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  1. @Gameslinx After all this time, the more I mess around with removing mods to try and eliminate the cause, I'm thinking more and more you were on the right track with this initial assessment. I'm not sure what to look for in the logs, but can you tell me how you came to this conclusion? After trial and error, and even after removing Parallax, although I can access the tracking station, VAB and SPH, sometimes in the tracking station while trying to TAB between planets and moons, there's a significant hang period of inactivity before the new focused planet or moon becomes active for me to pan around, zoom in and out, etc etc. And almost every time, there's a "prospective contract orbit" there. I'll post my issue in that mod release topic as well to see if there's similar issues, I was just hoping to find out what made you think Contract Configurator was the cause in the beginning. (EDIT) So....2.0.4 works. 2.0.5 and 2.0.6 do not. Might help you track down anything that changed.
  2. Not sure if this could help you track down the issue but.... Like I said I play on Linux (Mint 21). I just fired up an older windows laptop. It's not worthy of day to day KSP, it slogs through it though. So I copied my saves and mods over to the Windows KSP install and everything works just fine. I can change scenes, move back and forth between them with no issue. I loaded up and exited several older saves all with Parallax installed and had no troubles. I then took those saves back to my identically modded Linux game client and the same old issue occurred. Cannot leave the KSP scene (VAB, SPH, Tracking Station, Launch Pad) without the game locking up and crashing to desktop. The Admin building, Contract, Parts/Science and Astronaut buildings are not affected at all... So it seems there's some difference between the windows client and the Linux client that is causing the issue with Parallax? And again, if I simply remove the Parallax and Parallax Stock Textures folders, everything works just fine in Linux. So bizarre.
  3. try changing to "castShadows = false" in ParallaxGlobal.cfg. I play on linux, and that took care of that issue for me.
  4. Totally appreciate you taking the time to help on this! No additional logs there. btw in Linux those logs are located at: ~/.config/unity3d/Squad/Kerbal Space Program What's weird is that if I install everything from scratch, and start a brand new career with Parallax, there's no issues, same with a sandbox game. I only have the crashes when I try and load a pre-existing save, that worked fine before adding Parallax and continues to work after removing Parallax Worse case scenario, I'll just start a new save and cheat-menu/timewarp/manually place all my relays and science probes back to a reasonable facsimile of the saves that no longer load. It takes nothing but time!
  5. I always forget to mention. I play on Linux. Player.log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GerZhLWMLGrERq5_nrP2kaLYUk7Zbr4v/view?usp=sharing Player-prev.log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Y6aErDwNonVKnV_A73lFSy6fkJbVakj6/view?usp=sharing
  6. Thanks for the quick reply! Unfortunately when I removed contract configurator (and the contract packs folder) the game still crashes. But if I remove Parallax (and the stock textures folder) the saves load just fine. I previously removed EVERY mod except Parallax and the game still crashed when switching scenes. The only time it does not crash in that scenario, is on a brand new save, at day 1. In that scenario I can have as many mods installed as I want and it's no prob. Could it be something in the persistent file of existing saves? I'm a total noob at reading the log files, but here's the new file with contract configurator removed and the game still crashing: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Af7chnp952wT6hxL4lmS1jx-6mGUAK07/view?usp=sharing
  7. Still hoping to get an answer here. Brand new saves with Parallax work great, but existing saves crash. Here is the log file if that helps: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1L5R-Mt4J5D91sjaA2TbwqRzxxbEz_bXw/view?usp=sharing
  8. I can't seem to get my Mun scene back in Stock. Kopernicus_Config.cfg is in /Gamedata/Kopernicus/Config/ DisableMainMenuMunScene = False but it's not showing the Mun.
  9. ya know what. I'm pretty sure that's EXACTLY what's been going on. I'm still testing a new save, building the craft, etc etc and I revert virtually every flight after testing, and that has to be why the profiles are back to default again. Thanks!
  10. Do I need to bring up the TUFX menu and select a profile every time I restart the game? I've tried a few profiles, but when I restart I'm always back to Default-Empty
  11. Still hoping to get an answer on this one, and now that I've gotten Parallax installed and running on Sandbox, I noticed that the scatters are semi-transparent. Is there a setting for that? I'm running an Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti 8gb (Laptop) EDIT - Apologies, my trasnparent scatters were not in fact an issue of Parallax or Kopernicus, it appears they were caused by TUFX. Now to track down that issue. (Still hoping for an answer as to why Parallax can't function in an existing save!
  12. Using this with Parallax, is there any benefit to allowing Kopernicus to control asteroids? I know it doesn't generate comets, and I'm playing a stock game other than the visuals. So what's the real diff (other than comets) between allowing Kopernicus to handle asteroids vs. stock?
  13. Are there any known issues with this working with pre-existing game saves? I can install and fire up a sandbox game with no real issues, but when I try to load up my old career save, the game crashes any time I try to enter the VAB, SPH, or Tracking Station. I've removed every mod except the required Parallax ones, and even tried deleting orbiting craft (There are no landed craft in the save). I'm stumped.
  14. I just tried this with a couple launches, but it wasn't perfect. I checked how long the mission should take, went back to the KSC screen and time warped past the allotted time shown and when I went back to my destination vessel it took a few attempts to switch out of map mode, and when I was able to go to the ship screen my new launched vessel was there but NOT docked. I still had to do that manually. So, is there a trick to know exactly how long to wait before coming back to my destination craft? Like Bon Voyage halts warp and lets you know when your rover arrives, something like that would be awesome. Additionally, does this mod take into consideration other mods like Stage Recovery? I didn't pay 100% attention to the money but there were no indicators in the 'events' tab as to stages recovered like there were when I fly the launches manually.
  15. NICE! I do play on PC and loaded up my persistent file, here's the relevant info if you wanna look: HERE I entered the burns, but still don't quite get an encounter even after refining, but it's close. I think fiddling around with the final burn might eventually get me an encounter!
  16. Quick noob question, lets say I want to take a craft from low Kerbin Orbit and rendezvous with a comet in one of their crazy way-out-there orbits. What transfer is best? Ballistic or Mid-Course change? Also can you ELI5 what the difference between the Starting and Target Orbit Mean Anomaly is and how that would affect my plot?
  17. Apologies for the OT post, but is there a mod similar to this that helps you land?
  18. The logfile is sparse. Nothing more than the message I posted. I simply fire up TOT, and try to start LVD and the window pops up, but crashes shortly after. I have a quick video of it if that might help?
  19. LVD is crashing on me, I'm getting this error: "Switching to hardware OpenGL rendering at runtime on unix is not supported." Is there a work-around for this on Linux? I have an Nvidia M870 in my laptop.
  20. Installing it into /usr/local/MATLAB/R2022a/ leaves you with an install located at /usr/local/MATLAB/R2022a/v912. I tried doing a symbolic link from the v912 dir to the R2022a directory but still get the same error. That file exists, but for some reason the program is not finding it in the directory structure. Could it be as simple as just moving the contents of the v912 directory to the R2022a directory?
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