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  1. Okay, I will sound very noobish here, but how does one fire these cannons people make, or the controllable missiles, or ay stock weapons for that matter?
  2. Well, I imagine space mines become more effective as there are more introduced. They make a better passive defense than active offense.
  3. Erm, it appears the ORDA telescope mod was consumed by the Purge?
  4. If I may make a suggestion for a future project sir, perhaps you'd be interested in doing one of the cruisers or battleships or what have you from Starship Troopers?
  5. Personally I don't understand where the word "Dreadnaught" or "Dreadnought" came from. Dread, synonymous with fear and trepidation, naught or nought, synonymous with absence of or nothing - so fear nothing? Unless the word was meant to describe the idea that these ships were designed to be fearful of nothing... @Rune: I'll definitely give that a go once I'm home!
  6. I would love to give that craft a try sir, although I would prefer to add the mods you're using to my own setup than you edit it to fit. Which mods are you using?
  7. Aha, I had downloaded this before the Purge - Love it! I like that station design too.
  8. Anyone know who built the ODK-1? I just got it into space, love it, but I don't know who I got it from...
  9. I ended up having to minimalize my burn and turn on rcs at the same time as the gravity turn to keep things in control. That did the trick.
  10. I'm having trouble getting these ships into space; Mechjeb freaks out after 10k and decides to make me do cartwheels :\ I've attempted manually a couple times but my engines decided they'd rather fly off the ship than do their job. lol.
  11. I like it, for a first ship. That first launch looks like it might have been interesting
  12. Do you guys have any advice for how to build the substructure of a military ship? Like what order to place parts, how many, etc.?
  13. Beautiful! I wonder if someone could make a universal combat plugin for KSP?
  14. I hope people bring back their designs. This was my daily take-a-peek thread on the forums.
  15. Nice. I just wish the wings could be merged physically. Still I like the design; I wish I had the patience for such things.
  16. With all due respect to you and your opinions, that is ultimately your loss. It is not the fault of the devs, the forum mods, or the community manager that their forums came under attack. And to clarify, it wasn't just KSP that was attacked; the BotNet attack that caused this damaged hundreds if not thousands of websites, apparently. Someone being a dick on the net at home ruined everyone else's fun. I would ask that everyone who rejoins these forums to keep a positive attitude and outlook. Things are only being delayed; imagine if the attack had affected the team's internal hardware, and wiped clean the next update as well. That would truly be something to mourn. That said, I am so glad that they were able to recover as much as they did. True KSP fans will soon have the forums repopulated, and this bump in the road will be patched up and forgotten.
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