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  1. To me, that exactly matches the definition of "Non-nominal but usable orbit." Edit: Presumably, the Starlink satellites would also be able to use the orbit if their thrust were high enough. But a RUD seems more of a failure to me than a premature cutoff, even if it's being ditched in the ocean either way.
  2. I had forgotten about this so I checked. It was the launch of June 2007. There was a fuel leak in the upper stage and the engine shut down early, resulting in a lower orbit than intended. The payload was able to compensate and the flight was claimed a success. I guess the definition of success becomes unclear when the payload itself has the ability to change its orbit. I suppose it's like getting a ride to the hospital; if you are unconscious and the ambulance drops you off outside the doors, that would be a huge failure on their part. But if you are able to walk in on your own two feet thanks to the care they gave you on the way, well... they got you most of the way, so it was a success, I guess? But both eventualities would lead to a thorough investigation.
  3. I think there might be a misunderstanding here. T2 have never said they will close the forums. We just haven't heard what their plans are and some of us are concerned as to what the future might be. If the forums close, that would be the time to call them, if that's what you want to do. Best not get ahead of ourselves
  4. I would imagine it would take quite a few orbits for them to come down, wouldn't it?
  5. It was nevertheless a very interesting and beautiful sight to watch the ice crystals form, gently fall off and then get blasted away by the rocket exhaust.
  6. This is actually one of the best-prepared mission ideas/challenges I've come across. It gets me itching to play the game but I don't think I'm going to have time to do so for a while. I really hope others do, though, because this looks lile it could be a really fun thread.
  7. Yeah, it's a nice idea but a forum hosted on a single machine in someone's house would be susceptible to all sorts of security and stability risks, unfortunately.
  8. There is a statistics page, but it unfortunately doesn't properly break down activity according to time of day. However, in general, Saturday appears to be the quietest day.
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