineers, but that's tweakable via cfg).
  13. Thanks, that got the info I needed: typ.mumatprop.color.properties[2].name Now I need to figure out what's going on.
  14. Yup, that's what you need. Yes, exactly like that. Unfortunately, the line is not in that output. Unfortunately, I don't know where to find it in windows. In linux, since I start blender from the command line, it's just there in the terminal window from which I started blender.
  15. Just add a collider (via the add menu), then tweak the tag and layer in the object properties (look for Mu Collider). There's no shortcut for ladder/hatch specifically. Ugh, no idea. can you add the following just ABOVE the exec line on line 205 in export_mu/animation.py and get me the result? print(f"XXX exec: {str} locals:{locals}") Be sure to keep the same indentation or the whole thing will break (syntax error) The XXX is just to help you find the string in any output (you'll probably need to find the blender output console)
  16. Hey, congrats! May you and your partner have a long and happy life/friendship together. What is this edge-case? I'll keep an eye out for it (and who knows, might even submit another PR).
  17. Fixed. Thanks. I had run out of space, tried to fix it, but must have done something wrong when I re-uploaded as I didn't see another error message. (probably uploaded the wrong file)
  18. As implied by the release notes, they're in 6.99.3 (just making that very explicit).
  19. I have released version 6.99.3 of Extraplanetary Launchpads. Changes from 6.99.2: Fix hiding EL's launch clamp (Louis Bach) Fix incorrect vertical offset (5m) for survey builds Fix inconsistent directory tree indentation Japanese translation (Yark-Aki). Only partial due to the PR being before I did a release with the UI localization. Survey stake CoM put underground (@zer0Kerbal, @Robin Patenall), and some tweaks to make it have the correct height offset for the build. Thanks to @Rodger for initial testing of the PR. Allow survey station when KIS is not installed. Patch Kerbal inventory mass limit to include the Kerbal's mass (ModuleInventoryPart massLimit is TOTAL mass, not just inventory mass), allowing kerbals to pick up stakes after they've been placed.
  20. I've applied the PR @zer0Kerbal provided (based on @Robin Patenall's patch) which puts the CoM underground (and made suitable tweaks to EL's placement code), so they no longer fall over.
  21. Not so much a quick hotfix, but I am working on a release. I'm just trying to sort out some issues stock-inventory-placed stakes (they get ludicrous mass). Once that's sorted, I will do a release.
  22. See section 5.2 of the manual (link in OP, or pdf in GameData/ExtraplanetaryLaunchpads)
  23. There's a "bug" where survey builds have a 5m vertical offset. Quotes are because I think I was doing some testing and left the offset in by accident. This will be fixed in the next release. In the meantime, I suggest taking advantage of non-flat terrain where possible.
  24. It is a magnetic field joystick (TM T.16000), but about 5 years old.
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