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  1. "The K.E.R.B. has acted as one source of truth for many of you and we know that this probably feels like us taking away another source of information about KSP2's future." Now, I know it feels like we're refusing to communicate properly. Anyway. C'mon, really?
  2. I wound up adding that MM config for Nertea's parts. The issue was the command pods from NFS though
  3. Is anyone else getting what seems to a new message warning that the Hohmann transfer function isn't suitable for targets with SoIs and a new transfer to Moon function is needed?
  4. EVAConstructionTweaks.cfg is causing the BreakingGround parts to be the wrong packed volume - is there a patch that fixes this or did I have an installation mistake?
  5. Yep, disabling systemheat boiloff fixed it. Is systemheat boiloff just something you don't see on the tanks?
  6. I just started a fresh save, and for whatever reason, the boiloff functionality isn't working on any of my tanks, including the stock ones. They are all showing the correct resources from CryoTanks, but the boiloff aspect appears to be missing. Any ideas on a potential cause?
  7. Are boiloff tanks boiling in timewarp, but not in normal speed a bug or a sign of inadequate cooling? EDIT: It wasn't the warp, it was the attitude changing
  8. I have this and all the extras installed, but the cryotank cooling and nuclear engine heat are not showing up in the system monitor. Is this normal? EDIT: The thermal nf systems monitor doesn't work with systemheat, systemheat has its own
  9. that's in the CFG, but it still shows up. Perhaps something else is overwriting it
  10. Is the life support window supposed to stick at 0 time remaining + 15 days (green) when supplies are exhausted but an agricultural module is running?
  11. The "disassemble part" option shows up when I right click a kerbal while on EVA with another kerbal. Is there a way to hide or suppress this so I don't accidentally disassemble a kerbal?
  12. Can you connect any thing to the crew hatch/port on the Ranger Hab or Workshop in EVA construction? I tried using the flex-o-tubes but it didn't connect.
  13. Anything I can do to improve the accuracy for my spaceplane? As soon as it hits the atmosphere, the prediction jumps back a bit, like the drag is more than expected. Same configuration, same orientation as set.
  14. Could you point me more specifically? I looked at all the config files in Konstruction and nothing seemed to correlate konstruction points to mass and gravity Also, is the mass a kerbal can move based on inflated not packed mass? I have 6 kerbals trying to move a hab from inside a storage container (the ranger hab, which is 1.9 packed) and the max mass is 2.21.
  15. @RoverDude or anyone else who knows, could you let us know how much mass a konstruction point adds to the EVA construction mass limit?
  16. Is the Ranger airlock and related parts supposed to not be placed in a cargo container? Also, the TBD parts are TBD, I didn't install wrong, right?
  17. Any more info available? None of these mention konstruction points or what the grabbers and magnets do.
  18. Any chance I could get a link to a tutorial RE construction cranes and konstruction points?
  19. FYI, the latest release link seems to be broken. Leads to a blank Github release page
  20. How do the crew tubes work? Do they stop extending once they hit something?
  21. I'd prefer them to be physically connected, gonna figure out Konstruction
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