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  1. Looks like I'm just waiting for CC and MM to catch up to 1.4.3 to begin developing flights to Dessert Airfield and from Island Airfield (there has to be some check on where you launch from included in CC). I posted in the CC thread to see about getting these available soon.
  2. Thanks for the MM reference in the GAP thread. I'll be using that when Sarb releases the new version of MM. For 1.4.3 compatible version of CC, I assume you be adding new checks to confirm availability of different launch sites, as well as confirming where you launch from?
  3. If you start a default sandbox, load the mallard from ksp or dessert runways, it runs great. But when you load the island airfield, the intakes are magically occluded by some gremlin in the engine. Ideas?
  4. Ok, now this is cool (the airfield in the desert, not the missing landing leg...) (and is it me or does the editor say Dessert Airfield? I was halfway expecting a giant ice cream cone when I loaded this airfield...) and yes, I landed it safely.
  5. Looking forward to it. Thanks to @theonegalen for helping bring GAP to the next level! he donated DLC, and I am floored (er flying?). I'll be working on air flights to the new places on Kerbin.
  6. @nightingale I take it there's code to verify if DLC is installed right? I assume its just another mod pack?
  7. You're right theonegalen, Patreon wants me to wait. No worries I'll pm you a paypal link if you want. :) No matter what, you guys are awesome. :)
  8. Unfortunately I don't have the steam version of ksp, so the steam dlc won't work. Thanks for the thought though! If anyone wants, they can send a donation via my patreon here https://www.patreon.com/inigmatus which I can then use to get the DLC.
  9. sounds silly, but I'm a bit short on cash to get DLC for any games at the moment. but if anyone wants to shuck over a dollar or two to help, feel free: https://www.patreon.com/inigmatus perhaps someone who has the DLC can copy the airline contracts for the island and simply modify the values for the landing location for desert airport. if so, ill include it in the formal release, else as soon as I get the DLC I'll certainly include flights to other locations in it. :)
  10. I'll look at these when I get some time this week. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I've not had any issues in my own testing. Are you guys doing straight up contract accept, build rocket, fly it? Or are you doing anything in between?
  11. Was testing completedMessage and noticed that \n\n no longer makes a carriage return. Can you confirm? completedMessage = Another historic flight completed!\n\nYour pilot is starting to showing some amazing skill with that last landing. turns into: Another historic flight completed!Your pilot is starting to showing some amazing skill with that last landing. instead of: Another historic flight completed! Your pilot is starting to showing some amazing skill with that last landing.
  12. am i missing something? i dont see in the help or op or anywhere where the following feature is available in the GUI or cfg: No more searching around in service bays - run experiments at the click of a button
  13. Ya I was noticing it happening with a single seat as well. Thanks for the info. I also updated
  14. also in %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Squad\Kerbal Space Program\
  15. I updated my post above with link to craft file. Where do I get output_log txt? Is it in KSP_x64_Data\output_log.txt? If so, no such log exists, even with KSP 1.4.1 debug logging options set to flush output to disk.
  16. Running into issue where after first spawn successful into command seat (or nearby) from SPH, and recovery, subsequent spawns are not taking place (no kerbal appears). Appears to be consistent. I tried spawning these guys in this craft: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5wxp6v4sos9fll8/KerbAir.craft?dl=0 but get this: maybe something wrong here in the log? on reload of KSP 1.4.1 and try again only one Kerbal loads (Lupont Kerman):
  17. Finally a mining mod for KSP. Perfect for Commercial Space Program plays.
  18. hrmm... there aren't any mods that have propellers that are compatible with 1.4 yet, nor does it seem like there will be anytime soon. i guess ill have to test with jets.
  19. Vintage Propellator doesn't spin in 1.4. Also can you add a reverse thrust switch so I can mount it rearward facing?
  20. Take Command Continued - I tested in 1.4.1, and it appears to work fine.
  21. @linuxgurugamer for us airplane fanatics, can you add this to your priority update list?
  22. Coast Guard contracts that don't require pre-made crafts still exist. This includes the downed pilot, and stranded Kerbal mountain climber missions. I will miss the barn, and Nightingale's Tiki Bar but its too much of a hassle to maintain with each release of KSP and occasionally changing vessel spawn mechanics. Just need someone to run through most of the contracts as normal, including many of the milestone contracts (first flight, helicopter, speed, altitude, etc) and flight contracts (KSC Airlines 101-103) and Coast Guard contracts (rescue pilot, rescue stranded climbers) using both stock and popular modded parts. If no complaints, I'll release 1.4 gold this week.
  23. Heads up, I forgot that the decoupler part was renamed in KSP 1.4 so in KSP 1.3 the GAP beta it will still work, but in KSP 1.4 the decoupler part contract in GAP beta wont. I've since renamed the part in the contract for the final release for anyone testing GAP beta in KSP 1.4.
  24. @Spike88 @Skylon I tested this in 1.4 with CC 1.24, and two stage rockets work just fine. Just be sure you recover the avionics package safely. I'm working on publishing an updated version of this this weekend. Beta here: https://github.com/inigmatus/ContractPack-SoundingRockets/releases/tag/1.4
  25. @RoverDude can you add a short range radio to your Avionics Package so we can at least launch these things as our first craft in a career game? Call me noobish. I forgot the battery. doh. Man I'm out of sorts. I haven't played KSP much recently. heh.
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