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  1. Greetings, I thought the certified tech trees MUST follow and add to the Stock Tree, not replace it nor change any of the positions of the nodes (?); or any of the names of the nodes in the Stock Tree as well? This is important so that original mods can be placed in Stock nodes; otherwise we are losing modders as it is just too much work to make patches for every tech tree under the sun; am I wrong here? I dont have a problem with replacing the stock tree maybe as long as ALL of the node names still exist so that at least parts have a 'hard-coded' 'un=patched' home. I looked at the Engr Tree and as a standard, which is what I would be looking for here to at least run off of, is not even close; it is a tech tree that a player can progress however they want; which is fine, if the node names can be used in another or other more logically oriented 'standard' for realistic gameplay; IE one researches before they build for example. Or one has to acquire some raw materials before they can even build; I have some basic mining early on, not as an endgame. This is why the Stock Tech Tree seems to fit very well; I have basic mining in general construction I think; and in fact there is no R&D maybe thus us where contracts come in. Also a player should know they can change the Science values on the nodes to skip or not use them and setup a gameplay that way; it is more work for the player but an option. The Community Tech Tree is dead? Commander Zeta
  2. Hello, So I am looking at these tech trees and CFF. I have played KSP realism for quite a while and as a vested player in the game, looking at what other realistic players might want out of the game, I see for example, too much confusion and in fact freedom for a player. I would think most players dont want such freedom to do whatever that is like you say flying before they can walk. While this is fine maybe there should be larger blocks/nodes at first then go out from there? The whole Mechanical node section can be replaced by Construction...small, medium, large. Mechanical Engineering implies research not building. One should have to research before building as well; this tree in my opinion does not look like a standard. The other problem here is getting modders to make part patches for every tree under the sun (now this has to be done in 1.05 as there is no other way to port trees or graphically make then then import them); yes tech tree design and part implementation has gone from bad to worse. I was under the impression that the modded tech trees were supposed to augment and add to the Stock Tree, not replace it, including the positioning of the nodes (?); this tech tree does not follow this convention. Commander Zeta
  3. Greetings, At first thought I dont see any problem with overlapping contracts unless they are by the same modder; probly wont happen there. The reason is that while declining incurs a penalty, there should be plenty of contracts to offset any penalties; I also even kind of like the idea of overlapping contracts by accident as one player might prefer a certain agency roleplay-wise or for other reasons; by accident not intentionaly or purposefully. Certain agencies might only aspire to certain contract ideas which should prevent most overlapping contracts. My question now is what happened to the Community Tech Tree? Are the aforementioned tech trees more logical and allow certain lines of play that the CTT didnt? Such as say a player just wants to focus on ground operations to the MAX at first etc...then fly planes...then send unmanned probes...then send kerbals up there in space...and is there a possibility to get to space quicker, using Science and the Stock Tech Tree 'IDEA' but a little more oriented to MODS...basic and small technologies to medium and large (1 idea)...this format seems to be a norm but there could be other formats. The endgame is moving parts to science nodes that the player would rather have to make it more realistic if necessary; ie some of the stock parts I am moving up etc; we as players just go ahead and do that even tho it is not a part of the certified process here but also defeats the purpose; it also can augment the purpose here and be called a fine tuning of realistic game progression (my thinking as every player would want to personalize their game to some extent). The Tech Tree - UGH ARGH what next...well now KSP 1+ does not even have the ability for porting parts to nodes (outside of the game; we can still make changes to nodes; I dont know about moving parts other than modifying mod cfg files and certified/mod-compatible parts assigned to agreeable logical gameplay progression. Then you are dealing with the balancing of parts - I am not going there because my post doesnt, and it is a seperate part of what is going in here is my guess; wouldnt this just be modders responsible for balancing their mods? Example - some of the first survivability mods used raw ore to make things without some refining; no problem as it is mod-progression; do you involve the CRP which at last look is very extensive; my resources will be compared to the new CRP common list but after hours of work from everyone including me on my own it is getting closer to reality, as long as players (and modders) understand the conversion convention in the game (0.001=1.0 something along that line; not sure if that has changed!). Also was the weight loss or change of weights of useable fuels used in the game to change d/v etc? There was alot of talk on this and maybe you can have some links to 'mod-compatible' CFF err MODS that work for KSP Space and RSS (??) and make sure we dont mix up KSP Space, RSS, etc or balance of MODS goes out the door; I havnt figured out modular fuel yet or even looked at it; I play KSP Space but have an interest in RSS etc. Good luck I hope you have the volunteer manpower here especially with balancing MODS; I think the CRP is a good place to start; in fact do those 'real' values apply to KSP Space (?); if so maybe that is why getting to space was so easy? If this is true, porting to RSS should see no difference; the only question is how KSP Stock balances; I believe it was impossible to play RSS from KSP Stock; in the earlier versions there could have been 'cheating' going on; no drag...no weight changes d/v ??? I dont know as this gets even more into the realism of the game. PS Maybe procedural parts needs to be explained? Commander Zeta
  4. Greetings, Since this discussion seems to be related for MODDERS it should also be related to players as we are the final product; or quality control for example. I dont mind playing a role in that but there may be a slight problem; which I dont know if I can be a part of: working 2 KSP Platforms: 1) Real Solar System 2) Kerbal Space System. I do play a realistic version of KSP and am having to use parts that may not be supported anymore; just because stock parts might not work the way we want them too, we can opt for a MODDED part to take it's place; unfortunately it takes from the STOCK or VANILLA game, and perhaps CFF is not concerned with the KSP Vanilla game? KSP Vanilla slowly incorporates modded games I give them that; but their main focus is on playability and stability; and here we are with CFF and MODS going in the opposite direction; well not totally but sort of starting over and working 'with' KSP Stock and improving (?) it; well there again we arnt improving it, we are adding to it is probly a more appropriate term. However we have to add what works. I like the idea of certified tech tree nodes and it seems the patching format is good; please dont ask the MODDERS to change their Science Tree Node Locations for their parts in their cfg files (even though I have to change them in game that is a players choice, and remains the only viable solution for now; with a STOCK Tree!). Since most of my older MODS are already converted as such, the Stock Tech Tree is fine. Extending it now involves more work for Modders, and how will this work if there is more than 1 Tech Tree? Not a good scenario and not everyone is going to align with one extended tech tree; where is all that science out there; someone said go to the sun and get all the science points and you are done; use the CTT and you have to go interplanetary; it boils down to how one plays the game. The RTG is a good example of balance, changing STOCK parts to reflect a more real part; solar panels etc...let us say that we have 2 RTG's for parts; one that cheats and one that doesnt; then we have an option for the player to choose 'Realistic Play' over 'Stock Play' without touching KSP Stock ? Then we have the problem of more parts in the game; not good. As for the 'Realistic Player', the only idea is to remove the offending stock parts which are replaced by the modded parts, and or modifying stock parts; I dont have a problem doing this as a 'Realistic Player'; and there arent that many parts; what if the RTG overheats in atmosphere though etc...any 'new modifications' to stock parts will have to be added to the part to complete it; not replace it. Many realistic players may not want to mess with the CFG files either, but there may not be a way around this; it takes alot more time to set up a realistic working KSP game, and this is part of the soup. My only problem is say balancing parts for KSP Space and Real Space???????? This is a whole new ballgame I have not ventured into; the game should be playable and not impossible; KSP RSS redsigns, rebalances the whole game; dont ask modders to do this and leave KSP player modded games behind; is this where MOD Balancing is going? Commander Zeta
  5. Greetings, Ya know how things seem to come to an end? Well maybe sometimes but not this time at least yet anyways ! Well I am editing this...I am seeming to find out there is simply no way to port any tree over; ie even if it is stock there is simply no more Tech Tree in the game and the ONLY recourse is this patch programming (for quicker part moves). The other recourse is I will be looking at all the MODS I use and checking for updates and moving files; anything not updated goes into the new KSP 1.05 for testing; I guess; these parts ALL use the STOCK Tech Tree (!); now you know why I left it that way !! We can still do some Tech Tree Altering with Alt F12 cheats and save the game (?!). We will do that once the parts work; including Kethane harr. Commander Zeta
  6. Hello, Are there any excel and/or relational database programmers here? Here is what I want... I have an old tech tree - latest one I used back in 24.2...most if not all the part names have not changed. The current format: @PART[panel-static01]:NEEDS[CommunityTechTree] { @TechRequired = advSolarTech } An example of a repetive list: NODE { name = node2_generalRocketry techID = generalRocketry pos = -1652.237,1074.484,-1 icon = GENERALROCKETRY cost = 50 title = General Rocketry description = More engines, more fuel, more ambitious ideas. anyParent = False hideIfEmpty = False parents = node1_basicRocketry PARTS { name = FASALM.AscentEngine name = FASAExplorerLFTSmall name = liquidEngine3 name = sepMotor1 name = fuelTankSmall name = stackDecouplerMini name = stackSeparatorMini name = SR.Rocket02 name = USI.PodEngine } } 1) The procedure is to grab the node name and place it in the @PART[*] area (IE name = node*) 2) Repeat for all parts in the name = partname list until next name = node* or until next "}" using a delimiter or however is most efficient This program would simply write the patches for all the names of the parts in an older tech tree; in this way the old tech tree loader and/or techmanager can write up a tech tree graphically and submit the tree for patch writing. This really seems like an easy program to write Commander Zeta
  7. Greetings, I will check out CFF...I may be suggesting some coding to move old parts to the new patch form. You have to manually go to each part and either change the parts cfg file which in my opinion may may still be easier as you only have to change one field; other wise you have to copy 2 fields to incorporate the patch format. Personally - I HATE patches; they add length to coding; I am a firm believer in hard coding; if I have to research every part anyways I am just going to my old tech tree and add them from that list; or make the changes as such. There are new parts in stock now; still doesnt matter and there is no problem to change their node location in their cfg file; in my honest opinion; there are several stock parts I want to move. Commander Zeta
  8. Greetings, I will be running the stream a couple times tonite; hopefully looking to move some parts. As it looks like Techmanager didnt work, and TED editor may not work, I still dont know how the CTT Community Tech Tree is allowed to work; we shouldnt be held to one modder's tech tree. I am adding the tree though hopefully tonite to see how to activate it so I can get my own tree back; usually this means I have to manually edit EVERY part to put them where I want them; whats worse: every part cfg file is written obtusively and has to be converted to a rich rich text doc just to be able to make sense of the file; this is why it takes soooo loong to set up KSP and understand the inner workings of the game; such is the life of a realistic KSP player ! It is still possible to try my 'tree-trick' tonite ! Cmdr Zeta
  9. Hello, Ok as an afterthought I did feel I was correct as the Modders now can set there own tool for the toolbar etc; I added Planetshine so I will see if it pops up tonite...had me worried there for a bit ! I got to add Chatterer too and I will be looking for modder toolbar patches. Cmdr Zeta
  10. Hi, Well I started KSP 1.05; messed with techmanager which doesnt seem to work (yes I read those posts); I wonder if I corrupted KSP, because...your toolbar doesnt work or I cant find it. I am going to startup a fresh KSP and just add the toolbar; am I missing a mod? PS I am running careers; does that matter? PSS Restarted fresh with only toolbar...no go...argh?! I also read that other modders are now using their own toolbars; is it possible that it doesnt work because I do not have a MOD in that your toolbar supports ?! Cmdr Zeta
  11. Greetings, I will be running the stream for an hour - hopefully I can get some tech tree work done. There is a new version of techmanager which is used to load trees, however editing is another story. Due to game complications we always save game folders elsewhere just in case after we make major changes. Tonite I am mostly looking at Squad's parts; if there is time I am hoping to port parts without dlls to version 90 and run treeloader...this is done with some minor changes to the tech tree files and I will show this in the stream; if I get that far. Commander Zeta
  12. Greetings, I will be setting up KSP 1.05 Careers Mode and streaming the progress. This will be a great introduction for new players. The entire process may take several days, and the streams are run in hourly increments. I cant be on mic but I have a robot to assist in that area or I can text in chat. I will be streaming now and off and on tonite ! There will be a break for suppah and I have been setting up already for about an hour. I should probly setup my website to better show the MUST-HAVE MODS, or setup some priroty but I havnt got that far as I want to get into this game lol ! Wish me luck ! Also please note the new streaming page in my SIG; the old one is cdr_zeta for anyone wanting to look at old streams. Please support and follow me; I dont have much to do these days except for being busy at home and there will be times when I may be AFK at a moments notice; I will make a sign for that ! My donations are setup now using Paypal; I havnt checked my powerball yet. Sincerely, Commander Zeta
  13. Interesting (!) although...I am incorporating most of all the parts for actual historical models into the contracts ! Cmdr Zeta
  14. Greetings, As you may notice I changed my Twitch stream name to CmdrZeta so, please head on over and support my streaming efforts ! I also added a donation page with some specs. The good news is I have downloaded most of the MODS for 1.0+ KSP but the not so good news is that it will take me quite a while to sort out all the parts; but it will be fun and I may even stream some of the process I go thru. I am working on some AI bots to help me with some tasks in the game; there is still other MODS I need to download again...oh the fun...but I am up for the challenge and I am where I need to be at home for now and will keep ypu all posted ! Wish me luck ! Cmdr Zeta
  15. Nah, it's really not contracts on the fly. It's a tool for modders to make contracts very easily (as compared to doing it without Contract Configurator which is requires lots and lots of C# coding). That being said, if you go back through about a years worth of those GameData directories, I remember you did toy around with Contract Configurator for a little bit in early 2015. I sort of understand...I figure contract manipulation with stock should be somewhat comparable but either way it will be a challenge to work with them and see how I can make them work as well ! I would be some work to have them pre-made but then I wouldnt have to worry in-game; just wondering when they can appear; I dont want a Duna mission to show up when I am at Mun say. Cmdr Zeta
  16. Greetings, Kudos to this MOD - definte must-have for realism ! Cmdr Zeta
  17. Greetings, Kudos to this MOD ! Though I will have to filter out half the parts due to memory ... Cmdr Zeta
  18. Greetings, This is looking kool ! This is just what is needed; basically contracts on the fly (I hope !); meaning and I know contracts can get messed up if not careful and thus one must save gamesave 'folders', not just gamesaves, and the cfg files in the gamedata dir to keep things in order should a problem arise; and it will ! So say I get to a moon, and certain contracts are not available, I as the director can add appropriate contracts to complete sub-missions necessary to complete a main mission (say supply generation for a certain length of time and get rewards for it; at least REP or anything that is needed to keep the game afoot ! Cmdr Zeta
  19. Hello, With the advent of 'Creative' on Twitch, I will be exploring space (!); real space (!); I just dont know when. I have a 10 year span of select astrophotographs that need to be checked, converted, and improved; I will probly use the hashtag #Astrophotography. I also plan on integrating some of it with KSP (!); somehow ! I am guessing parts of this will happen soon but then might be a lapse til fall due to RL ... Here is my Fansite Page: http://vncvw9.webs.com/spacepgm.html I should add it to my sig ! Cmdr Zeta
  20. Hello, I am still looking for a program to be able to graphically move parts in the Science Tree to one's own specifications; like the old v.23 treeloader program; this is the one thing that is basically preventing me from playing as I wish the game to be more realistic in it's progression. I was also looking for an extra building stage; didnt see that...I havnt looked at any mods yet and my progress is at a snail's pace due to issues at home...just wanted to chime in ... Cmdr Zeta
  21. Hello, I get a few mods to help add to careers because my difficulty level is increased by rearranging the parts to make more sense when they should be available, and making fewer of them available; thus I 'NEED' more contracts (and repetitive ones); the main contracts do seem not enough to get thru a more difficult and realistic gameplay. I miss KSP ... Cmdr Zeta
  22. Greetings, Though I wont say it is the best game ever, it is one of the best games that you can do what you want with and play how you want to play it; very few games if any can allow such variation; it has probly even began the best player-creative-modable-space-video-game in a genre all it's own; and my computer can handle it ! That is why I play KSP and is one of my top games. But it does have a fair amount of work to it to even start playing it career-wise the way I play; which is mostly realistic. Cmdr Zeta
  23. And A Happy New Year Everyone ! And It is official 2016 the sweet 16 of KSP ! Oh I just had to pop in on day 1 to actually make it official ... Commander Zeta
  24. Greetings, I just got KSP 1.05 so sounds like I will start working on getting the MODS for a few months when I can. Cmdr Zeta
  25. Greetings, Wishin everyone Happy Holidays and for everyone to have a Happy New Year ! As some of you may know my New Year will be somewhat not so happy at some point but I dont look at life that way ! Afterall we may only be given once chance to even have a life, and many of us arent so lucky. Einstein's greatest discovery points to an answer for life ... "It's All Relative" . We grow; we fight; we live; we dream; we must continue because we 'CAN' continue. We must not worry when our time is up, and live our lives in the present because...the past is history; the future is a mystery, and the present IS A GIFT ( no matter it's origin ). Kerbal Space Program allows for many opportunities for creativity, and we can add to it and even show off some of it in live streams on twitch. If life wasnt tuff, and people werent different, how boring would that be ! KSP is but a small part of life for some of us, but that part, however small, is kool, and gives us an opportunity to learn from mistakes; also part of life. Goodbye 2015 with 2016 another year around the corner, I am ready. We watched a kool movie tonite - Despicable Me, and I thought...did they use that movie as an idea for KSP? Gosh I luv those l'il MINIONS ! Commander Zeta
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