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  1. Agreed, the lighting in this game is not good. If you look at the KSC after dawn is horribly oversaturated.. it looks like it’s reflecting off snow…
  2. My dude…. The issue here is not the community it’s the game… we LOVE KSP. I love it so much I spent more than 4000hrs of my precious time on earth playing it. KSP 2 was this fever dream of KSP+ Everything we know and love about the game but bigger! Better! Beautifuler! What we have at the moment is none of those things.. we’re upset because we care. If I didn’t care about the game I wouldn’t be here.
  3. Please fix the core gameplay bugs before adding new parts… the game at present is a turd, stop trying to polish it.
  4. It’s almost as if KSP1 was not made by experienced game developers.. What’s promising about it exactly? After all that was said from the devs before the EA kick in the nuts and the current state of the game?
  5. Time will tell if this professional game making studio can create anything even close to the game that KSP1 currently is.
  6. Entropy will have taken everything you know or love long before this game gets a console release but fear not! That means there’s plenty of time to save for a PC.
  7. It was said specifically that this craft was submitted for testing ‘complex’ builds…
  8. Yes I’m sure it was. I removed my unhelpful, sceptical comment.
  9. As I will remember mine. And my first (intact) mun landing. Those where the greatest gaming moments I ever had in over 35 years of gaming.
  10. *unhelpful assumtions removed by me congratulations ! You should really give KSP1 a go! It actually works! Hehe
  11. I’ll believe that has 1300 parts when I see it in the VAB.
  12. I’m guessing they rush out a 1.0 release.
  13. But this isn’t a complex build.. at all.. it looks to be less than 100 parts…
  14. All KSP content should be in KSP 2 NOT a DLC. Make something more and better for KSP 2 and make that DLC. If they make robotic parts DLC I think I might cry..
  15. It will be at 1.0 in a little over a year I think but I also think it will at that point still be a very poorly performing broken game… the longer this goes on the dream that once was for an amazing KSP2 is dying. This is NOT the same thing… KSP was made by folk who where not game developers! This is a supposed professional game making studio.. this will not end well.
  16. The recommended specs are a joke. It stinks of poor programming.
  17. I don’t think multiplayer will be as fun as people think it will.. once everyone has had some sort of air or ground battle in and around the KSC, performance permitting it will get stale real fast. Although building world bases together in a persistent server could be fun I guess.
  18. I will get round to finding the quote I read. It was from the devs saying that KSP 2 will have at least twice the part count performance as KSP 1.
  19. Couldn’t disagree moar. The rag dolls where a very important part of the ‘kerbalness’ of KSP. It’s hugely important. The fact it isn’t in KSP 2 is very likely to do with the barebones EA release.
  20. Yea this isn’t a court of law. I will look for it when I have time. I remember it clearly as hearing the devs say such a thing was the first time I really had hopes for the game. The video game industry has burned me so many times.. sure their just game and I’m a grown man but I’m a grown man who loves video games.
  21. The developers mentioned multiple times that playable part counts of around 1000 would be possible in KSP. I asked that as an AMA question, which obviously didn’t get asked.. sigh… and I can think of many reasons why having 1000 parts in one vehicle would be super freaking cool. Look for it. It’s there. If you look. No I heard them specifically say part counts around or above 1000. When I have time to waste I will look for it. It was in a video I saw on YouTube.
  22. I think it should be in the base game now given the price of the game. Putting it in DLC for KSP was fine but if they add it as DLC in KSP2 it will be a kick in the teeth.
  23. You’ve been here on the forum for years talking about KSP, a game you say you don’t even enjoy.
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