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  1. some other suggestions: -"I have no memory of this place" - land at KSC2 -"Not as bad as it looks" - land on the island runway -"Dejavu" - Walk into the hangar on the island airfield(where the old stock parts are) -"I'll be back" - Sun escape velocity with no fuel left greetings, Themorris EDIT: I just did
  2. Hey, cool, my "That Was Close" suggestion was implemented Very nice!
  3. No it hasn't... Also the model of the bigger one is nearly finished. But I'm working on some other stuff right now (non-KSP) which has a deadline, also as I said earlier, I have a lot to do in school right now. So it can take a while. So all I can say, it's done, when it's done. But here are some pics, that it isn't abandoned greetings, Themorris
  4. I love this addon. I've also some ideas: -"That was close" : Hit the abort button and land savely without killing kerbals. -"Tried it at least": Hit the abort button, all kerbals anyhow. -"I Too Like to Live Dangerously" : Enter kerbins atmosphere with 6000m/s I would also love to see it, if somehow the ribbons could be integrated. greetings, Themorris
  5. It'd be great to see an emergency abort button, something like a big red button, probably. I could model and texture it, but I am not able to assign functions to iva props , that would be the work of a programmer. greetings Themorris
  6. That's somehow strange... I thought I uploaded it as a .zip file... I will take a look at it. If you are able to unpack it, it's just like any other mod, drag the gamedata folder into your ksp folder. greetings Themorris
  7. That would be great! But first some updates: I've finished the modeling of the R-36M silo, but didn't have the time to import it into unity and set the animations, but I think I can do it next week. Also I want to start modeling the Minuteman III. (Ok I've already collected some reference data and started doing correct sized raw model, but the non-metric units are driving me crazy!) Until then, I'll perhaps post some pics of that... greetings, Themorris
  8. I don't know, I have to do a lot in school right now(i'm in class 13, thats the last year in germany). I haven't startet the Minuteman yet, But the modeling of the silo for the R-36M is nearly finished. When it's done, I'll start testing and texuring it. I think I'll place it near KSC2. greetings, Themorris
  9. I've started to make some of the assets I'll need for my govnermental district. Heres a WIP pic: Right now it has about 4800 tris... greetings, Themorris EDIT: here are some more pics:
  10. Try this: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/181870-Blender-gt-Unity-Rotation-Fix greetings, Themorris
  11. You can send it to me, I might use it, if it's good. I haven't had much time at the weekend, but maybe this week. thanks for the offer Themorris
  12. Yes, it's slightly overpowered(much). I haven't had time to test and edit the cfg's this week (+weekend), so I have to do that next week. But the texture is ok for everyone else? PS: you can already use the R-36M as carrier rocket... Just put a decoupler on the top of the warhead. It should have enough delta-V to get a sattelite into a 500km orbit... greetings Themorris
  13. So now, that the R-36M is nearly finished, I've started working on a Silo for it. Some first pictures of the opening animation: For the ones, who have problems with the R-36M, report them to me with PM. greetings Themorris
  14. I looked up all the files, I can't find any problem. Everything works fine for me. Try re-downloading and delete the old craft-file and package. Could you please send a screenshot of your problem? And can anyone else, who has the same problem please confirm it. The files are fine, and so is the craft file... I uploaded some fixes multiple times yesterday, maybe your download was interupted by an update... I'm working on getting a Spaceport accoount, but at the time, Spaceport is very weird with accounting. I haven't received any confirmation e-Mail yet, and when I try to log in with my account, it says "wrong password", but when I try to get my password mailed, the e-Mail never arrives. greetings, Themorris
  15. Not yet. There is still some polishing to do, and first I wanted to do the russian styled silo, the R-36M fits in. I think I'm starting with the silo tomorrow. This won't take that long, because its only a static object(were his last words). I also thought about making a Launchpad as a seperate mod, which is like the one in baikunur, from which the russian sojuz-rockets are launching, because I really like Bobcats Soviet Pack. I'd lokate that one near KSC2. I don't know, what to do first... -Minuteman -Silo for R36M -Baikunur style Launchpad near KSC2 greetings, Themorris PS: When I start something new, be sure I'll let you know
  16. Oh, I'm sorry. I'll zip it right now. I think I'll start working on the new service module for the dnepr next week. For now you can shoot satellites into orbit with this thing. Just mount them on the service module. I cut its fuel in half before the release, because it was very overpowered(and still is). I had some free time today, so I thought I finish the textures. greetings, Themorris
  17. Mentlegen? All problems fixed(hopefully) AAAAAAND... Beta Release: Download: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/47156-WIP-ICBM-Pack?highlight=icbm+pack have fun, Themorris
  18. Ehm, I've done a bit more than I expected, so... It's completely finished. MEWHAHAHA: have fun... a silo will follow... But I think my work will be interrupted by modeling a plot for Kerbin City. If you have any problems, ask. greetings, Themorris
  19. New Version: -added normalmaps -fixed inverted controls -it doesn't matter if you have mechjeb or not, if you have mechjeb, the control part will have mechjeb -blanced engines and fuel -fixed whobbling -changed some meshes for download, look in the OP greetings, Themorris
  20. Sure, Every single part of the rocket is seperate. I don't like whole stages in addons, because you can't use them in other vehicles. Also, the engine fits to stock parts, but the rocket is 1:1 real size = 3m by diameter. greetings, Themorris PS: Maybe upload of the new version today...
  21. So, the new second stage and the warhead are finally imported with normalmaps, so the diffuse maps are next. The reentry vehicle doesn't need any, because of the lack of details. The secondstage is looking good so far:
  22. A little progress update: I'm now nearly finished with the normal maps, so the diffuse textures are comming soon. For anyone who has problems with the balancing, PM me. greetings, Themorris
  23. I wasn't able to reproduce the bug, could you tell me, what you did before, what may have caused the bug? Feel free to PM me... Also, It's propably something with the kerbtown tools, I will ask raz, If I don't find any answer. greetings Themorris
  24. Thanks for testing, the one with the vehicle icon wasn't new to me, the one with the whobbly rocket either. But I thought, I fixed the controls... I have to take a look at it. Normally this was caused by a wrong object origin... I plan to fix the whobbling with the rings, the r-36m jettisions on launch, I wanted to connect them with struts cheers Themorris
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