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  1. Just a game? It was more than just a game to me. It got me through some really tough times and inspired and exited me more than most things I’ve experienced in life.
  2. Thank you! That’s a cool idea. If I get around to finishing my other models I might give that a go.
  3. Great idea for a thread! Since trying to recreate the Apollo lander in KSP I’ve been obsessed with the LM. I really wanted a LM model IRL and took some time to make two. I’m working on a third too. Using the Airfix kit here I made a realistic LM-5 (which I’m still working on) and a recreation of the Grumman contractor model seen here. Here is my Grumman contractor model. For the contractor model hatch I had to cut out the existing EVA hatch then glue in a flat piece of plastic. I then edited a screen shot of the printed on hatch and printed it out on paper then glued it in. I also had to custom make the little red generator that the real model has by kit bashing three parts together and painting them. The US flag and ‘United States’ stickers I had custom made which was a bit pricy but I have a tonne of spares. I’m tempted to make more and sell them! I’m quite happy with the overall look. It does feel like the real model when looking at it. MJ
  4. From the moments that I heard about the studio issues early in development and then what cemented it was the first ingame footage. Seeing how badly it ran on good hardware and then the system requirements announcement and the fact it was released full price as early access it was clear this would not get finished. It is for me the most disappointing thing that’s happened in gaming for 40 years.. the game looks stunning and just what I wanted from a new KSP and to be honest even if the game was just the Kerbol system and a full set of parts in sandbox I would be more than happy. I don’t care about career or science mode. I don’t care about interstellar or colonies. I just want a stunning system to explore and an efficient physics system. TLDR Maybe it’s just because I’m pessimistic sometimes but I saw this coming a mile away..
  5. Hi all, I started playing KSP again yesterday after a break since 2019 and it’s a fresh install, no mods. I’m getting a glitchy, flickering type bug at certain camera angles on all planets. any ideas?
  6. Agreed. The price was a kick in the teeth and my heart sank when I saw not only was it going to be an F’ing early access game but the performance was terrible and the requirements where a joke.. it’s been one disaster after another…
  7. I blame the channel tunnel.
  8. I’m on the phone to my mate the Easter bunny. he’s keen.
  9. That article is very misleading. At no point does anyone from T2 say KSP2 is ‘safe’.
  10. [snip]I hope I’m/your wrong but this doesn’t look good at all.
  11. Hi all. As you may have seen T2 interactive are going to layoff 5% of their staff which includes those from private division and will stop development of some projects. Does anyone know if this will affect the development of KSP2? thanks.
  12. The game currently is a buggy mess and has been for longer than is really acceptable these days. They do say talent skips a generation so maybe KSP 3 will be worthy of KSP1s legacy because it sure ain’t KSP 2. It’s the single most disappointing thing that’s happened in gaming for me since I started playing them in 1985.
  13. Agreed, the lighting in this game is not good. If you look at the KSC after dawn is horribly oversaturated.. it looks like it’s reflecting off snow…
  14. My dude…. The issue here is not the community it’s the game… we LOVE KSP. I love it so much I spent more than 4000hrs of my precious time on earth playing it. KSP 2 was this fever dream of KSP+ Everything we know and love about the game but bigger! Better! Beautifuler! What we have at the moment is none of those things.. we’re upset because we care. If I didn’t care about the game I wouldn’t be here.
  15. Please fix the core gameplay bugs before adding new parts… the game at present is a turd, stop trying to polish it.
  16. It’s almost as if KSP1 was not made by experienced game developers.. What’s promising about it exactly? After all that was said from the devs before the EA kick in the nuts and the current state of the game?
  17. Time will tell if this professional game making studio can create anything even close to the game that KSP1 currently is.
  18. Entropy will have taken everything you know or love long before this game gets a console release but fear not! That means there’s plenty of time to save for a PC.
  19. It was said specifically that this craft was submitted for testing ‘complex’ builds…
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