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  1. After making a copy of savegames and mods?
  2. Don’t think so. The features have been featured here. Previews for the patch notes in regards to bug fixes never really happened.
  3. Talking of stock things: I lost track of the football balloons thingy. Are they actually still working?
  4. And since sImple comes before sMurff - but I want them to run the other way around. Which is why I asked for clarification on the “only one directive” part. I could check whether I can rename Smurff easily.
  5. Is Windows giving any error messages about security? Friend of mine has a similar problem in another game using Windows Home.
  6. Do you happen to know whether everyone has to leave the vessel for that to work?
  7. The previous previews presented predominantly content. Patch notes will contain bugfixes at release.
  8. @ docking ports Interestingly the game‘s docking part module has an inherent way to make the ports only attach at certain angles set by degrees and a definable leeway. So adding robotics for this seems an interesting approach? Still looking forward for anything else and patches.
  9. You can even see it in the video here. Since the surface updates everything regularly floated above ground.
  10. Since it’s a preview - and the last body to get the treatment - they might be working on them … maybe as well on the floating anti-grav boots of the Kerbals?
  11. From https://github.com/sarbian/ModuleManager/wiki/Patch-Ordering "You can control how module manager applies patches through these five directives, that are applied at the top-level node. Only ONE of these directives can be applied to a specific top-level patch." So I cannot do ...:FOR[abc]:AFTER[xyz] ? Specifically I want SMURFF (which uses :FOR[zzz_SMURFF] ) to run before SimpleFuelSwitch (which uses :FOR[SimpleFuelSwitch] ). To avoid the alphabetical order I wanted to add :AFTER[SMURFF] to SimpleFuelSwitch (because that would be only two lines to change). As far as I can see SMURFF does not recognize SimpleFuelSwitch, that is why I want them to run in that order.
  12. @Jimbodiah Do you only adjust thrust and ISP - or also change the mass of parts, thereby changing the drymass of tanks like SMURFF?
  13. I remember that ELP (at least I think it was from that mod) had a big funnel-like thingy you could fly scrap parts and vessels into that would dismantle it completely into construction resources. Is there something similar in SimpleConstruction? Or how would I go about putting it in?
  14. I made maybe two posts in here? And enough people either still are on topic or enjoy a bit of silliness. And you single me out why? Also, send my regards to Barbara Streisand!
  15. Stay in the light then? I only ever return to this thread to see if something interesting came up. So far this is rarely the case.
  16. Hmmm... Yesterday an item got duplicated while removing it from a vessel and storing it in a container, another one got lost somehow. Time to set up a bug documentation workflow and keep an open eye for this kind of thing. Also I can’t see why some parts cannot be removed - shouldn’t have been the root part, but difficult to tell.
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