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  1. Oh wow! Now this is something I wasn't expecting to see! I appreciate seeing that people still care about this little pack 3 years down the line, brings a tear to my eye
  2. While Erona and I appreciate your enthusiasm and compliments(I really do, it means the world to me), please keep your hopes low as far as releases go. I don't know what Erona's up to but try not to put too much pressure on him for new releases. I can't say much as far as progress since I no longer work on the pack, but I still lurk and pop on every now and then to check for any posts here. So like I was saying, keep your hopes low for new releases in any time frame. I don't want you guys getting too excited for something that might not happen. We're really glad to hear that people still use this pack and enjoy it. We put a lot of time into this so thank you!!
  3. Reminds me of an oooold Police Car I made in the SPH. If I get the need to I might re-create it using this, nice mod!
  4. Here's an album I made for your OP. Really funny mod man. I actually want see how tricky it would be to get to jool without getting in the SOI of another planet. (Just copy 44yYu and put it between a imgur and /imgur . both of those imgurs contained in brackets including the slash.)
  5. Really cool man! It's always nice to see Kerbin get beautified.
  6. I don't know if it means anything, but I was recently playing the game and behind my craft was what appeared to be a frame of a splash effect. I thought it was Distant Object Enhancement at first(You know, I thought it was a planet), but when I moved the camera it was very clearly right behind me(I could go behind it), and it looked exactly like some sort of splash animation frame. It was independent of my craft, and wouldn't move with my craft when I rotated it. However it was following me, going ever so slightly slower than me(eventually falling way back), but always staying behind me and following my trajectory. I don't have any screenshots sadly, but if I ever encounter it again I will take some screen shots. I don't know if this relates to what you're encountering, but I found it strange nonetheless.
  7. The problem is, we've exhausted all we can do in EVE 7. We already are breaching the limit, and adding more would not only take a painstaking long time with what we're given, but it would likely lag up games more than it already is. EVE 8 was intended to update the entire thing to accommodate for what we're doing, creating atmospheres, shadows, and plenty more. EVE 7 just isn't built for what we're doing, but EVE 8 was going to be.
  8. This mod itself isn't really dead, rather the mod it needs hasn't received a much needed update. E.V.E has beta versions as far as I know, but they're likely very unstable and unusable based on previous versions, and generally aren't reliable for a new version. It's been over a year since the last official update to E.V.E. If there was an viable alternative to E.V.E, BA would have transferred over to it by now.
  9. Again, something is almost making me want to come back to this game. Glad to see a proper mod for what our E.V.E packs were trying to create.
  10. Because E.V.E 8 hasn't been released yet. It's what drove me away from Better Atmospheres. It's in development phase and is currently too unreliable to be used for packs like these. There are plenty of bugs and features that are missing to actually use it for release.
  11. Well, all you have to do is fix the radius of the sun's flare. Just hit alt-n and adjust the radius's of the layers using the file "atmo.png". EDIT: Woops, forgot to include actually fixing the rest of the sun. Simply do the same thing for a layer using the file "sun.png"(or .jpeg, I can't remember.). Keep in mind any errors that happen during your playtime using RSS is not our responsibility to fix. That is yours, and yours alone. You can report the problem, but we'll just tell you how to fix it.
  12. Better Atmospheres has rings for Jool, but I'm sure Proot's pack has more beautiful ones. If you don't want anything but the rings, then simply delete all the folders not associated with Kittopiatech from Proots pack.
  13. This almost makes me want to play KSP again.
  14. This is indeed correct. The next version will be made in the new EVE version. However, do not give me these requests. Give them to Erona. He's the one working on the pack now. I'm just here.
  15. That's not the problem here. The problem is that E.V.E might have had it's development stopped because the developer has disappeared.
  16. You need to request a poll deletion in this thread. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/25176-Need-a-Thread-Moving-Removing-Closing-or-Post-Deleted
  17. I had this problem too. Sadly, your craft is lost. This is a bug that seems new to 0.90. I'm not sure the specifics, but as far as I know there is no way to recover them. R.I.P
  18. 2/10 Seen you a couple times, but not very often :/
  19. "Uh, Mission Control we seem to be encountering a proble~" *LINE CUT*
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