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  1. Hello Rareden ! I love your artwork and it's while browsing through your stuff that I came upon these lovely heatshields during 0.25 times. Will you update them for the stock reentry system ? I really love the 6m one! Perfect for protecting landers during a furious Jool aerobrake ! (the texture size is huge though... DDS ?)
  2. Maybe he was just calling out, like in "Mom, janet and I are going to get married tomorrow because I knocked her up"
  3. Aha ! I knew I missed something... Didn't target the planet first... So, that was indeed me being stoopid, sorry. Will try again later. Thanks for the clarification ! - - - Updated - - - Take your time, this is an awesome mod, I used to play with it during rubberducky's management, I was very happy to re-discover it in 0.90 ! Thank you for taking over.
  4. Sorry but... tell me, am I being stupid ? I just launched a FungEye telescope, and I just don't know how to use it... I open the GUI, and except for zoom and SAS, there are no options about taking pictures, or collecting science... Right-click on the processor doesn't show any options too... Am I doing something wrong ???
  5. Is there science and contracts related to these new planets? Nice job otherwise! I'll keep an eye on this for new moons and rings. Is Urlum rotation tilt around 90deg like its reallife counterpart?
  6. Hi, is there any possibility for inspired but lazy people who can't be bothered with silly "github" and "repo" things to PM you their contributions ? Or at least to do a ELI5-like tutorial about how to contribute ? I am a bit afraid about this Repo thing, don't want anyone to come and reclaim my new car.
  7. One of the wings (the Mark4 Pwing, located in the "DYJproceduralwing3" parts folder) doesn't have a .png model file, is it normal ?
  8. Hi there, just a stupid idea : what about whenever a ribbon is attributed, a screenshot is taken for posterity ? Sometime I forget to take a pic when there is an important event ...
  9. OK this is what I got : - Rapid Unplanned Disassemblies, everytime if I stick around long enough, also pressing ESC doesn't do anything : You can find the Output Log here - This RUD happened with the new Spud pod from HGR, everybody survived somehow - Another bug I find is with Tarsier Space Telescope : more often than not, the colored aura representing the planet doesn't go away when you zoom in, and you can't see the planet itself (here with Jool) I'm using these mods : Hope it'll help !
  10. Hahaha you did it ! Du bist wunderbar ! Danke schön aus Frankreich !
  11. Just an idea : is it possible to have a generic ribbon and a customisable text (like the plaque that goes with the flag) to decorate a Kerbal for a particularly impressive feat ? like "Sole Survivor of the Kerbal X Catastrophe" or whatever...
  12. Good thing because Bill got 38 (!) Splashdown ribbons ...
  13. If you can make a iMUSE-like dynamic music system like in good old TIE Fighter, you win the Internet. (but plz make your mod lighter on memory usage, I keep having RAM crashes !)
  14. I know it's a bit redundent since we can do it with EVAs, but I'm still using it a lot somehow... If LJ Silver passes by, could you make it compatible with the Tarsier Space Telescope ?
  15. Nice, thanks ! Downloading as I write ... Every improvement of the audio part of KSP is welcome !
  16. Hmmmm I tried the SRBs and Mainsail exhausts FX, and everything explodes after some dozen second from overheating... Does it happen to anyone else ? I somehow suspect Deadly Reentry to be related to this...
  17. About the big SRB smoke issue : it disappeared when I used this mod : http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/65754-HotRockets!-Particle-FX-Replacement It's WIP so I'm not using it anymore (the SRBs are overheating too quickly) but maybe it will help you understand the bug... Hope it helps, good luck !
  18. Could you make it fold back into initial position ? Like in the grey prototype ? After analyzing, it just stays there, halfway deployed, and half buried if it's positioned too low ... Otherwise (maybe it exists somewhere else) you could build some Kerbal version of the ChemCam and get a lazor arm shoot the crap of the ground to see what it's made of ... Maybe some silly toygun-ish-onna-stick design...
  19. Same here, issue with the Rockomax SRB, fixed when Kerbpaint removed, which is sad .
  20. The grey background is indeed not very inviting... Why is that ? It's the same with the Tarsier Telescope... If a simple black background is possible, with UR or not, that would be much nicer !
  21. Hey there, nice to see MapSat is still going on ! I gave it another try with this new version, as I had issues with the old one. It's much more efficient memory-wise, but I still have the "black dish" problem. Did anyone have it too ? And is there a way around it ? That would be great because it would be perfect except for that problem... Don't know where it's coming from... Something wrong with the shadowing ?
  22. Bonjour àtous ! Je me suis dit qu'il était temps d'aller dire salut àmes compatriotes sur le forum ! Salut donc çàtous les kerbonautes, je me présente : Je suis Axelman, je suis un vieux de 35 ans, qui est marié, qui a des gosses, qui bosse toute la journée et qui donc ne peut jouer àKSP que de manière erratique en risquant la désapprobation matrimoniale (bisous chérie) ... Ca fait bientôt 6 mois que je suis sur KSP... Je kiffe àdonf' ! (vous parlez encore comme ça les djeuns ?) J'ai la chance d'avoir un portable décemment puissant, donc je m'amuse beaucoup avec les dockings et faire des aller-retours entre Kerbin, des stations spatiales, et la surface de Mün... Quelques sondes sur Eve, Moho, quelques braves kerbals sur Duna ! Mon plus bel exploit : une énorme sonde-mère transportant 4 sondes filles qui ont exploré le système Joolien, prémice àune petite expédition sur Laythe ! Mon plus grand echec : une sonde vers eeloo qui àquelques heures de la rentrée dans la sphère d'influence s'est positionnée de telle sorte que tous les panneaux solaires sont restés dans l'ombre... eveidemment, les batteries étaient vides... 5 ans de voyage pour rien... Youpi. Je n'utilise pas de mod, àpart IsaMAPSAT et H.O.M.E... J'avais un peu l'impression de tourner en rond, genre tu atterris sur une planéte inconnue, tu plantes un drapeau mais quelle finalité ensuite ? Mais mon interêt s'enflamme de plus en plsu au fur et àmesure que la version 0.22 approche ... Science ! Voilàvoilàvoilà.
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