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  1. Agreed, the lighting in this game is not good. If you look at the KSC after dawn is horribly oversaturated.. it looks like it’s reflecting off snow…
  2. My dude…. The issue here is not the community it’s the game… we LOVE KSP. I love it so much I spent more than 4000hrs of my precious time on earth playing it. KSP 2 was this fever dream of KSP+ Everything we know and love about the game but bigger! Better! Beautifuler! What we have at the moment is none of those things.. we’re upset because we care. If I didn’t care about the game I wouldn’t be here.
  3. Please fix the core gameplay bugs before adding new parts… the game at present is a turd, stop trying to polish it.
  4. It’s almost as if KSP1 was not made by experienced game developers.. What’s promising about it exactly? After all that was said from the devs before the EA kick in the nuts and the current state of the game?
  5. Time will tell if this professional game making studio can create anything even close to the game that KSP1 currently is.
  6. Entropy will have taken everything you know or love long before this game gets a console release but fear not! That means there’s plenty of time to save for a PC.
  7. It was said specifically that this craft was submitted for testing ‘complex’ builds…
  8. Yes I’m sure it was. I removed my unhelpful, sceptical comment.
  9. As I will remember mine. And my first (intact) mun landing. Those where the greatest gaming moments I ever had in over 35 years of gaming.
  10. *unhelpful assumtions removed by me congratulations ! You should really give KSP1 a go! It actually works! Hehe
  11. I’ll believe that has 1300 parts when I see it in the VAB.
  12. I’m guessing they rush out a 1.0 release.
  13. But this isn’t a complex build.. at all.. it looks to be less than 100 parts…
  14. All KSP content should be in KSP 2 NOT a DLC. Make something more and better for KSP 2 and make that DLC. If they make robotic parts DLC I think I might cry..
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