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  1. As I tried to nicely state, unless you have a made your career in law, do not offer legal advice. Some content has been removed.
  2. @mmmm, welcome to the forums. It is best not to cross post the same question in multiple locations, it merely leads to confusion and fractured discussions. Your posts have been merged into one location.
  3. Right, would all lawyers who specialize in contract law that covers all jurisdictions please raise their hands? No? Just as I thought. Because none of us actually have any legal training in this department, anything posted is just guesswork and bickering. Please don't post arguments over hypotheticals merely to get the last word in.
  4. As asked by @Vanamonde above, please stay on topic, which is the communications of the developers. Other discussions belong in other threads. Some content has been removed.
  5. I used the same basically philosophy as a medic. Take your time and do it right. Don’t compound mistakes, and everything gets done quicker. I don’t know how much it can apply to fast food workers , as it’s a management thing. The managers are the ones who should be coaching the slow is fast mentality. Without proper management, those kids don’t stand a chance.
  6. IIRC there was some issue getting the sample container to close correctly? Is there any lingering issues with this?
  7. Well, as the conversation has gone completely off the rails, as usual, it’s locked for now.
  8. Hmmmm. My screens are different res, and I don’t recall this, but then again I don’t use it often, usually just to reach the background taskbar if needed (I can never get the entire taskbar to show up on every screen.). It might have happened. I dunno.
  9. Anytime I encounter a game that is on the wrong monitor, I just windows key + shift + left/right arrow and it cycles the app across the monitors. This though would be very nice. Even having map and 3rd person view on multiple screens.
  10. Considering Earth is the 4th largest out of 8 planets in the only known (almost) complete model of a solar system, and the exoplanets we have discovered tend towards bigger mainly due to them being easier to detect, it is a very reasonable assumption IMO that Earth sized ~1g planets could be the average.
  11. Last weekend or so I was watching the last bit of an Ahsoka episode when my girlfriend walked in, she sees a ship jump into hyperspace. Not being a big Star Wars fan, she asks “How do they explain ignoring the relativistic effects of the hyperdrive ?” ”They really don’t. They just wave their hand at it and if you don’t think about it that hard, it’s a non issue.” ”Really? You uber space nerds are ok with that?” ”Yeah, of course, if they tried to explain it, something would be wrong and that would bother people. Just ignoring something is better for the story usually” And that’s when I realized I was talking to one of these threads and not her.
  12. S&S sub works fine for me on Firefox and mobile right now. Like I said, we've been noticing these intermittent 500 errors for years? now, and we pass it up the ladder each time. The problem is that it's only buggy for some people some of the time, and is nearly impossible to reproduce (and yes that's a challenge). EDIT: And with no direct IT contact right now (ManeTI has recently moved on to greater things), we just have to wait till we get some one from IT to take a look.
  13. Somebody important once told me "At the end of it all, the only thing you will be judged upon will be the way you treated your fellow man". It doesn't matter the type of relationship, you treat everybody you meet with respect. If the relationship is not working out, then you cut them loose. You don't _have_ to interact with anybody you don't want to, but when you do....
  14. Thread Reopened (Think I actually forgot to lock it). Some content has been removed, and posts quoting it likewise. Carry on as you were, ad nauseam. Just remember to not make it personal.
  15. Maybe. When the moderators that handle this get online, they’ll let you know. We’re only volunteers here and we have to work around real life schedules.
  16. Glad you fixed your issue. In the future keep in mind that large obnoxious fonts won’t get your question answered any sooner.
  17. And from what I read, they said exactly what you’d expect: “There’s almost definitely life out there, but we have no proof they’ve visited. More research is needed.”
  18. We’ve been aware of this for some time and are awaiting a fix from IT/CM. We’ll pass this one along too.
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