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  1. So, this would create a reason to make long spindly ships - move the radiation source far enough away, and the inverse square law is the best shielding!
  2. Keep in mind that the high-res pictures of Uranus were taken at the solstice, and may not be representative of it most of the time: viewed from Hubble 20 years later, it has cloud bands and looks more blue:
  3. The physics engine should handle it just fine. However, kerbals probably won't be able to walk on it.
  4. I suppose, in theory, you could approximate changes in atmospheric conditions by increasing/decreasing the scatterer effect (basically, multiplying the depth buffer by some value to increase/decrease the atmospheric depth and thereby change the amount of haze).
  5. Wow! The reflected sky is, I think, what the ocean seemed to be missing when I was asking about Scatterer applying to it earlier.
  6. Great work as always! ...Wait. The LV-1 was a turbopump-driven engine? Who is making these miniature turbopumps??
  7. I don't know about 1.1 - I didn't buy the game through Steam, so I can't update it until the full release is out.
  8. @BahamutoD Perhaps the code from Extraplanetary Launchpads might be able to help with the launch clamp issue?
  9. I also am really hoping for this to be brought back, it just adds so much to make docking really sound solid.
  10. I did note that the ship itself seemed to be casting godrays in one of the webms. I suppose exhaust clouds would be more difficult, given their transparency.
  11. and, failing that, for 1.1 to come out and bring 64-bit to everyone.
  12. Okay, I'll take your word for that - the last time I did anything with shaders was like 10 years ago when GLSL was a new thing.
  13. Yeah, but you already know it's rendering (because it shows up on screen), so wouldn't that make sure it works, whether there's a collider or not?
  14. @blackrack, could you sample whichever renderlayer the terrain draws on and see whether there's something where the sun is?
  15. An issue I encountered with the seaplane contracts: I completed one, and apparently the dock, tiki huts etc. weren't removed. However, on my next seaplane contract, new ones were put in the same place, which resulted in some startling fireworks: By the way, would it be possible to have an option for those contracts to not have the models? They have so many parts that my physics runs at like 1/3rd speed when swapping passengers.
  16. Here it is: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=00000241515944626488 I fly it to the base of the mountain, land, undock the helicopter bit, and fly only that up to the top.
  17. No, it isn't. I couldn't trigger it, and then while flying really close to the mountain trying to reach it exactly I crashed and failed the contract. What I did the first time was land on top of K2 and walk the Kerbals up there. Is that more than 500m from the waypoint?
  18. I couldn't land at the waypoint, because it was on a near-vertical slope, but I hovered within a few meters of it and it didn't complete - do I need some sort of wall-climber that can land on the side of K2?
  19. Aha, I downloaded 1.1.1, but it was still the same contract. Thanks! New issue: the medivac rescue isn't marking anyone as there. The kerbal in the other seat is Rondous, and Ensign Joe is in the front. I flew to the search area, and that wasn't checked either. Might it have anything to do with the presence of a probe core? I put it in there before I remembered that Ens.Joe was a pilot.
  20. What if, instead of creating a plane of vertices that you project, you create a half-sphere (in the direction between the player and the sun)? And then deform the vertices the same way you were doing. Edit: on further consideration, you'd need the other side of the sphere too if you were facing away from the sun, but not if facing toward it. So, I guess, project a section of a sphere that is the union of a half-sphere in the direction of the sun and a half-sphere in the direction the camera is facing. (You could project a whole sphere, but that would have a lot of unnecessary vertices that are behind you and don't deform to somewhere you can see.)
  21. Another problem with the tourbus contract: it doesn't seem to work with the helicopter cockpit from KAX (which behaves like command seats):
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